A small hall - 90 photos of the beautiful design of a small

Any owner wants to create an unusual version of the hallway, which will be able to convey a certain individuality and peculiarity of his household.

Small hallway (58)

This room should not only combine convenience and aesthetics, but also contain all the necessary pieces of furniture and individual details, especially if it is a question of small hallways in apartments.

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Features of style and interior

If it is necessary to equip an entrance hall of similar dimensions, it is better to resort to the creation of the optimal style of minimalism, represented in the photo of a small hallway, while respecting all its basic principles.

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In this case, the distinctive feature will be the absence of unnecessary parts and elements. In addition, it is recommended to abandon the open options for hangers.

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As for the design of a small hallway, it is necessary to adhere to certain rules:

  • lack of overall furniture, which allows you to save as much free space as possible, especially in a small narrow hallway;
  • installation of a wardrobe for storing outer clothing (it can be installed without the use of a back wall, which will make it possible to save some space in a free form);
  • the possibility of connecting the cabinet with the wall of the room in a very small hallway, where the door from the cabinet itself will also be the door to the room;
  • an excellent solution is to install a small corner hallway.

Selection of finishing materials

In most cases, it is recommended to apply pre-created models of interiors and designs to determine the final choice.

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First of all, with what it is necessary to begin a direct finish, it is with the rejection of those materials that can visually reduce the space.

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It is better if special colors are used for decoration in appropriate colors or wallpaper in bed colors and with suitable ornaments.

Small hallway (47)

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Particular attention should be paid to the finish of the ceiling surface. It is better if the glossy effect persists, but only if the total space allows.

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Stretched and suspended ceiling has its own significant advantages:

  • ideal alignment of the surface;
  • duration of operation;
  • simplicity of care and cleansing;
  • unusual lighting.

Small hallway (46)

As for flooring, it is worthwhile to approach the choice of material with special responsibility, since in this case the period of use and the design decision are especially important.

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For flooring can be used:

Laminate - a modern method, characterized by increased durability and long service life;

Small hallway (25)

Ceramic tiles and artificial stone - an ideal solution that can emphasize minimalism, while they are completely resistant to wet environments and possible damage.

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Features of visual expansion of space and styles

The most popular styles of modern small hallway are:

  • classics - has a certain severity, the lack of some excesses and the proximity to correctness and clarity;
  • Provence - is symbolized by the use of clarified shades, in this case, correctly distribute the lighting;
  • Japanese - is characterized by simplicity and minimal set of furniture, which makes it possible to install only the most necessary while significantly expanding the space.

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In order to increase the total area it is recommended to include mirrors in the interior.

Small hallway (24)

Furniture and furnishings

When creating an interior of a small hallway, it is highly discouraged to use a large set of pieces of furniture.

Small hallway (27)

The optimal variant of furniture for a small hallway includes:

  • shoe shelf;
  • mirror;
  • coat hanger.

Small hallway (29)

You can use the installation of a corner cabinet or a special rack for clothes.

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Also do not forget about the overall design.

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Organization of lighting

In this case, using a natural form of lighting is far from the best option.

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It is better to choose a comprehensive lighting, which can include a variety of lamps, lamps and built-in lighting.

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To maintain the proper order, no effort is required, since there will be no clutter of space.

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Currently, there is a huge number of very diverse design ideas for small hallways that can satisfy even the most capricious preferences.

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Photo of a small hallway design

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Small hallway (1)

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Small hallway (2)

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Small hallway (3)

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A small bright hallway in modern style

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