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Interior design is time-consuming, especially when it comes to a small hallway, because she is the face of the house. Each person will agree that the hall should contain a huge number of functions, but at the same time remain cozy, because it is she who meets the guests and talks about our style preferences.


Unfortunately, most apartments can not boast of wide, spacious corridors, so tenants have to work hard to combine beauty and comfort into a single whole. Fortunately, designers know how to visually expand the space and save precious square meters. In this article, based on the photo of a small hallway, we will consider several options that will not leave you indifferent.


The problems of the small hallway


In addition to the fact that the entrance hall itself is small in size, the non-standard layout complicates the repair process, because of which it is difficult to choose the best variant of furniture, which will correspond to the host's style preferences and functionality. But do not despair, because if you can not increase the size physically, you can visually!


Experts prefer to start the design of a small hallway with a wall cover. It can be both wallpaper and painting. The main thing is to follow several rules, namely:

The wall covering should be a light shade, so it's easier to expand the space and add a light accent.


It is necessary to avoid large drawings on the wallpaper, they will lead to the fact that the room is narrowed.


Replacement of doors to the arches will also favorably influence the premise, but if this is not possible, you can install doors with stained-glass windows, they will harmoniously fit in the interior and will let in much more light. It will be just fine if the floors are the same color as in the whole apartment, the effect of the combined zones will be created. If there was a niche in the layout of the room, do not rush to fill it, give priority to the wall mirror with illumination, so you visually increase the space and provide yourself with a comfortable place to inspect your image, before you leave the house, in full growth. Read: Wallpaper for the hallway - 75 photos of the best ideas for a combination of wallpaper in the interior of the hallway


  • The project of a small hallway
  • The most necessary furniture for a small hallway
  • Lighting equipment
  • 110 photos of the design of the small hallway

The project of a small hallway

If you have already decided on the main points of design, chose wallpapers, tiles and lighting fixtures, it's time to think over the storage system, and for this you need to take into account several points.


First, decide on the style of the furniture composition, since too much will depend on this nuance.

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For example, classical models can not boast of compactness, and often have a depth of the cabinet group of 45-50 cm, but have a large storage system. Such a vestibule in a small corridor may not fit, or take up too much free space.


Provence style will provide the zone with a sense of comfort and ease, but has a significant minus - many open, non-functional niches.


Modern models have many pluses, since they have a depth of 35-40 cm, but because of this it is impossible to put things in such closets.


The most necessary furniture for a small hallway

After the style of furniture was chosen, you need to consider what it is necessary to place for the convenience of the whole family. In order to make it easier to navigate and decide on the choice, consider several possible options:

  • Cupboard. If space allows, it is possible to give preference to a hinged cabinet, if it is not permissible, the wardrobe with mirror canvas will come to the rescue. This option and the place will save, and the hallway will expand.
  • Pitch.
  • An ottoman. It is best to give preference to a padded stool, combined with an open hanger.
  • Corner modules. A small corner entrance hall will have a good storage system, only one corner cabinet holds a compartment with a bar and vertical shelves.

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Lighting equipment

Since there is no natural light in the hallway, it must be added. Preference is given precisely to the point lights, as they do their job well, but at the same time, they will not overload the space as the chandelier. Before installing light elements, it is necessary to provide a photo of the design of a small hallway to a specialist, so that he can calculate how many devices are needed.


Of course, a small hallway can not compare with a large hall, in which one does not need to think through many nuances, but at the same time, it is in it that much more effort will be invested from the household, because a difficult task is always more attractive.


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110 photos of the design of the small hallway


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