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The designer is dozing in any person. It is important only during his wake. If we talk about small rooms, for example, hallways, then here you can prove yourself in the design business. Professionals will use in their work a huge number of rules that have been developed over the years, as well as the latest technologies that have emerged due to the trends of modern fashion. Therefore, before you start working, you must carefully think through and develop your own plan, taking into account all the nuances of your premises.

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  • Study the room
  • Identifying the features of the room
  • Determination of the requirements for furnishing
  • Corner cabinet selection
  • Wardrobes
  • Recommendations for the selection of furniture
  • The best photo of the interior design idea of ​​the corner hallway

Study the room

The hallway is a room with high traffic. This circumstance is important to consider. Here we go more than once a day, here we meet guests. Therefore, furniture should be chosen convenient and functional.


The height of the walls in the corridor is usually 2.5-3 m. Often in standard apartments the corridor has a rectangular shape, so here it is simple to place standard modular furniture by placing it along one wall.


But in some apartments the corridor unites all other rooms, that is, it is located in the center of the apartment and has the shape of a square. This location can be even more convenient, because there is much more space in this room, and therefore there are more options for finishing and furnishing. But standard furniture is rarely suitable for such a corridor, and the corner often remains free. This problem is solved simply - it is necessary to consider small-sized corner hallways.


Identifying the features of the room

The main difficulties in corner hallways can arise with the layout of furniture. After all, even if you put furniture not in a straight line, it still should look organically - a single ensemble. If you correctly combine all the modules, the hallway will be spacious, functional and aesthetically attractive. A modest size of the room can make it an advantage. Read: White hall - 47 photos of white interior ideas of the hallway


You can also emphasize the flight of your design idea with the help of finishing. It should correctly emphasize the dimensions of the room, hide its shortcomings, fit the style and color to all the subjects that are here. A shade and style of furniture can be selected from the catalogs and photos of the corner hallway from the Internet. The most popular are the classic options.


The material from which furniture is made is also important. You can choose more expensive furniture from natural wood, for its production an array is used. More modest in price, but not attractive for the options of vestibules can be selected from MDF or chipboard. Such furniture is covered with a melamine film or made of PVC. The film imitates a tree and looks dignified. The most modern type of materials is ecoshpon, it is almost indistinguishable from the array.

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Determination of the requirements for furnishing

Any furniture must meet the quality standards. But to the angular modular furniture, other requirements are made:

  • layout - the furniture should be placed as compact as possible, since the depth of the modules will occupy some part of the room;
  • ergonomics - the degree of comfortable use of furniture will determine in the future the useful space of your hallway;
  • efficiency - the dimensions of the corner hallway are more compact than that of any other furniture in the house, therefore they should be chosen so that each part of the cabinets is used.


Most often the following modules are purchased in the corridor:

  • corner element (open shelf, cabinet);
  • closet;
  • footwear;
  • penal;
  • hanger;
  • large mirror.


Correct location of all these modules or parts of them allows you to correctly design the space.


Corner cabinet selection

Almost in any hallway there is a corner cabinet. Sometimes it can be replaced by a shelf that has open shelves, but the cabinet is much more rational. It is usually equal in height to the modules on one and the other side, has one or two doors and is equipped with a mezzanine or a bar for hangers. Read: Interior design of the hallway in 2017 - 175 photos of modern ideas


Even a small corner entrance hall allows you to place a maximum of things in the corner cupboard. Often, its leaves have a large mirror finish, which makes the furniture itself almost invisible, translucent and bulky.



The most common today and the best design is the closet. It fits perfectly into the design of the corner hallway, combining all the other elements around itself. The main advantage of the sliding-door wardrobe is the sliding doors. Such a mechanism does not require space to open the doors, therefore it is considered the best solution for modern standard apartments.


The cabinets of the compartment are equipped with various sliding systems. They can be both from foreign manufacturers, and domestic. Well proven KOMANDOR, RAUM plus. A photo of a small corner hallway with a wardrobe compartment can be found on the Internet. There are commercially available cabinets in which the doors are made of chipboard without framing, and there are models from the frames on each leaf along the entire perimeter. In other words, the doors can be of any size, and the risk of their deformation with time is excluded.


Mirrored cabinet doors can respond immediately for several functions. In addition to aesthetics, they visually increase space, sometimes several times. The wardrobe is a unique, functional system, because many corner hallways can consist only of this element.


Recommendations for the selection of furniture

Nowadays the assortment of furniture in stores is so great that you can choose any options that suit your apartment in style, color, functionality and other parameters. And with what then it is necessary to begin selection of furniture?

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Useful recommendations that solve the problem:

  • take measurements. With this, each design project begins. Then all the data must be put on paper or a special program. This can be done even without the skills of a draftsman. It is important only that the plan of the room was before your eyes;
  • think over all the elements of furniture. Look through the photo design of the corner hallways to have a clear idea of ​​what you want. Choose in advance the place for the cabinet. Display this on your plan;
  • in a small room you do not need to buy many pieces of furniture. Sometimes the less, the better. It is important ergonomics and comfort to build a composition of furniture should start with a corner cabinet;
  • choose the right facade of furniture. Looking through the options, select the ones you like and show them to the consultant in the salon. So you can offer suitable furniture much faster.
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The best photo of the interior design idea of ​​the corner hallway







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