Bright hallway - 70 photos of impeccable design in light

The hall is the first room that meets guests. Therefore, its design is usually given special attention.

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To date, in most apartments, hallways do not have windows, daylight is almost not in them, so, with the wrong approach, this room can be dark and not cozy.

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Time does not stand still. Professional designers have so far developed many ideas with which you can change the room, increase or decrease, make the dark room light and cozy.

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The atmosphere of the interior of the bright hallway will energize, raise the mood and will be an excellent beginning of any repair. Therefore, many make their choice in favor of a light interior.

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Advices for specialists in the design of the hallway

Create a small or large room sunny corner is not difficult. A narrow entrance hall or a spacious hall, in any case there is the most suitable solution. It is only necessary to strictly follow the recommendations of specialists in the field of interior design. Here are the main ones:

  • Daylight. For maximum filling of the hallway with light, it is better to completely abandon the interior doors. If you still do not want to refuse them, then you should install doors with elegant glass inserts, through which light can penetrate.
  • Walls. For their design, it is better to choose light colors with a shiny structure. Furniture is better to choose with gloss.
  • Drawing of walls. For walls, a pattern in the form of small or medium-sized peas is excellent, as well as a one-tone finish of a light shade.
  • Lighting. To brighten the hallway, you must use bright artificial lighting.

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There may be several sources or one large. To create the warmest atmosphere immediately above the entrance, you can place a large lamp, or set several bright sconces along the entire perimeter of the hallway.

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With the right combination of colors and shades, you can achieve the most cozy image, even for a room that seems meaningless.

Decoration of a bright hallway

It's no secret that the hallway is the face of every apartment. Many people agree with this, but not all pay enough attention to it, since in this room the guest is only delayed for a couple of minutes. And very vain.

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After all, in most cases, an incorrectly designed hallway will only indicate shortcomings. Correct selection of style and design will help to correct the situation.

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To achieve the effect of expanding space, you need to use light colors. An excellent solution will be the use of beige and sand. When choosing a shade, it is necessary to remember that desires and opportunities must coincide.

Bright entrance hall (54)

Otherwise, the interior may turn out to be tasteless. Below are photos of bright hallways that will help you decide on the choice of design.

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Light built-in vestibule in a classic style

A good assistant in the design of the room will be a modular vestibule, especially for small rooms. Its design is universal, can be changed and added to your taste.

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Usually this is a set of single-winged wardrobe, a mirror that will help brighten and expand the space, clothes hangers and two pedestals. It will help not only to decorate the space, but also to save it.

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Light colors and their combinations

Make the corridor light white color helps. But they do not always choose it, in view of impracticality. Specialists in this case are advised to combine white with other colors. It will be very cozy and stylish.

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The combination of white and black will help create an original image, add to the interior of practicality. When decorating walls, white is better to use from above, and black from below. The same is with the choice of furniture.

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Very successfully for a bright hallway a combination of white with yellow is used. Yellow will create a warm atmosphere, make the room brighter. But with it you need to be careful, since this color can visually reduce the space.

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It looks good to combine the shades of pastel tones with the color of ivory. This combination of colors will suit any interior. Since these tones are not bright, accents in this case should be made on furniture and decor items.

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The use of gray in the interior always dramatically emphasizes his style, making it more refined. Gray can enhance brighter colors, for example, the combination of gray and red is classic and is used very often.

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Throughout life, a person always and in everything strives for harmony, whether it be harmony with himself or with the space in which he lives.

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This is inherent in nature. Everyone wishes after a hard day's work to come to his warm, cozy corner, where you can relax and relax, forget for a while about worldly vanity.

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Therefore, the design of the hallway should be given no less attention than other rooms. It is worth to carefully think over which interior will meet you and please the eye. Follow the recommendations of professionals and you will definitely succeed!

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Photo of a bright hallway

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