Built-in vestibule - 110 best photos of ideas and novelties

The entrance hall is one of the main elements of the apartment. Each owner wants this part to be functional and has a pleasant interior.


The main problem with the hallways is the lack of free space. Sometimes in these rooms I can only have two people at a time, which creates difficulties during the reception of guests. In addition, in the hallway there should be hangers, shelves for shoes and some other things, which simply do not leave free space. In such cases, designers advise to use the built-in furniture, it will help to save space and make the room more functional.


  • The main advantages of the built-in furniture
  • Corner furniture
  • Hallway compartment
  • Tips for using recessed furniture
  • Mirrors
  • Facade furniture
  • Photo of built-in vestibules

The main advantages of the built-in furniture

More rational use of the hall space Often the built-in furniture has a special shape and is placed in the corners of the room, while ordinary furniture is put along the walls. In addition, in the case of built-in furniture, all the space from floor to ceiling is used, and ordinary furniture leaves a large gap between the ceiling and the top of the product, where in addition a large amount of dust is collected. Sliding doors of the built-in furniture also allow more rational use of free space.


Adjustment of furniture for a specific room When ordering built-in furniture, you can specify the size of the room and consult an interior specialist. As a result, the furniture will be perfectly suited to the design of the room. You can also create a unique design of the built-in hallway. Often the installation of built-in furniture requires a niche. On the one hand this can be a problem, but on the other hand, even an inconvenient niche in the wall is suitable for a built-in product and the space will be used with maximum benefit. Thanks to this, such furniture allows you to furnish even rooms with non-standard sizes. Read: Mirror in the hallway - types and forms. 55 photos of the best mirrors in the interior of the hallway.


In addition, often such solutions, for example, corner built-in hallways are a cheaper solution than buying traditional furniture. This is due to the fact that less materials are spent on creating corner furniture.


Corner furniture

The main advantage of corner options is the installation in corners, which are often empty or used irrationally. The most popular product of this type is the corner cabinet. It is installed in a corner with a depth of 60-70 cm and can have several sections. Optimal is the corner cabinet trapezoidal design.


In the case of built-in furniture, sliding doors are usually used to save space, but the shape of the angular structures allows the installation of swing doors.

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Hallway compartment

The main element of this hallway is a wardrobe. Straight wardrobes are compact and aesthetic in appearance. Often such products have mezzanines for storing rarely used things, as well as several departments for clothing.

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Thus, the integrated hallway coupe is a good alternative to corner furniture, but in this case it is not recommended to use swing doors.

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Tips for using recessed furniture


In each hallway there must be a mirror so that you can comb your hair, adjust your suit and so on. If this design element is used in recessed furniture, then it will bring maximum benefit. In addition to its practical purpose, the mirror will visually increase the size of the room, which will make the room more comfortable and cozy. This is especially important for close hallways.


Facade furniture

Do not buy furniture with a dark facade. Such products look bad in the interior of the hallway. In addition, they reduce the space of the room, so the choice of furniture should be approached seriously. To make the final decision on buying built-in furniture of a certain style, you should first look at the sketches of designers or photos of built-in vestibules.


Photo of built-in vestibules


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