Closet in the hallway - what to choose

The interiors of modern apartments can not be imagined without a comfortable and large closet.

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In addition, the right closet in the hallway allows you to really save the space of other living rooms, because in such a cabinet you can put most of your things (even when installing a cabinet in a hallway depth of 40 cm).

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Put the closet is possible not only in a small hallway, but also in a huge, roomy room. It can be made absolutely of any size and shape.

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So why do people buy the closet instead of the usual wardrobe?

Advantages of the wardrobe in the hallway

  • various styles and color solutions, allowing to enter such kind of cabinet absolutely in any interior - both classical and innovative;
  • the ability to make it compact and leave more room in the room;
  • the presence of sliding doors to install the cabinet in the same way and in narrow rooms;
  • the cost of the cabinet depends not only on the materials from which it was made, but also on the model itself, which can influence the price and make it more accessible;
  • the illumination inside the cabinets of the compartment allows to illuminate the whole space and make even the most inaccessible areas accessible;
  • possibility in a large room to create separate areas with its own functionality;
  • visual enlargement of small rooms due to mirror doors of the cabinet;
  • placing the closet, for example, as a separate functional room with its good lighting and various functions.

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The main disadvantages of the closet - the limitation of the possible dimensions of length and width (up to 5 meters).

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In all other cases, the decision to install such a cabinet is a wonderful and modern alternative to antique wardrobes.

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This type of furniture can be found not only in online stores. Many more ideas can be seen in various, modern, fashionable magazines and exhibitions of modern furniture on an international scale.

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It is there that guaranteed to find unusual and very beautiful products. On the sites of furniture topics, you should always consult with managers of similar resources. Often, in order to interest and attract new customers, they will happily talk about all the subtleties and nuances of this furniture.

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In the end, you can buy good and practical furniture.

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Models of the wardrobe

Manufacturers of manufacturing wardrobes can offer these models:

Standard closet. This type of cabinet is universal in that it can be easily assembled and disassembled by yourself. That's why this model is one of the most popular and cheap.

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Built-in wardrobe. It is one of the best options for organizing the space of living quarters, taking into account their size. Manufacture built-in cabinets for individual features of the layout of rooms.

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A distinctive feature, for example, built-in wardrobe compartment in the hall - is the absence of side and rear walls, and fastened such a cabinet to the floor, ceiling and wall.

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The given design shows obvious advantages at installation in various niches, under a ladder, and as at manufacturing of a corner case in a vestibule. Thus, allowing you to use all the free space that has not been used before.

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The built-in wardrobe in the hallway can have the following layouts:

  • in the corner;
  • from wall to panel;
  • diagonally;
  • with open shelves;
  • from wall to wall;
  • under an inclined ceiling and other.

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The choice of a wardrobe in the hallway

No doubt, the interior design in a certain style, requires an appropriate state of the hallway. The first impression of what he has seen will remain for a long time in his memory.

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That is why it is very important to decorate the hallway and choose suitable furniture for it. And with a small size of this room, a narrow closet in the hallway will help.

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Clothing that is in sight will only spoil the appearance of the hallway. That's why it's better to hide behind the doors, even a narrow closet in the hallway. But before you go to buy a wardrobe, you need to prepare well.

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The benefit of the Internet is a lot of opportunities, including to study all sorts of design coupé-cases. Their study will help you choose the most suitable product for you.

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Realize your own plan to buy a good closet, you can not make any special efforts. If you could not find anything suitable, there is always an opportunity to order a wardrobe with individual design, made taking into account the peculiarity of your room.

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In this case it will be necessary to compose a technical drawing competently, after studying which, you will be able to send a photo of the cabinet to the hallway, which is executed on the graphic editor.

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The main thing is not to rush. It is advisable to see all the options for the design of the closet in the hallway.

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Photo of the wardrobe in the hallway

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