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When decorating rooms, designers use special rules, take into account the main trends, fashion.

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The task becomes a little more complicated if it is a small room. After all, you need to combine beauty, space and compactly arrange all items and furniture. Therefore, it is worth considering a few tips.

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First of all, it is worth considering that this is a passage room. Thanks to her, the first impression is created by your guests or relatives.

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Also, this is the place to store your outer clothing, shoes, various means for her care, household items. If you have a corner hallway, consider a few points.

In particular, such rooms have a rectangular slightly longish shape. Standard furniture, which is perfectly visible in the photo angular hallway without problems fits.

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Note! Use the furniture in the small corner hallway. This will save space, help to use it as efficiently as possible.

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The advantages of angular hallways in the corridor

The main thing is planning. If you put furniture in the form of a curved line, it can create an organic composition. Use all components competently, and thus the disadvantages will turn into advantages.

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The design of the corner hallway is characterized by the fact that it should harmoniously fit into the style solution of the whole house. Popular and practical use of wood materials.

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They are sufficiently textured, they can be painted in any color. It is better to use classic colors. If the style allows, boldly use saturated shades, they will revitalize the situation, even a small corner hallway.

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When choosing cheaper materials, manufacturers offer laminated chipboard, or MDF. Such materials imitate a wooden texture. For this use eco veneer.

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Its undoubted advantage is a one hundred percent imitation, almost identical to natural material.

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When planning the actual will be several ideas of angular hallways:

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  • the compactness of the room makes it easy to equip the work surface;

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  • it is convenient to use furniture. The design of the hallway, which is the connecting link, helps with the right style decision to create a whole composition;

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  • effective use of furniture for all relatives, do not use unnecessary items, avoid cluttered environment;

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  • When using traditional thumbs, pencil cases, mirrors, hangers, consider their combination. A clever approach will help rational use of space;

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  • A corner cabinet in the hallway will also not be superfluous. It is used as a seat for comfortable dressing of shoes and as an additional reserve for storing shoes or, in most cases, a place to save money for its care.

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Corner cupboard

This is the main, indispensable element when arranging in the hallway. The variants of the ego performance are plentiful, so much like materials.

Corner hallway (21)

Effectively looks like a wooden cabinet. This is a classic, natural material. The doors are trimmed in the hallway corner with a mirror.

Corner hallway (22)

This is a little trick, because it is also a technique to save space and increase the comfort of the owners. They also have the effect of increasing the narrow corridor. Very functional in its design of the closet.

Corner hallway (23)


When choosing furniture, choose one that fits into the style of your room. A wide range of choices complicates the choice, the eyes literally run away. Consider several points:

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  • first measure the corridor. Planning begins with this process. Make a sketch;

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  • consider the main components that you want to see in your hallway;

Corner hall (27)

  • Do not create a cluttered environment, the most organically looks practical and rational use of space. Begin the layout from the corner elements. Consider all the details, accessories, colors;

Corner hall (28)

  • decide on the finish.

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If desired, even a small hallway can be refreshed, made original, practical and at the same time stylish.

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To date, it can be issued in any style, most importantly, that it was suitable for the design of the entire apartment. Small sizes can be advantages.

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After all, in the first place it will cost less than the design and construction of the entrance hall.

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Photo of angular hallway design

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