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The hallway is the most important room in the house when guests meet. Thanks to her kind a favorable situation is created. But the hallway is important not only for guests, it should be cozy and functional for the residents themselves at home. In this article, we will try to help you combine the most important and necessary qualities in the hallway design.


  • Design of an entrance hall in a private house
  • Finishing material
  • Variety of flooring
  • Material for the ceiling in the hallway
  • Furniture for anteroom in a private house
  • Other elements
  • Photo of ready-made examples of the entrance hall in a private house

Design of an entrance hall in a private house

Usually the hallway is left on the last plan, so that after all the repairs in the house the correct design is chosen and the corridor was made in the same style. But you can do the opposite - select an entrance hall from the whole house. This choice will already depend only on the owners of the house. You can also look at our photo of the hallway in a private house.


Beginning repair in the corridor, it is important to answer some questions:

  • Will the hallway store unnecessary things or do you have a special pantry for this?
  • How many seats do you need?
  • Will it get in the hallway everything that you have in mind? If it is narrow, then you really need to look at the space.

design hall

After answering these questions, you will already have an approximate picture and design of the hallway in the house.


Finishing material

It should be borne in mind that the walls in this room are more susceptible to moisture, because it is there that residents immediately come from the street. Therefore, the material should be easy to clean, especially if you have pets.


Experts recommend to stop their choice on washing wallpaper, do not require any special means. Read: A small hall - 110 photos of ideas of the best interior


Often used in finishing the following materials:

  • Vinyl wallpaper, their dignity, that they are easy to clean and do not fear damage. They are simple in gluing and have a wide color spectrum.
  • Liquid wallpaper, the most modern material. They are perfectly suited for all kinds of structures when decorating a room. They are just as easy to clean, that is not less important for the hallway.
  • Paint is an excellent and low-cost material, but it is suitable only for flat walls or they can be equalized in advance for this.
  • Decorative plaster, easy to apply and care.
  • Panels PVC and MDX also refers to a low-cost type of finish, but when choosing them, do not forget about the moisture resistance of the panels.


Currently, in the interior of the hallway in a private house using a combination of the above materials, as well as use a decorative stone for its decoration.


The floor in the hallway as well as the wall is exposed to a lot of unfavorable factors. Therefore, to his choice, too, should be approached very responsibly.


Variety of flooring

It can be:

• Linoleum, the most popular coating in our country, while inexpensive and easy to use. When choosing it, it is important to pay attention to the thickness, because the thin one is not suitable for use in the corridor.

• Laminate, if you prefer this material, then do not forget about its durability and moisture capacity, because they should be maximum.

• The tile is the most reliable and durable type of finish, it is usually chosen for this porcelain stoneware. it is more durable than plain tiles and not so slippery. However, this is not an expensive method, but quite reliable and beautiful.


As well as in the mills, the floor can be laid out in a variety and combined way. Read: Decorative hallways - how to design an exclusive interior? 100 photos of modern design ideas

veranda_ private house

Material for the ceiling in the hallway

It is divided into:

• Stretch ceilings, which have a smooth and smooth surface, and at the same time are easy to use. One difficulty that can arise is the choice of qualified specialists when installing it.

• Suspended ceiling, made of plastic panels or plasterboard. The latter material requires further pasting or painting as opposed to plastic.

• Ceiling ceilings, this decoration with paint, wallpaper, decorative plaster, whitewash or ceiling tiles.

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Repair in the hallway is really making your own photos in the hallways of private houses is a perfect confirmation of that.


When choosing a color in the design of the corridor, there are no strict rules, only your choice is important.


Some prefer a quiet color scheme for creating comfort, while others prefer to see their hallway more vivid and positive. So that you do not choose, try to have her design at least a little echoed with other rooms in the house.


Furniture for anteroom in a private house

Storage systems are the main thing, which is important for a furnished hallway in the house. Made of wood, it is considered the most popular in a country house. Such furniture is very roomy and perfectly suited for the outer clothing of all members of the family and not only.


Also, storage systems can be in small corridors. Corner is perfect for such a square. And you can decorate it in light colors and the furniture will not look so huge.


Dark colors are suitable for large rooms. As an option, furniture can be selected dark, and the walls made light, the floor at the same time should be combined with furniture.

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Other elements

In the hallway, the residents of the house constantly wear shoes and take off shoes, it is most convenient to do sitting. Therefore, you can choose a special pouf or bench in the room. Read: Design of the hallway - how to create a cozy and exclusive interior? (150 pics)


Chest or pedestal, furniture elements that are suitable for storing things. They can be placed the right things or decorative accessories.


Hanger is a great option for small hallways.


Mirror, the object without which there is not a single corridor. After all, it is in him that we look at our final image. Mirror can decorate any interior.

flawlessly thought out-design-revealed-all-beauty-drawing-tra-1024х777-1024х777

We hope that taking into account all our recommendations and using your imagination, you will be able to create a stylish and harmonious image of the hallway. Different variants of it you can see on the photo of the hallways in a private house.

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Photo of ready-made examples of the entrance hall in a private house



































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