Forged hallways - photos of ideal variants in the interior

In each house the hallway is the place first seen by the person who came to visit. The hall on the guest creates a first impression, and it will be invariable.

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Actually, it's worth paying more attention to the design, taking into account the functionality of the room.

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Forged furniture

The hallway is finished with furniture that is made of metal, plastic or a natural tree, and everyone has the right to choose the option that suits him most.

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Forged hallways look incredibly beautiful, stylish, and in addition, they are reliable and practical.

Forged furniture в прихожую обладает универсальной формой, имеет простой дизайн, и при грамотном сочетании вещей, дополнит интерьер, выполненный в любом стиле.

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There are a lot of options for the color design of such furniture, but mostly it is chosen for neutral color furniture. Metal furniture is openwork, and therefore looks gentle and airy, which is an important plus, because in the main hall is small.

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Wrought iron lobby (10)


Furniture made of metal differs from analogues in appearance, because it is more refined, airy. Such furniture will be a worthy decoration of the hallway, an excellent place for storing things.

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Such furniture is easy to clean, especially in autumn and winter, when it rains and slush. Each corridor starts with a capacious coat rack, shelves for shoes, and therefore it is fitting metal furniture.

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Forged hangers in the hallway are of two kinds. The hanger that is attached to the wall does not take up any space at all, and is perfect for storing outerwear.

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Hanger on the floor takes up a lot of space, and therefore this option is acceptable for a large hallway.

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Forged banquettes in the hallway with a place for storing shoes complement any hallway.

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Wrought iron lobby (18)

Near the entrance can be placed a table for small things, accessories. It is possible to place a mirror in the metal frame to give originality to the interior. Forged mirrors for the hallway are an amazing decorative element, introducing a special aesthetics and uniqueness in her style.

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If in addition to mirrors use forged shelves in the hallway, then there is a unique opportunity to create a "forged dressing table", on the shelf placing all cosmetics, perfumes, accessories.

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Hallway and stylistic orientation

Forged furniture наилучшим образом сочетается со всеми существующими стилевыми направлениями.

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Of course, the most appropriate use of forged furniture in such styles as classicism, Empire, Gothic, Baroque.

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Forging in a spacious hallway

If you have a spacious hallway, then an ideal option, choose forged furniture. Forged sofas in the hallway, complemented by a soft seat - why not? Each member of the family will have the opportunity to sit, not hunched.

Wrought entrance halls (26)

In the large hallway there is a place for the shelves. The frame of the shelving is made of metal, the shelves are made of tempered glass, and therefore such a piece of furniture will look expensive.

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Hangers look very elegant, and will be able to decorate any hallway.

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But what are we all about pluses ... There are, unfortunately, minuses. So, the furniture is so massive, and therefore the floors must be strong enough to withstand the weight. The second minus is the cost of the finished product.

Wrought iron lobby (30)

The cost of furniture is much higher than the analogues of their tree. Well, the third disadvantage is the monolithic structure. Most often the product is not collapsible, and therefore transportation is complicated.

Wrought iron lobby (31)

It is universal, as you can see, forged furniture, and it will complement the interior of both a small city apartment and a vast mansion outside the city.

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Кроме того, на многочисленных фото кованных прихожих в интернете видно, как она чудесно сочетается со всеми существующими стилями интерьера. Forged furniture изумительным образом вписывается как в современный интерьер, так и в классику.

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Metal furniture makes it possible to create an original design, and for the simple reason that the hallway is the first place that the guest comes across to the guest, special attention should be paid to the arrangement.

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