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In the hallway a person spends not so much time, but, despite this, the room should be beautiful and functional. After all, when you see the hallway, the guests get an impression of the whole apartment. Therefore, properly selected furniture is extremely important.


  • What kind of furniture must be in the hallway?
  • What should be the furniture for the hallway in the apartment?
  • Furnishing to the size of the room
  • How to decorate a small corridor
  • Materials used
  • Photos of the best modern furniture for the hallway

What kind of furniture must be in the hallway?

List of items that should be in the hallway room:

  • Cupboard,
  • Supports for shoes, hats, umbrellas and so on,
  • Sitting (mini armchair, pouf and the like),
  • Mirror,
  • Hanger.


All this you can see on the photo of the furniture for the hallway.


What should be the furniture for the hallway in the apartment?

Regardless of the time of construction of the house and its type, the design of the hallway is a very important matter. Furniture in the hallway:

  • It should be cozy, compact and at the same time have high functionality. The furnishings should not obstruct the passageways, interfere with the opening or closing of the door. Therefore, the ideal solution will be the use of modular furniture for the hallway.
  • Must have a high resistance to pollution, humidity, temperature fluctuations.
  • It should be easy to wash, do not take up space on the aisles, be strong.
  • It should look modern, beautiful, all objects of decor should be combined with each other and finish.
  • And most importantly - furniture should be liked by the owners of the apartment.


Also, if you choose the right furniture for a small hallway room, then the corridor is divided into 2 parts, that is, the entrance space and storage space. Photos examples of furniture for the hallway in a modern style you can see just below.


Furnishing to the size of the room

Furniture for a narrow hallway: stand for shoes, a wall hanger, a mirror. This is the minimum that must necessarily be in each hallway room. A set of furniture consisting of separate modules is an excellent solution for the average size of the hallways. But the room of a square type will accommodate any large-sized furniture, it can fit literally everything. Read: Classic entrance hall - 75 photos of perfectly decorated interior


Important! Before buying furniture you need to make a plan for the hallway, prescribe in it all the nuances, where you put furniture, its dimensions and so on.


How to decorate a small corridor

If it is a question of tiny corridors, then to furnish it is an incredibly large-scale problem. After all, I want to keep as many things as possible in the corridor, and at the same time it was cozy. A few tips for small corridors from famous designers:

  • A small shoe cabinet can be connected to the seat. Then it turns out 2 in 1 and a seat and a place where you can remove the shoes, which, of course, will save space in the small hallway.
  • Corner cabinets are very convenient to use, they are multifunctional.
  • In a small corridor, it is more appropriate to look at a simple coat rack than a huge cabinet, and a small stool than a long bench.
  • Under the ceiling you can make the closing of the shelf, then you will have an extra seat.

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Materials used

The higher the cost of furniture, the higher the cost for it. But the material depends a lot: strength, appearance, ease of care, moisture resistance and much more. Of course, if you buy the latest novelty of the season, then the price will be the same.

furniture_for_the hallway

When choosing furniture carefully inspect its material. Check the quality of the material itself, the quality of the assembly, the reliability of the fasteners, the opening of the drawers, the door and the like.


In the hall I will perfectly look two mirrors of different sizes. Small and large.


Furnishing requires a responsible approach, as well as finishing the walls in the hallway room. With the help of furniture, different dreams are embodied, as well as visually changing the appearance of the room and its functionality.


Photos of the best modern furniture for the hallway



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