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Regardless of the size of the hallway, everyone wants them to be beautiful, practical and cozy. But taking into account the dimensions of the small hallway in Khrushchev, it is quite difficult to do all this, but it is possible.


First of all it is necessary to know and represent the specific dimensions of your hallway, to abandon the overall furniture designs and various accessories, which are of great need in view of the limited space do not represent.


Important! Consider the dimensions of your hallway at all stages of creating your interior.


One of the difficulties that arise in small hallways can be attributed to a narrow corridor and low-lying ceilings. But with the help of the right approach to interior design, everything can be beaten to make such an entrance that you would like to see.


  • Corner hall in Khrushchev
  • Small hallway
  • Narrow hall in Khrushchev
  • What furniture is recommended to have in the hallway
  • Lighting
  • Walls, ceiling and floor
  • Photos of the best interiors of the hallway in Khrushchev

Corner hall in Khrushchev

It is rather difficult to create a design for a corner hallway. But at once there will be no questions how to arrange the interior elements near the wall.


In the corner you can place a compact closet.


The system located in the whole corner will look great, in which clothes and other necessary things will be stored. The rounded corners of the cabinet will not interfere with movement along the corridor.


Small hallway

To make the hall in Khrushchev cozy and versatile, you need to seriously approach the issue of its design and the creation of a suitable design. You should see photos of small halls in Khrushchev, so that out of all the variety you can choose something for yourself, or you can highlight some details that can be applied in the design of your room. Perhaps viewing these photos will push you to the emergence of their ideas and extraordinary solutions. Read: Banquet in the hallway - an overview of all kinds, 75 best photos of the banquet in the interior


It happens that the corridor in the Khrushchev is so small (2.5 or 3 meters) and the doors are in such a position that it is very difficult to place the necessary furniture there. Therefore, a possible exit from this situation will be redevelopment.


Recommendations for the design of small hallways:

1) Choose light colors for painting walls.

Important! But white flowers should be avoided, since dirt is well printed on them.

2) Tensile poles and mirrors will visually increase the space.

3) At the narrow wall, you can arrange a closet.

Important! If the space is very small, then set the shelves, not the closet and hang the hooks for clothes.

4) To show attention to good lighting.

5) Create a hallway design in Khrushchev, using a style called minimalism.

mirror-in-a-small hallway

Narrow hall in Khrushchev

In a narrow hallway in Khrushchev it is difficult to have furniture. The length of the corridor is also a problem. Long walls need to be divided into zones.

photo-13-a-glance-example-how-to-build-construction-from-gypsum cardboard-for-narrow-hallway-thanks to the white-color-ceiling-and-two-level-cons

To correct a narrow hallway, you can make an arch instead of a door.


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Light walls visually increase space, and dark - give the appearance of a square.

modern entrance hall-29

Visually reduce the length of the hallway by using the arrangement of lamps in the central part of the room.


What furniture is recommended to have in the hallway

The hall in Khrushchev by definition is not able to accommodate a lot of furniture. There should be placed only necessary for the interior of the hallway in Khrushchevka elements, without which you personally can not cope. These include:

1) cabinets - compartments, chests of drawers, chairs;

2) chairs, chairs;

3) shelves, coffee tables.

4) the mirror.

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We should emphasize the universality of this furniture. So the curbstone can simultaneously be a place where you can sit down (curbstone with a seat), and the mirror can be on the door of the cabinet.


The color of furniture should be chosen according to the tone of the walls



The hallway is one of the darkest rooms, therefore the lighting for it plays a big role.

hallway-in-apartment-corridor-saint petersburg

For the halls in Khrushchev, wall lamps with light directed upwards, for the narrow ones, will approach - the light is directed to one side, the scattered light will visually make the entrance hall larger.

narrow-vestibule-hallway-saint petersburg-10

Walls, ceiling and floor

For walls, it is preferable to choose wallpaper from vinyl, practical liquid wallpaper and durable PVC plastic panels, which are easy to take care of.


It is better to make ceilings tension.

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For a long hallway it is recommended to use linoleum, otherwise tiles will do.


We hope that you will follow our recommendations and create your own unique hallway design. Successful photos of hallways in Khrushchev can be seen below.


Photos of the best interiors of the hallway in Khrushchev


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open-narrow-vestibule-with-pencil case

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