Hallway design

Perhaps the main issue in the design of the hallway is how to fit everything and create the necessary impression of design.

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As a rule, the owner tries to make his entrance hall presentable.

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But this is not possible to all, because the hallway does not always have the necessary dimensions. Nevertheless, if you approach the process carefully, you can create a very good interior design.

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Small hallway

Typically, small hallways are available in old houses. The fact is that in the past such moments were not paid attention at all, and the square was sufficient only for a hanger and a shelf. But even this place is enough for experiments with the interior.

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To all fit just enough to follow some rules.

To save style and comfort, all clothes have to be hidden in the closet. The cabinet with sliding doors is very convenient and does not cause any inconvenience when opening. When choosing a wardrobe, do not forget about the mirror.

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It will make the hallway visually wider. Use also corner-type cabinets and with shelves at the top, if the ceiling in your hallway allows it.

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When choosing doors between rooms and hallway, it is worth sticking to doors with transparent inserts. So you can fill the hallway with light.

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As for the color palette, it is better not to choose a light one, because then any dirt will become visible. An important attribute is lighting of any type, the main thing that would be enough for the room.

Narrow hallway

The main problem in this hallway is the placement of furniture. It is important to consider the correct division of several pieces of furniture.

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Distributing furniture evenly, it is worth adding mirrors and photo wallpapers. This creates a pleasant voluminousness and the tunneling of the room disappears.

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If your room is appropriate to add an arch, then safely use it for separation.

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Corner hall

This type of room is very convenient. There is enough simple suitable for the size of the cabinet, several mirrors and a little light.

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To store in such an entrance hall is comfortable even a bicycle.

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Stairway in the hallway

Any designer will advise not to leave the ladder without clearance. Here you can hang an umbrella, put slippers, and even use a ladder as you like and want.

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It can be used even for technology or a literature warehouse, supplement it with a lamp with an armchair and an aesthetic corner.

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Anteroom, often a long and narrow room with many doors.

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There are two options for changing the interior: redevelopment or visual increase with the right choice of furniture. The room is worth painting, but not white.

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The wardrobe will fit well, but it is worth decorating with lamps.

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A private house

Here it is necessary to take into account not only the entrance to the street, its temperature differences, etc., but also the dimensions of the hallway. It is unlikely that you will encounter standards, hallways in private homes, as a rule, are very different.

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For this reason, you will have to stock up a meter and go for furniture already with the available sizes.

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With regard to flooring, it is best to choose linoleum, as well as tile. In other respects, all the same rules apply.

Furniture for a small corridor

Functional, will hide clothes and stuff. In a perfect combination, you will get: a closet for things, a chest of drawers for shoes, an ottoman and, of course, a mirror. But if there is not enough space for this, then use the multifunction closet.

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The most popular solution is modular furniture. Here you can collect exactly what you want and is suitable. In such cases, even the point of view of furniture developers will remain for you forever in the past.

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This option not only makes it possible to translate fantasies into reality, but also keeps the budget. If necessary, you can always buy new parts or even collect the closet for a long time.

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Just one addition and alteration, will allow you to choose the best option and do not buy up ten cabinets in search of the best solution for your hallway.

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It is especially convenient to solve the problems of small hallways and those that have a huge length and height, but the width is not alas for the selection of modern furniture.

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You will be able to maintain both style and beauty, as well as keep up with the present.

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