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Almost every owner of his residential property, periodically faces a matter of capital or minor cosmetic repairs. The fact is that the interior of the room will start to "bother" and cause negative feelings.

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Then the question is about to change something, and to make the interior of the room again bright and unique. The main task of repair measures is to change the interior of the room radically, at the same time, the atmosphere in the room should be light and free. It is important.

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But, before the guests can get into the premises, they will be in the first place in your hallway. Therefore, the design of the hallway should look decent and like everyone who will be in it.

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In such a room everything should be conveniently and compactly arranged, nowhere there should be nothing superfluous. Furniture in the hallway, as well as various decorative elements should blend well with each other.

Therefore, the best decoration and decor of the hallway are beautiful and elegant wallpaper for the hallway, which will make the entrance hall even more beautiful and elegant.

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Types of wallpaper for the hallway

Nowadays there is a very wide commodity assortment of wallpaper, the choice of which is not limited only by color, by material of manufacture, by texture, by strength. Proceeding from this, to pick up a wallpaper is not an easy and easy task, as it may seem initially, but on the contrary.

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However, this article will help you make the right choice of wallpaper, as you can visually see the various options for the design of photo wallpapers for the hallway, which will certainly make it easier for you to make the right choice.

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In the selection process, you must adhere to an individual approach, as well as include your imagination and imagination.

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So, before you buy the wallpaper in the hallway, you need to find out what kinds of wallpapers there are:

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Washable wallpaper. This type of wallpaper has a special coating on its surface, which is not afraid of humidity. In addition, it is very easy to take care of them, and it is possible to remove various dirty stains and dirt very quickly and easily.

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Paper wallpapers. This type of wallpaper is considered the cheapest and most in demand. Such wallpapers have one weighty advantage, it is the ability to hide on the surface of the wall various flaws and mounds.

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Vinyl wallpapers. This type of wallpaper has a high demand. Such wallpapers have in their composition a special coating, called vinyl. Therefore, the wallpaper is called. The wallpapers of this category have a large selection of color bases of all kinds of patterns and drawings. At the same time, the price of this type of wallpaper does not have a high cost.

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Flizeline wallpaper. Have similar properties, like vinyl. Their difference is that flizeline can be installed very quickly and conveniently on the wall surface.

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Special wallpaper based on fiberglass, the so-called fiberglass wallpaper. Such wallpaper is preferable to use when pasting rooms in offices. In this case, they can be painted in different colors and shades.

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Wallpaper textile structure. At the heart of this type of wallpaper is a multilayered fabric. The main feature of this type of wallpaper is that they have reliable thermal insulation, as well as good noise insulation.

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Photo wallpapers in the hallway is one of the most common and available types of wallpaper. This type of wallpaper has on its surface a variety of color, or black and white drawings, simulating a large photo on the wall surface.

Photo walls are recommended for use in small rooms, but an excellent option is to install them in the corridor.

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Liquid wallpaper. This type of wallpaper is considered the most popular and massive among all other types of wallpaper. Liquid wallpaper has several important features: they are not afraid of dust and various contaminants, when glued to the surface of the wall in the hallway, their seams are not very noticeable, they are made of high-quality materials. But most importantly, this is a long period of operation.

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Wallpaper for anteroom: an overview of new design

At the very beginning, it is important to plan the design of the room, as well as have an idea of ​​what you need to do for the final result. In this case, it is necessary to pay special attention to the color design of the wallpaper as this is important.

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However, it is necessary to make a choice of a specific type of wallpaper together with all members of the family, in order to avoid disagreements and prevent any miscalculations. Therefore, the first step is to study what the wallpaper consists of, as well as find out all the advantages and disadvantages of each type of wallpaper.

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The most simple and not convoluted are monophonic wallpaper in the hallway, which there is a very rich choice.

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The main drawback of this type of wallpaper is the visibility of any dirt or small scratch that will be very noticeable. Therefore, in this case it is recommended to make your choice in favor of cleaning wallpaper, besides they do not require careful and constant care.

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But the wallpaper with different horizontal or vertical stripes is quite acceptable to use in a small hallway - the designers say so.

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It should be noted that the strips on the wallpaper visually create the effect of increasing the room, so for example the strips on the wallpaper are horizontal, then the room will visually increase horizontally, as well as with vertical stripes, only the visual increase will be vertical.

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Quite an interesting version of pasting the hallway wallpaper with abstraction. Due to its design, it is able to hide various dirt and minor scratches.

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In this case, the drawing itself is able to combine well with the interior of the room, but also gives the corridor additional elegance and uniqueness. Currently, these wallpapers are in special and high demand.

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Also the most common type of wallpaper are those that only mimic natural natural materials. By pasting a wall with such wallpaper it will look very spectacular and natural. Therefore, if you need to transform hallway interesting wallpaper, then use wallpaper imitating various materials.

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What kind of wallpaper to use?

In this case, it is recommended to use bright and light color shades. The fact is that the room lacks a lot of natural lighting due to the lack of windows, but the wallpapered wallpaper of light colors gives the room more light.

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Thus, you can give your choice to individual types of washable wallpaper, as a pleasant bonus to them can be attributed to the fact that they do not need to be constantly removed from dirt and dust.

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The best option is to use wallpaper for the hallway, imitating various materials. So it is very natural to look like wallpaper imitating a brick or ceramic tile, as well as imitating wood, natural stone and other materials.

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Walls pasted with these wallpaper are able to give the hallway more charm and naturalness. However, it is visually very difficult to determine if the wall is finished so or this is such wallpaper.

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But the most practical and versatile wallpaper for the hallway is considered to be glass mosaic. Their main feature is that such wallpaper after pasting is allowed to paint in any shade you like, while the wallpaper is not damaged.

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At the same time glass mills have a high degree of protection from chemical solvents, as well as from hard brushes. It should be noted that this type of wallpaper can be repainted many times in other colors, which is very convenient.

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Another unique and interesting option for decorating the hallway is if you use decorative materials, such as a stone. But, in this case, it is worth remembering that it is not permissible to saturate the wall with this material, since this can negatively affect the interior of the hallway.

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In this case, it is recommended to reduce the use of stone to a minimum, moreover, it is very difficult and laborious work, so in this case it is necessary to apply to qualified specialists.

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It is a good and optimal option for finishing the hallway, if you use photo wallpapers. In this case, the main thing is to choose the right image, which will be later depicted on the wallpaper, this is very important.

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A fairly good option for pasting walls in the hallway, there may be washable wallpaper that can hide the various flaws of the walls. At the same time this type of wallpaper is very simple in cleaning, it is not afraid of dust and dirt, is not afraid of moisture and various fat spots.

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Thus, in order to make the right choice, it is necessary to pay attention to various factors.

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In this case, do not forget about the rules that are described above. It is important to understand that making the right choice is always not easy. Therefore, this article will help you deal with this issue, just here you can see the illustrated photos of wallpaper for the hallway.

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