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Previously, an ordinary carnation suited many as a hanger. It's easy to nail, a jacket with a hat will stand. What else is necessary? But that was before. Now the carnations will suit very few people: after all, he is not at all aesthetic, although he copes with his functions. But a nice hanger, suitable for the interior, is now in good demand.


  • What place does the hanger take in the interior of the hallway?
  • How to choose the right model?
  • What are the hangers made of?
  • Types of hangers
  • Photos of the best hangers in the interior of the hallway

What place does the hanger take in the interior of the hallway?

Probably there is no such person in whose house there would not be a hanger. After all, everyone wants their clothes to be in order and had their place. For this, a hanger is needed. If it does not exist, you will have to put clothes in the closet, where there is a high probability that it will crumble, and as a result will not look very presentable. And this is unlikely to interest anyone.


How to choose the right model?

Initially, the hanger should be suitable for the overall design of your hallway. It can serve as a storage place for clothes, and used as a decorative accessory. Now designers invent such creations that they are difficult to call simply a hanger. You can see similar hangers on the photo of the clothes hanger in the hallway. Let such a hanger look like a flower, a horse or a tree branch, it can still be used for its intended purpose.

011 floor_ hanger

Of course, such designer things not everyone will want to buy, so consider the hangers for ordinary interiors of your hallway.

secrets_ of a small hallway

What are the hangers made of?

Among the leading materials from which hangers are made, there are still metals and wood. Hangers made of these materials are very practical and versatile, and they can easily be selected for their interior. Read: Decorative hallways - how to design an exclusive interior? 100 photos of modern design ideas


Wooden hangers in the hall look good with an interior made of "natural" materials. They can have the form of floor construction or be in the form of a wall hanger in your hallway.


Hangers made of metal can fit into any interior. They can also be floor and wall, their color can also be quite varied, but darker shades are more common.

76 Fatima 4

It looks interesting forged lattice in the hallway, which is able to revive the interior and make it its zest.


Also, the hangers are plastic, glass, made of natural material.


Types of hangers

Usually distinguish between wall and floor hangers. They are most often found in our homes.


To choose a specific type of hanger, you first need to estimate the dimensions of your hallway.


Wall hangers in the hallway are very compact, because they are completely adjacent to the wall. Hooks on them can be placed in one row or in several. There are hangers with a top shelf, where you can store headgear.


Particularly functional design from a hanger with a curbstone for shoes. This is a high stand with hooks, leaning on the bedside table. This structure significantly saves the space of the hallway.

056 floor_ hanger

Also, in such a design, you can include a soft ottoman so that you can sit down instead of putting on shoes standing.


Many people can not imagine their anteroom without a mirror. Manufacturers take this into account and made a hanger with a mirror in the form of one product. It is a wardrobe - a hanger in the hallway, which is provided with hooks and a mirror.


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But floor hangers can often be found in spacious houses, because it is a rather bulky construction consisting of a rack with hooks at the top, and it happens that it also includes an additional row of hooks and an umbrella compartment. Floor hangers in the hallway are made of wood and metal, and sometimes a bottom podium is made of stone for reliability and stability. For movement, this design is often equipped with wheels.


Unusual hangers are in demand, because in addition to its direct purpose, they perfectly complement and decorate the hallway. You can see them in the photo of the hangers in the hallway.


Thus, you saw what kind of different hangers you can buy for your hallway. Choose them from your personal preferences (whether you want an original hanger or you need a good functional design) and the size of the room.

Photos of the best hangers in the interior of the hallway






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