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Of course, many people think that it is possible to make such an unusual in such a small area and how, for all that, perform all the necessary functions. But after all, it is from the hallway that the first impression of an apartment or a house is created, and already on the threshold, anyone present concludes the atmosphere in the other rooms. Therefore, it is very important to create a correct and harmonious environment in it. To do this, you need to adhere to some rules in its design. Here are some ideas for hallway design photo:


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Rules for creating an interior corridor

1. Light colors

Choosing a color scheme for walls is better to start with light colors and gradually go into dark colors, to emphasize important details, as it will create the necessary contrast. For a hallway with smooth walls, a glossy texture is perfect and thanks to it you can expand the space of the corridor.


2. Adding Architectural Details

To diversify the interior, we recommend adding false panels and molding, they can decorate the even walls of the room and dilute the overall monotony. With the help of their hallway will become more refined. Doorways for doors can be made integral, it will emphasize the style of architecture and create some kind of tightness.


3. Carpet track

On parquet floor it is better to put carpet paths, it will emphasize its beauty and shine.

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4. Lighting

Usually there is no natural light in such rooms, therefore it is necessary to use lamps or other devices. They will expand the narrow space and create coziness. Mirror is also not an unimportant element, it is able to visually increase space and reflect light.


5. Paintings and other objects

Many do not use art in their interior, and this is completely in vain, because the guests who entered the hall can immediately see and feel the individuality of the tenants of the house. Also for decoration are great family photos within, various figurines, books and many other things that characterize the nature of family members. Read: The floor in the hallway: what floor to choose for the hallway, an overview of all kinds (57 photos)


6. Cabinets and hangers are so necessary for the location of street clothes, but other furniture systems will also maintain cleanliness in the room. All the furniture in the corridor should perform several functions at once, for example, the pedestal under the shoes can serve as a seat for sitting.


7. Indoor plants

They are great for a corridor, you can put a bowl in the corners, it will emphasize the peculiarities of architecture and will revive the general mood of the hallway.


8. Hallway design and all style in the house

It is important to create an interior of the hallway echoing with the entire house or adjacent rooms, this should not be completely identical with other rooms. But it is important to try to keep the overall concept in design, creating the effect of unity and thoughtfulness.


Based on these principles, you can create a modern design, here is a photo of ideas for the hall:


Design options

Narrow hallway

Any light shade can visually expand the space of the corridor, so choose the appropriate wallpaper or paint or some other finishing material. You can pay attention to the idea of ​​a small hallway photo. To also visually reduce the length of the corridor is possible if in the end to paint the opening for the door in a dark color or if it is not there, then you can place a picture of a large size or some large object or silhouette.


Square entrance hall

If you have a room in the form of a square, then it is easy to install furniture for storing outerwear and shoes. Every detail of the interior must be thought out in it, everything - and indoor flowers, refreshing the room, and various accessories that can decorate any hallway, and the rest of the details should be combined with the whole concept of the house. To ensure that your hallway is harmonious and cozy, the choice of all the subtleties and trifles will have to be answered responsibly and very competently. Read: Furniture for the hallway - photos of the best novelties in the interior


Considering all our tips and paying attention to every detail in the design of the hallway, you can create a modern and stylish interior that meets all the specified requirements of family members. Whether it's an entrance hall in a minimalist style or with a narrow corridor, we are confident that you will be able to perfectly emphasize important details and hide some of the shortcomings of the room. Here are some photos of the hallway interior ideas.

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