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The hallway is the "face" of your house. It creates a first impression that can not be made a second time.

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How to make repairs in the hallway less expensive? First you need to go shopping and compare prices, you can also buy all the material at once from construction sites, if finances permit. Perhaps you have experience in repair and will not need to hire specialists. In addition, come up with ideas for repair in the hallway and make them come true with your own hands will bring you a lot of fun. But in any case, success is needed.

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  • Work plan
  • Material for floor and walls
  • Ceiling and lighting
  • Furniture
  • Conclusion
  • Photos - examples of professional repair in the hallway

Work plan

1. Create a project (what exactly is needed and where will be located)

2. Calculate the price of all materials and furniture

3. Measure the area

4. Dismantle and remove garbage

5. To purchase materials

6. Make the floor, walls, ceiling

7. Install the furniture.

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Material for floor and walls

The basis for repairing the hallway in the apartment is the choice of materials. It starts with flooring, of course, it's a matter of taste, but if you're going to make warm floors, then the preference should be given to the tile, it is more resistant to high temperatures than linoleum and laminate. Also, if you have frequent guests, a small child or pets, and cleaning is not your fetish, it is better to put a dark covering on the floor, or in a small ornament. With the help of such trickery, small debris will be less noticeable, besides, the hallway is the most accessible place.


To date, there is a wide range of wall coverings - this is the usual wallpaper, for painting and liquid, decorative plaster and various types of paint. Unlike the floor, the walls should not be dark, the light and the bed colors look more comfortable, besides they visually increase the space, especially if you have a narrow hallway repair. Now there are a lot of actual ideas for decorating walls, for example, with brick, wood, natural moss or special stickers. Read: Decorative hallways - how to design an exclusive interior? 100 photos of modern design ideas


Your hallway will become individual, if you decide to color it with different colors or creative drawings, you do not need to go to an art school, there are special stencils and training videos, but there are also specialists who can decorate your entrance with a fascinating 3D object.


Ceiling and lighting

In the hallway there are often no windows and it is dark enough, so there should be good lighting. It is recommended to place light sources here: 1 point per 2 square meters or a chandelier with several lamps.


They do not look at the ceiling so often, but everyone wants to make it beautiful. Stretch ceilings are inexpensive, convenient to wash, there are different colors and patterns, including 3D. Gypsum plasterboard material costs more and steals height, but with its help make beautiful multilevel ceilings of different forms. The cheaper thing is to paint the ceiling with your own hands or paste wallpaper on it.

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The final stage of improving the hallway is the selection and placement of furniture and accessories. The wardrobe is a modern, and integral part, it perfectly fits into any interior. It hides all the outer clothing and unused shoes. When you open the door will not interfere, and buying a cabinet with mirrors, you will visually expand the area. In case the hallway is compact, it is possible to install a hanger and a small bedside table. Shelves and niches from gypsum cardboard will look stylish, and attract attention, unlike finished furniture, you can dream up here, both with color and with sizes.

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The decoration of the walls will make your hallway modern and interesting. Guests will long consider frameworks with photos, children's drawings, paintings, panels, mosaics or something else that will decorate your home.


Cabinet or shelf for shoes - no less significant element of the hallway. They are open and closed type, as well as various shapes and sizes. Read: A small hall - 110 photos of ideas of the best interior


Interesting and funny moments during the decoration can be imprinted, and save your photo repair in the hallway, show them to friends, hang them in the framework of a housewarming or remember the time of the beginning of a new life in a renovated apartment.

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Doing repairs yourself, of course, a long time, but it will save your money and bring a sense of satisfaction, when you will see the end result of your efforts. Any questions and suggestions? Write them in the comments.

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