Rugs in the hallway - 80 photos of the best design options

Probably, every normal mistress thinks that the comfort in the rooms depends on even the inconspicuous details.

Rugs in hallway

And, of course, she's right. Imagine that the carpet in the hallway, which at first sight is only capable of collecting dust, must also be selected correctly.

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It will become an inconspicuous attribute, if it is chosen taking into account all the nuances.

Carpets for vestibules with rubber base - selection rules

At the very beginning, you need to decide how many carpets will be in the corridor. Usually they are used a little: the one that is inside, protects your floor covering, and the external one takes care of all the dust and dirty load.

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Therefore, when choosing to look at the material that was used for the carpet, it should be easy to clean. For such nuances rubber carpet in the hallway is the best option.

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Due to the basis of dirt will not be absorbed into the inside and it can be easily removed. The only disadvantage of such cows is that they need to be cleaned very often, but it's not difficult, it's worth it, to rub out the garbage, and the cover can be re-used for further exploitation.

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Small rugs near the doors in the hallway - practical

Entering the house, each person first wipes the shoes on the mat and then passes on.

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It is made of materials that have proved their worth with their quality: pile, polyamide, polypropylene, rubber. In the usual use of a carpet with natural pile, there are some drawbacks.

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This coating is not practical and in most cases serves for beauty. The pile does not cope with many types of pollution and is very difficult to clean.

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Some fleecy rugs have a micro fiber base. This kind of perfect coping with dirt on the shoes, and thanks to the base will serve as long as possible lines. It can be washed and washed, because it is durable.

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Rugs in the hallway of synthetics - the best fight against dust and dirt

Synthetic coating is made of polyamide and polypropylene. Their excellent characteristics have influenced popularity.

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Thanks to the composition, the mats are not deformed, they do not change their original shade, they perfectly cope with moisture. They have a long service line that will allow you to save your own funds. When cleaning they can not be washed, but only vacuumed.

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The only drawback of synthetic carpets is that the manufacturers did not try too hard on the look. This minus has led to the fact that the cover is not popular and does not fit in every interior.


Well-proven coating from rubber material. The main feature of the carpet in the hallway on a rubber base - it quickly absorbs water, and the dust and dirt linger inside. They are easy to take care of - there will be no special difficulties.

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Tips of experts who will help when choosing a rug in the hallway

The color of the coating should be suitable for the shade of furniture items. Nowadays, retail chains are filled with a huge assortment of door carpets. Everyone can choose the best option for their homes.

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A large carpet in the hallway needs to be covered with a small rug, where a person immediately walks into the house. Due to the size it is not practical, and cleaning will take too long. The rug should fit harmoniously into the overall interior of the hallway.

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Manufacturers began to apply on the mats of different inscriptions. So they made a cunning marketing move. The buyer immediately pays attention to this.

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Rugs with decorated patterns and ornaments are usually in demand, usually a bar code, traces of paws of animals or shoes, images of foreign money. Covering near the doors should not only cope with dirt and moisture, but also attract the eyes of the guests who came to the house.

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In our article there is a photo of the carpet in the hallway having familiarized with them you will necessarily make the right choice.

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The carpet in the interior of the hallway sometimes complements the given style of the room. Include fantasy and you will succeed.

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Photo of mats in the hallway

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