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As the theater begins with a hanger, so the apartment starts with the hallway. Each time, stepping over the threshold, we want to feel the warmth and comfort of the home. Therefore, it is so important to choose in the hallway the most comfortable furniture, appropriate style, size, design and color. When choosing, one should take into account the number of family members permanently residing in the apartment, and, of course, decide on the material from which the furniture should be made.


It can be wood, plastic, metal, or a product from the finely divided wood fraction. Furniture should be not only beautiful and stylish, but also comfortable to use, have a quality guarantee and do not take up excess space.

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Choosing furniture in the hallway, buyers increasingly stop on shoes. They are practical, convenient, do not take up much space, and all these qualities are combined with an inexpensive price tag. In addition, a wide choice will not leave anyone indifferent.


  • What you should pay special attention to when buying
  • Two in one
  • Maximum comfort
  • Simplicity and dignity
  • Color solution
  • Photos of beautiful shoes in the interior of the hallway

What you should pay special attention to when buying

Here the main thing is to decide what functions the product should perform. Is it important for you that shoes are not in sight, or do you prefer open shelves? There are shoe shops with closed and open shelves. Do you have a big family and a lot of shoes? Then you better take a shoe-rack, it is very roomy. Or do you prefer classics? You will like a wardrobe. In a word, to each his own. However, the most popular are shoe-hangers, low shoes and shoes with a seat.

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Two in one

So you can describe the shoe with a hanger. It will serve you as a shoe rack and as a hanger. A shoe-rack with a hanger in the hallway does not take a lot of space, it will fit perfectly into the interior and create coziness. Another plus of such products - most of them have a special shelf for headgear. The design of the products is varied: from moderate classics to bright avant-garde. Read: The floor in the hallway: what floor to choose for the hallway, an overview of all kinds (57 photos)


Maximum comfort

The shoe with the seat will be especially liked by those who like to sit down. Now you do not have to put a high chair in the corridor. A shoe with a seat in the hallway will create maximum comfort. In addition to the seat, it has several convenient shelves for shoes, as well as a compartment for various trifles. Open or closed, high or low, long or not - the choice is yours!


Simplicity and dignity

Indeed, a low shoe in the hallway looks simple, but worthy. It has small dimensions and does not take up much space, so it is ideal for a small and narrow corridor, will give the entrance hall special comfort, create a sense of space. The choice of design solutions and colors of products is quite large - for all tastes, sizes and purses. There are models with closed and open shelves made of various materials. Especially attractive and harmonious look in the interior of the long narrow closed shoe. They merge with space and harmoniously fit into it.


Color solution

A selection of photos of women in the hallway will help determine the color of the product and see the benefits of various color solutions.


When choosing the color of the product, it is worth remembering that in case of insufficient lighting it is better to avoid dark colors, otherwise the hallway will look gloomy. With bright lighting, ridiculous bright colors look ridiculous. If the hallway mottled wallpaper with a large pattern, you should abandon the contrasting colors. In this case, a plastic white shoe, or a product selected in accordance with the basic color of the wallpaper, is ideal. With monotonous neutral walls, shoe-makers of bright colors look great. Gray walls are perfectly combined with black and red tones, bright green color looks great with gray and white. If you prefer classics, then you should choose a product in tone of the skirting board or the front door. Read: The hallway in the apartment - a review of the best ideas for decorating the interior of the modern hallway (55 photos)

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It is not necessary to use more than two or three color solutions in the hallway, the motley interior quickly bothers, and causes irritation.


With any choice, remember, the furniture in the hallway should be functional and comfortable.


Ikea shoes in the hallway paid special attention. We have collected useful ideas for you and various designer fantasies. Do not be afraid of bold decisions, please yourself with comfortable furniture. Remember, the theater starts with a hanger, and your house - from the hallway.0477046_pe616719_s5

Photos of beautiful shoes in the interior of the hallway


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