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As the theater begins with a hanger, so does any house - with a well-appointed hallway. And it does not matter whether there is a chrome hanger or a complex "hall" made of light wood, a soft puff or an elegant banquet. Literally from the divisions, you want to get into the atmosphere of warm hospitality and acceptance, and this largely depends on the choice of furniture. But the task becomes more complicated, when the furniture and puts especially nowhere, if the hallways in the corridor are small. Experts offer several practical solutions for a small living room that will be useful in any layout.


  • Basic attributes of a small hallway
  • Hangers for the hallway
  • Where to hang mirrors in a narrow hallway?
  • Closet and built-in furniture
  • The mezzanine, shoe racks and shelves for shoes
  • The best photo ideas for small halls

Basic attributes of a small hallway

With an improved layout of the apartment or house in each room, there is enough space for good furniture and accessories that complement the interior design. But many of our compatriots are familiar with the problem of close "Khrushchev" and other projects, maximally condensed in square meters.

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What do those who do not have an "entrance hall" in their apartment? For example, from the entrance door there are two corridors in different directions, there is nowhere for two to turn around. To make out furniture is a whole problem, and there is absolutely nowhere to put in the hallway. We have to abandon many pieces of furniture, replacing the functional alternative.


Council of the designer of interiors:

  • If it is difficult to squeeze through a narrow hallway, get rid of the old cabinet furniture. You can leave a small closet or a built-in pencil box with shelves.
  • It is worth leaving what takes up little space, mainly in the lower and upper planes - mezzanines, shoes or compact shelves for shoes.
  • Instead of a cabinet with a mirror, use a flat wall hanger or standing metal - with several hooks for outer clothing, an umbrella and hats.
  • Hang the mirrors without a bulky carved frame, put a narrow two-seated banquet table with a shoe shelf, so that you can sit down while taking off your boots.
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Narrow corridors, combined with the hallway, often abound in all the rooms that no one uses. They are best removed from the hinges, it will give more space, air and light. A doorway is better to decorate from above with a spectacular veil.


Act on the principle of "nothing superfluous." Such a replacement will release a lot of space, providing sufficient freedom of movement. It is better to use the angular furniture options, as in the hallway photo in a small apartment.


Hangers for the hallway

A variety of proposals for the design of hangers makes it possible to choose the most suitable option - from hooks in the nose of "African masks" to light wire in the spirit of minimalism. In each style - its own aesthetics, and the purchase depends on the design of the interiors. The basic principle is a minimum of space, thanks to the compact form.


Tip: If the hanger has absolutely no place to place, as a "temporary haven" for the guests' outer clothing will serve a series of hooks on the inside of the wooden front door. Their fur coats and coats have to be cleaned every time in the closet in another room. So do many, when very closely in the small corner hallways.


Where to hang mirrors in a narrow hallway?

  • For a confined space, the correct arrangement of the mirror is a difficult task.
  • Specialists in Feng Shui argue that it can not be fixed opposite the front door - there will be an outflow of money.
  • Esotericists and mystics warn that you can not hang mirrors against each other, forming a maze of reflections - a portal for entering dark forces.
  • Interior designers are advised to make a mirror surface along one wall - this will double the space of a narrow hallway or corridor.
  • Stylists do not recommend placing a mirror in front of a window or other natural light source - this distorts our image due to incorrect lighting.
  • Practice of London aristocrats, giving mirrors a lot of value - to hang a little mirror above the slope to see yourself as if from above.


Tip: The best option - a flat mirror in full growth without a "frame" under the side lighting.


Closet and built-in furniture

If the whole apartment is small, there is nowhere to place seasonal clothes, it is better to find a place for a compact closet or built-in niches and shelves. It is more expedient to design an individual order for small hallways in a small corridor, photo:

Tip: It is better to embed the cabinet in a free corner, but not at the entrance itself. The corner construction with mezzanines under the ceiling, mirrors and side shelves is the most roomy, despite the compact dimensions.

The mezzanine, shoe racks and shelves for shoes

By placing things at the top and bottom plane, a lot of space is released in the middle part of the space of the narrow hallway. The less space is occupied by an open shelf for shoes or a closed shoe, the better. Thanks to the mezzanines, the shelf has a maximum benefit for storing seasonal clothes and rarely used things.


Tip: If you want to visually raise the ceilings, designers recommend a glossy stretch fabric, a mirror tile or painting with the same effect. The walls are also better than light - they visually expand the space.


Experts also recommend removing all small items and accessories for the design of a small hallway that creates the effect of conglomeration and chaos. It is better to do with the necessary minimum, but all interior items should be as functional and convenient to use as possible. If you want to supplement the situation with some original item, put a comfortable pouff or a soft banquet with luxurious upholstery at the entrance.

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The best photo ideas for small halls

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