The ceiling in the hallway - which is better

As well as the theater, which starts with a hanger (wardrobe), each apartment, regardless of its size, starts from the hallway. Here's about this business card of any housing, will be told in this article. Namely, on the finishing of the hallway ceiling with various materials.


  • Few budget methods of finishing the ceiling in the hallway
  • Suspended ceilings for the hallway
  • Ceiling from GKL
  • Stretch ceilings in the hallway
  • Photo of beautiful ceilings in the hallway

Few budget methods of finishing the ceiling in the hallway

The simplest and cheapest option to give the ceiling a more or less acceptable aesthetic appearance will be whitewashing or painting. Due to the fact that whitewashing, as such, is used extremely rarely, we will tell you how to make the ceiling in the hall, more neat and tidy with the help of paint. In both cases (whitewashing and painting), ceiling ceilings should be carefully plastered and, if necessary, aligned with puttying with special mixtures.


In this case, it should be remembered that the coloring of any surface, does not hide its flaws. Therefore, the preliminary preparation of the ceiling, should be treated with all seriousness. After bringing the working surface to the proper state, we select the color of the paint, which will fully correspond with the color design and the design of the hallway. In the modern market of lacquer of colorful products there is a huge amount of interior paints, with a smooth and textural basis. If the paint is not available in the required color or shade in ready-made form, it can be marked on the special equipment available in the departments (shops) of this orientation.


When performing work on the painting of ceiling slabs, it is important not to leave any omissions or streaks.


Design of ceilings in the hall:

  • Ceilings in the hall with decorative plaster
  • A more expensive way of finishing, but also much more effective. Scheme preparatory initial work, repeats the preparation of the ceiling of the hallway to whitewashing.
  • Cleaning of the floor from dirt and residues of previous paints.
  • Plaster.
  • Align the surface with a filler (optional).
  • Padding.
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The difference lies in the fact that instead of applying a finishing coat of putty, the surface is superimposed - decorative plaster. The composition of the decorative mixture can be uniform, the relief on the surface is achieved with the help of various devices (tehts) and tools. And with the content of texture particles of different fractions. After drying, the ceiling in the hallway on the ceiling clearly shows the ornaments, drawings, etc. set at work.


Decorative plaster can be originally tinted in the desired color for the design or absolutely white. The desired effect in color and tonality, is achieved by the subsequent application of water-based paint.


Also to the budget group of the ceiling design in the hallway are their wallpapering with wallpaper and PVC panels (tiles).

ceiling-of-gypsum plasterboard-2

Suspended ceilings for the hallway

Before deciding which ceiling to choose in the hallway (pendant), let's name their types:

  • A skeleton ceiling with an external covering from sheets gypsum cardboard. A photo.
  • Modular suspended ceilings of various designs and fillers.
  • Stretch ceiling. Photo stretch ceiling in the hallway.


All of the above ceilings have their advantages and disadvantages. Thus, the decision on the appropriateness and the possibility of their application is accepted by the owner of the apartment on the basis of:

  • Technical characteristics of materials.
  • External aesthetic appearance.
  • Time required to install the ceiling in the hallway.
  • Financial capabilities of the customer.


Ceiling from GKL

The ceiling of gypsum cardboard in the hallway, according to the time spent for installation, is the longest in its construction. The minuses also include:

  • Significant decrease in the height of the hallway. Required for the device skeleton ceiling.
  • The need for additional finishing plasterboard to give it a complete look.


From the positive qualities it should be noted:

  • Relatively low cost, both works and materials.
  • The possibility of building ceilings in several, different in height and shape, levels.
  • Interchangeability (repair) of individual fragments of the ceiling, if damaged.
  • If necessary, you can easily change the appearance of the surface, repainting it or pasting it with wallpaper.

1457043675_ ceiling-of-gypsum board-with-vertical-wave

Stretch ceilings in the hallway

Universal ceiling covering for residential areas of any complexity and area. Unfortunately, independent installation, stretch ceilings - is not possible. Due to the use of special equipment (heat gun, hair dryer) and materials. That is compensated by the high speed of installation works and a huge selection of different colors, shades of imitations of high quality, such surfaces as:

  • Natural wood of any kind.
  • Skin of fish and animals.
  • Pottery, stone and much more.


With the help of thermal printing, various geometric and abstract drawings, copies of images of famous paintings and personal photos can be applied to the ceiling. That is, the flight of the client's imagination is limited only by its financial capabilities.


Until recently, stretch ceilings were considered an elitist detail of modern decor, but recently the price of their cost has declined. And to install in the hallway of his apartment, the stretch ceiling of the desired design, is quite affordable for the average Russian resident.


Photo of beautiful ceilings in the hallway




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Stretch ceilings in the hallway

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Stretch ceilings in the hallway













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Ceiling in the hallway

Ceiling in the hallway

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