The layout of the hallway

The layout of the hallway is a very important aspect in the formation of the home interior of an apartment or a private house.

Disposition hallway (02)

In our country very often there is such a time when most apartments have a small hallway. Because of such significant factors, many consider this room not worthy of special attention.

Disposition hallway

But this is an erroneous point of view. Although the layout of the hallway in the apartment can be small, but this part of the room is also important.

Neighbors or guests will certainly pay attention to your hallway. In this way they will know in advance about your tastes and lifestyle. The same furniture will indicate the well-being of the owners.

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With the beginning of the redevelopment immediately planned to save space in the hallway to ensure the scale of the kitchen and living room. In this regard, the entrance to your home begins with a dark and small room.

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This is not entirely convenient and correct. Your habitat must be blazing with joy and with life. And the entrance to your apartment does not have to resemble a dark tunnel, where there is little space and poor lighting.

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Therefore, due to all these factors it is worth paying special attention to the hallway, so that your house is completely cozy and beautiful.

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Some designers of the hallway are compared to the overture, which in music first sets the mood. To some extent, the general style of the apartment also depends on the layout of the small hallway.

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Therefore, when forming the entire design of your house, you should not overlook such inconspicuous details as the hallway. Naturally, good functionality is a basic requirement.

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But a beautiful design is also welcome. There is a proverb: "They meet on clothes, they accompany you to the mind".

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Proceeding from it, one can understand that, to a large extent, the first impression is the appearance of someone or something. If the entrance to your "kingdom" is beautiful and cozy, the whole and the "palace" will appreciate.

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But, to my great regret, it happens that from the very beginning it was not lucky with the layout of the apartment. Because of this, it can be very difficult to take some cardinal action.

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After all, the apartment can not be changed so easily, but to brag to the neighbors or guests and you want. To jump over this obstacle barrier, you can take advantage of two effective ways.

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The first implies a radical redevelopment. The second method proposes to introduce design techniques. This approach is very effective, because the real space is played out due to the competent design of the room.

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Formation processes of the hallway

TAMBUR. In most apartments, the entrance starts from the vestibule. Sometimes it has to be expanded.

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And here it is possible using free square meters; get rid of interior doors and make arches; furniture for clothing and footwear is best to purchase small sizes. Also, think about it or you need a closet in the hallway. If so, do not be tempted to large sizes, because of this, the whole room will suffer.

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"WELL" MODE. Often, the area of ​​the hallway can be small, and the ceilings are quite high. Such an effect, according to the words of psychologists, is called a "well", and can have an extremely negative effect on the emotional state of a person.

Layout of the hallway (12)

To fix this defect in the interior layout help point lights. When you place the mezzanine in the form of a square, the ceiling will visually become lower. You can also put a dark tile in the center of the ceiling. It also visually lowers the ceiling.

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CORRIDOR. From the very beginning, the corridor needs to be delineated. The border should be drawn between the lobby and the entrance. In the role of materials for separation, the flooring will perfectly serve.

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For example, at the entrance you can put a tile, and in the lobby - linoleum, parquet, carpet. In order to zoning, you need to correctly choose the lighting and color of the hallway; add mirrors, floor drawing, narrow furniture.

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HALL. Hall is considered a business place, which should be spacious and well-designed. Elite houses have such a room.

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The beautiful hall looks quite presentable and reminds guests that they are really visiting. Naturally, first of all you need to provide space for the wardrobe.

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But do not overdo it. You meet and see the guests in the hall.

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Therefore, it will be reasonable if you stylishly decorate this area at home. For example, place a little vegetation, forged furniture, small armchairs or a sofa. Other decorative accessories are also suitable.

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