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For the arrangement choose unique colors, those that harmoniously fit into different styles.

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One such solution is the color of a wenge. With its help, you can create an aristocratic design with a touch of modernity.

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Remember one thing, the entrance wenge should look consistent between the furniture that is in it. For example, if you purchased furniture in this color, then the light of the walls should not be darker than it.

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Light, bright colors will be just in time. Choose stylish accessories - they will further reveal the depth of beauty of this color.

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Confirmation of this can be seen on the photo of the Wenge hallway, using Melissa furniture22. The combination of wenge and white oak is quite spectacular. Saturated dark colors of furniture emphasize the refinement of tender, dairy walls. Stylish look modular picture and unusual watches.


Use the wenge color for the doors or the floor in the hallway. This in aggregate will create an atmosphere of elite premises, emphasize your social status and automatically make you a positive image. Also appropriate are white, soft carpets, white puffs.

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If the walls are painted in a shade of soft pink, it will only decorate the situation.

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Now more and more popular is gaining an unusual color design. Halftones of bright, saturated colors are now in the trend. The entrance oak wenge will look quite profitable.

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To complement the overall interior, you can use a white carpet with geometric patterns, for example, or hang photos in a strict framework.

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This is primarily beauty and balance. Therefore, it is worth using this color to the fullest. This color is very suitable for minimalism.

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He also, like this style does not allow the use of pompous decor or excessive pomp. They are simply not compatible with this color. The Wenge furniture looks quite organic in the hallway.

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Also, elegance is added to the paintings, mirrors with a strict frame.

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A furniture group with oaks of this color is an excellent alternative for minimalism. Unacceptable extra details, bright accessories that accentuate the lion's share of attention. This color will make your hallway stylish and at the same time modern.

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Anteroom design wenge

Experts are increasingly using contrastive combinations. For example, the wardrobe in the hallway wenge will look quite new, will refresh the room.

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Such execution will decorate the situation, enrich it. Laconic forms in furniture elements Lerom perfectly suited for these purposes. And the furniture can be entirely in this color, or partially.

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It all depends on your preference and wishes. And the one and the same option look equally impressive.

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For small hallways - this option is also suitable. Just choose compact cabinets, functional pouffes, pedestals and trim them in wenge. Even a small, invisible hallway can become a luxurious, roomy room, an occasion for admiring the views of guests and friends.

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According to psychologists, if you choose dark colors of furniture - this is an additional source of comfort in your home.

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For a modern person, with busy working days and a constant regime, non-stop is a very important condition. Relax, it will help just such a color scheme.

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To achieve comfort and coziness, you should prefer the colors of milk, light, shade of pistachios, or olives, mint and needles, or purple.

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Combine these colors with shades of a ripe rose, or milk chocolate, tender cocoa, or light ocher.

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To all these colors is certainly ideal for classic white. It will become the basis and addition in your design.

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Важно! Избегайте деревянной фактуры. Colour венге заставляет такие текстуры и материалы теряться, ставать незаметными. Можете спокойно красить стены или покупать обои. Главное, учитывать цветовую стилистику вашего интерьера, придерживаться ее.

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When using wenge color, a strict atmosphere is created. But, you can easily dilute it with tones lighter.

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To add a decorative highlight to your interior use fresh flowers, pots with different greens, or colorful paintings.

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You can choose modular, for example. They are especially popular in this direction. All these elements will decorate the interior of your hallway, which you will perfectly arrange.

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