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One of the easiest ways to make the kitchen cozier is to decorate the walls with paintings. In this material, we will tell you how to properly select them, make compositions and hang them with 10 tips and 30 photo-examples.

Tip 1. When composing a composition from pictures, remember the balance

Selecting pictures for wall composition, try to follow the principle of balance. For example, placing a large and bright image at the top of the group, you should hang a drawing (or several pictures) of a similar scale below.

Composition of paintings in the interior of the kitchen

Tip 2. Choose pictures that match the style and color scheme of the interior

Plots you can choose any that are close to you and suitable for the interior. For example, for cuisine in the style of Provence, botanical prints and antique engravings will suit, for classical cuisine - portraits and landscapes, written in oil. Modern cuisine, for example, in Scandinavian style, will be decorated with abstract images, pop art, black and white photographs.

In the next selection of photos are examples of the decor of the kitchen in the classical style, as well as Provence and country.

  • Painting in the interior of the kitchen in a classic style
  • Painting in the interior of the kitchen in a classic style
  • Painting in the interior of the kitchen in a classic style

Botanical pictures in the kitchen in the style of Provence

Botanical pictures in the kitchen in the style of Provence

And here are photo-examples of decorating the walls of modern kitchens.

  • Painting in the modern interior of the kitchen
  • Painting in the modern interior of the kitchen
  • Painting in the modern interior of the kitchen
  • Painting in the modern interior of the kitchen

By the way, in the kitchen the pictures of culinary subjects will look good, but they should also correspond to a certain style. So for the kitchen in the style of Provence, you can pick up pictures in the retro-advertising style of the French bakery, and for the classic interior, tasty still-lifes are more suitable.

As for the color scheme of the composition, we can orient ourselves to the tone of the walls, apron, furniture (especially the one that stands under the picture), carpet, curtains and other furnishing details. Do not forget about the general principles of color compatibility.

Bright pictures in the interior of the kitchen

Tip 3. It is important that in the composition of several paintings one could see some unity

When composing a composition from pictures or photos, you can hang them in any order. The main thing is that there should be some kind of similarity between them. For example, the meaning, color and style of the picture, color and design of the frame.

Tip: The easiest way to combine pictures into one group is to use the same frames and the passepartout.

Tip 4. Decide on the form of the composition

Often for a fragment of a wall of a square or rectangular shape, the composition is in the corresponding square or rectangular shape. This option layout is particularly appropriate in respectable, strict or minimalist interiors.

  • Composition in the form of a square
  • Rectangular composition of pictures

However, if you want to achieve the effect of ease of the situation, it is best to hang the pictures in a chaotic order. This option is suitable for kitchens in the style of country, Provence, Shebbie chic.

Composition of irregular shape

  • To choose the best version of the composition, you must first play with the order of the layout of the pictures on the floor, then circle the edges of the frames, cut them out on paper, and then attach the patterns to the wall using tape or pins in the order that you came up with. This will help you to accurately hang the pictures and understand how the decor will look on the wall.

Composing a composition of pictures

  • In a square or rectangular composition, it is not necessary to use the same picture in the form and size. The main thing is that due to the correct layout they form a certain geometric figure.

Tip 5. Painting or composition of paintings should be commensurate with the wall

The larger the wall, the larger the pattern or composition of several paintings, and, conversely, for a smaller area, it is better to choose a small wall decor. The shape of the wall also matters. For example, in a rectangular area, an image or group of images of a vertically extended shape will look better, and a large square picture or a widely arranged composition can be hung on a wide wall.

Paintings in the interior of the kitchen

Tip 6. The easiest way to decorate walls is to hang pictures on one vertical or horizontal axis

To do this, you only need to find the center of each picture and hang them in order. Such a composition neatly looks and versatile for the kitchen, both classical and modern design.

Pictures above the dining table

Tip 7. Hang pictures only in well-lit places, but not under direct sunlight

The shadow muffles colors and prevents perception of small details of the picture, so try to find in the kitchen such a place that the image was clearly visible, but it did not get direct sunlight.

  • In dark rooms it is better to hang larger pictures with a well-defined pattern.
  • If necessary, you can install a special highlight above the canvas as in the photo below.

Illuminated painting

Tip 8. Optimum height - at eye level

To easily perceive the picture, the picture (or composition) should be hung so that its middle was roughly on the horizon, that is, at eye level. Here are three more tips:

  • If you want to hang pictures on two or three walls, then make sure that their lower edges are on the same level.

Paintings in the interior of the kitchen

  • Small pictures look better at a level slightly above or below eye level. If you hang a small canvas too high, the image will be poorly visible.
  • Large fabrics should hang so that their lower edge reaches the middle of the wall.

Hint: above the table or bar, decor can be hung just below eye level, but do not overdo it, otherwise the pattern will quickly get dirty.

Pictures above the dining table

Tip 9. To balance the interior with massive kitchen furniture, you can hang pictures ...

... on the opposite or adjacent wall in the following ways:

  • On the level of the upper edge of the door or window;
  • On the level of the top edge of the kitchen set;
  • On the level of the upper line of the apron;
  • Also you can hang vertical colorful and large canvases along the entire wall, for example, it can be popular modular pictures.

Council 10. Pictures, photos and posters can not be hung, but put on a narrow shelf.

This method is good in that it will allow you to easily change the wall decor in the mood, not making excess holes in the wall.

Decor on the shelf

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