11 tips for making the kitchen cozy

Do you want to make the kitchen even more cozy? Then in this article you will find a lot of useful information for yourself. A photo of real kitchen interiors will help to understand the topic even more.

11 tips for making the kitchen cozy and beautiful

1. Warm walls.

For psychological comfort in the kitchen, the walls answer first.

Colorists advise to select the coverings of kitchen walls of discreet warm tones:

  • tender pink;
  • light yellow;
  • brownish;
  • orange;
  • peach;
  • the farther

The walls of such flowers seem especially native. They pacify, relax, bring to the comfort of home a sense of harmony and romantic ease. Against their backdrop, furniture items and original accessories stand out.

Now it's fashionable to rotate wallpaper of close shades on one wall. For example, yellow can be combined with pale yellow, orange with light brown. Such smooth flow of tones will not create the effect of an "exploded rainbow", but will add to the general atmosphere of rest the strokes of light energy.

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2. Funny curtains.

Successfully matched curtains - the key moment in the design of the kitchen. Layered long curtains made of dark and heavy material do not have a place in the kitchen. They look heavy, unhygienic and impractical.

Here you need light, airy, semi-transparent curtains to the windowsill. The color of the curtains should match the tone of the walls.

image (4)imageimage (6)

It is best to give preference to lightweight tissues:

  • sitcu;
  • tulle;
  • guipure;
  • silk.

Decorated with a lambrequin or an arch, interestingly draped, the window decor will look aesthetically pleasing and cheer up.

image (1) image (2) image (3)

Notices of lightheadedness and joy will bring curtains into polka dots or a flower. Carelessness and humor to the kitchen interior will be given by curtains depicting animations, butterflies, birds.

image (1) image (2)

On monochrome curtains playfully contrasting in color finishing elements:

  • rack;
  • bows;
  • lace;
  • application;
  • embroidery.

But all these decorations should be gentle and easy, so as not to "weight" the overall impression of the curtains.

3. Cozy yellow light.

The yellow color of the lamp is the most favorable for the kitchen. It increases appetite, improves digestion, raises mood, stimulates to work. Yellow lighting is comfortable for the eyes: they do not get tired of it, but rather relax after a busy day.

Proceeding from this, it is possible to consider a chandelier of color of the sun not just a cozy accessory, but also an effective antidepressant.

image (3)

However, if possible, it is better to add a pair of yellow sconces to it. During the evening gatherings their delicate radiation in the dining area will be quite enough. Just make sure that additional light sources do not give highlights.

image (5)

Not the last role in the selection of the lighting device is played by its power. Therefore, the best solution for the kitchen will be a chandelier with a dimmer. This device will, depending on the situation and mood, increase or mute the intensity of lighting.

4. A new kitchen apron.

Kitchen apron can not only protect the wall, but also to please the eye. The lack of decor on it or the old faded pictures do not add a degree to the mood. To fix the matter and revitalize the kitchen is very simple.

It is enough to buy new original stickers on the market. Your imagination and taste will help you decide on the choice of images.


Their assortment is huge: panoramic views, landscapes, funny faces, motivating inscriptions, stylish ornaments.

The glass panel will be transformed after applying photo printing or engraving to it. To get a relief pattern, you can use the method of chemical etching.

image image (1) image (6) image (4) image (3)

If the kitchen apron is not available at all, a strip of colored kitchen oilcloth of medium thickness will fill the gap.

5. Decoration of kitchen furniture.

Stickers depicting dishes, vegetables, fruits will update the facades of cabinets. An effective decoration for kitchen furniture is self-adhesive film. True, given the fragility of this material, it will have to be changed annually.

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6. Railings.

"Hangers" for kitchen utensils are worthy of attention inclined to the organization of the hostess. With the help of convenient tubes and planks, you can compactly place mugs, spoons, knives, ladles, jars with spices.

All this is hung on hooks or fixing holders. Reiling systems are installed over the slab, along the rim of the working apron, over the sink.

image (5) image (6) imageimage (5)image (4)

7. Accessories

Comfort of the kitchen environment will be provided with useful and simultaneously spectacular things:

  • Sleeve in tandem with a tack.
  • A set of painted trays.
  • Chopping boards of various sizes and configurations.
  • A set of plastic, tin or glass jars for storing pasta, sugar, salt, cereals, seasonings, tea, coffee.
  • An unusual form of sugar bowl, oil dish, pepper.
  • Silicone napkins that simulate different types of fruits in a cut.
  • Cork stands for cups with hot drinks.

Thanks to the original design of these fun organizers, the everyday cooking process, like the reception of it, turns into a holiday.

8. Decorative elements

To emphasize the individuality and completeness of the interior will help a lot of entertaining products:

  • Glass multistage or metal ornate shelves.
  • Paintings and panels depicting still lifes or landscapes.
  • Antique dishes made of ceramics, wood, phosphorus, glass (wall plates, vases for fruits and flowers, candy, cup holders, jugs), wicker baskets.
  • Figurines depicting domestic animals (cows, pigs, chickens), vegetables, fruits.
  • Candlesticks in the form of a tree or a flower.

When selecting these ornaments, you need to follow a sense of measure and style. The main thing here is not to overdo it and keep the balance so that the decor does not acquire a mosaic chaotic.

image (2)image (3)image (5)image (2)image (1) image (5)image (3)image (30)

9. Soft corner

The zone of daytime rest - a sofa complex, a banquet, a bench or a bench - contributes to the comfort of the kitchen environment. It is best to order a soft corner in accordance with the dimensions of the room and the chosen style of the interior.

imageimage (2) image (3)image (4)

For convenience, you can ask the craftsmen to make a folding type construction. It is also desirable that under the upper berth there is a niche for things.

10. Indoor Flowers

Green "inhabitants" of the kitchen moisturize and refresh the air, make the room beautiful and habitable. Some of them, for example, ivy or tropical lianas, are placed on the very top of a kitchen set or in a pot and used for vertical gardening.

The place on the windowsill is usually provided with more capricious colors, in need of sunlight: orchid, Chinese rose, geranium, hyacinth, violet. For this the plants thank the owners with blossoming buds. Open boxes and drafts are not afraid of Tradescantia and Begonia.

The more the kitchen, the more appropriate it is for large-sized plants. In a spacious room you can arrange a real flowering oasis, dropping in the tubs hibiscus, palm, lemon tree, ficus. The dining table can also be decorated with a flower, but only the most tiny and healthy.

image (4) image (9)image (1)image (2)

11. Mini-garden on the windowsill.

The kitchen is the most suitable place for cultivation of useful greenery: basil, parsley, dill, thyme, watercress, mint, green onion. It's so cute, so comfortable, so feminine! Many of these herbs do not need soil: they can be planted in containers with water or special hydrops.

vegetable garden8The trend of the kitchen interior of recent years was the American invention - the home hydroponic system Windowsfarm. It connected a mini-garden and a vertical garden. It is worth this eco-miracle is not cheap, but it allows to achieve a tremendous aesthetic effect.

The rules of a cozy kitchen that you should not break

Each person has his own ideas about comfort and beauty.

And yet there are general requirements for the creation of comfort and harmony in the kitchen:

  1. Maintain cleanliness in the dining area, after each meal, put in it the ideal order: it depends not only on your mood, but also on your health.
  2. In time, get rid of any rubbish: used boxes, sachets, broken containers and appliances.
  3. Take care of the spaciousness of the room, the lack of bulky furniture in it, interfering and cook, and clean up and rest.
  4. Keep all the elements of the decor in one color scheme with a predominance of warm colors.

What can break comfort in the kitchen:

  • carpet covering;
  • incompatibility of furniture and area dimensions;
  • dark or aggressive colors of walls, furniture, curtains;
  • excess decorativeness.

Designer taste, sense of proportion and love for the home will help you create a unique atmosphere of warmth and comfort in your kitchen.

Warm and cozy kitchens (real photos)

Well, in the end, you can also see photos of kitchens of real interiors. Maybe some ideas you take on your arms and implement them, already at home in the kitchen.

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