12 tips for arranging the sill-table in the kitchen

Do you want from anywhere to find at least a bit of useful space in your small kitchen? This is possible if you use a window sill - replace it with a countertop and integrate it into the working or dining area. From this article you will learn how to do this as efficiently as possible, what technical nuances need to be taken into account when altering, and what variations of the sill-tabletop are.

General rules for reworking the sill-top and practical tips

  1. The main condition for the arrangement of the sill-tabletop of any configuration - air around the radiator should circulate freely.

The heat from the battery should go up unhindered to the window, and the cold air from the window - go down. Otherwise, the kitchen will become cold and damp and, even more dangerous, the kitchen windows will start to fog. If the latter happens, then the slopes of the window, and then the walls of the kitchen will be covered with mold.

What to do? If you plan to use a sill as a table or a cabinet with open shelves, then it is enough to make several holes in it or install a ventilation grille for normal air exchange, as shown in these photo-examples.

  • Kitchen with sill-top with ventilation holes
  • Kitchen with sill-top with ventilation holes
Ventilation holes in the top-sill

Ventilation holes in the top-sill

If you plan to equip the sill sub-tabletop with cabinets, then their doors should have perforations or grid inserts, as, for example, in this photo.

Fronts of cabinets with ventilation grilles

An example of the arrangement of a cabinet with latticed doors under the window-sill-top

Fronts of cabinets with ventilation grilles

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  1. Keep in mind that the sill-top and, especially, the built-in cabinet above the radiator (even with latticed doors) will worsen the heating of the kitchen (2-3 degrees). Compensate for the loss of heat can be achieved by installing an additional radiator or systems of warm floors. In addition, the battery from under the windowsill can be moved to another location on the same wall or adjacent wall. The transfer of the radiator ideally requires an agreed project and thermal calculation, but in practice it is often sufficient for the management company to agree at home. And one more nuance - since the transfer / replacement of the battery requires the shutdown of the riser and drainage of water, this should be handled in the non-heating season.
  2. The window should be higher than the window sill-top not less than 1.5 cm.
  3. To avoid the formation of mold on window slopes, do not forget to treat them with an antiseptic primer. And that the slopes can often be cleaned from random spots and splashes, they should be dyed with moisture-resistant paint.
  4. On the window-sill-top in no case can not install the stove. First, it is prohibited by sanitary and building codes, and secondly, it's just impractical, because the splashes of oil during cooking will certainly be on the windows.
  5. When planning to leave the battery under the window-sill, it is highly advisable to cover it with a decorative screen, paint it in a bright color or in the tone of the wall. However, sometimes it is enough to replace a large and obsolete radiator with a more compact and modern one.
Radiator with screen under the window sill-top

Radiator with a perforated screen under the window sill-top


  1. Due to the proximity of the window and the abutment to the outer wall, the sill-top must be made of a super-wear-resistant material. Perfect option - fake diamond, который не боится ни влаги, ни кулинарных работ и, к тому же, позволяет создать бесшовную поверхность. В случае, если наружная стена кухни промерзает и протекает, окна склонны к запотеванию и в помещении когда-то «цвела» плесень, то стоит перестраховаться и выбрать для обустройства подоконника-столешницы именно fake diamond.

Wide window sill-bar

  1. No matter how you arrange the space under the window, it should be well illuminated. For this you can use wall sconces or suspended fixtures. If the window sill-table works as a bar counter, then the hanging lamp can be hung at a height of 70 cm from its surface. Lamps above the working area can hang and above, the main thing is to place them directly above or in front of the workplace, and not behind it (otherwise the person standing behind the countertop will just close the light from the lamp with his back).

Lamp above the window sill-top

  1. Window above the window-sill-top is most practical for making out cassette roller blinds, fastened directly to the sash. Also for the decoration of the window, all kinds of short curtains are suitable: Roman curtains, standard "rolls" horizontal blinds, curtains-cafes or classic curtains.

Short curtains over the sill-top

Curtains-cafe in the interior of a small kitchen

Barstand-sill for two persons

  1. Sometimes, to squeeze the maximum out of the mini-kitchen, you need a sill-top with a canopy of irregular shape. So, for example, it can narrow in the zone of increased traffic (say, in a refrigerator) and expand where it is more spacious.
  • Sill-bar counter of irregular shape
  • Sill-bar counter of irregular shape

Sill-countertop of irregular shape

Sill-countertop of irregular shape

It is also very good when the corners of the window sill are not sharp, but rounded.

Rounded corners of the sill top

  1. When arranging a working window sill-tabletop can be a problem search for built in dishwasher suitable height, because most models of PMM are designed for the height of the lower level of the kitchen 82 cm.
  2. If the window sill has very wide slopes, then its new countertop (and the cupboards and, probably, a sink offered to it) should preferably be narrowed. After all, if you add the depth of a wide window sill to the depth of a standard 60-centimeter countertop, you get too much distance from the window to the edge of the table.

Options for equipping the sill-tabletop

The window sill-counter can be arranged and used as:

  • Working area with a sink under the window;
  • Working surface for preparation of products (without washing);
  • Dining area or bar for breakfast and snacks;
  • Additional storage space for machinery, products and utensils.

Let's consider each of these options in more detail.

Sill-top as working surface (without sink)

The conversion of the window sill into the table top allows to increase the working surface with a minimal clutter of the kitchen, it makes it possible to cook under pleasant daylight and with a view to the window. Also, the window sill-tabletop assumes a bonus-the ability to use it as a bar table or equip the podium with additional storage spaces. However, there are disadvantages at the window working surface:

Sill-top in a small kitchen in Khrushchev

Since most often the windowsill-tabletop implies a union with the suite, the question arises: what if the height of the window sill and the kitchen floorcases do not match? Here are a few solutions:

  • If the window sill is above the pedestal headset, then everything is simple: the kitchen top and cabinets line up under the window. In this case, the gap between the window sill and the table top is protected by the same material with which the apron is trimmed or covered with a ventilation grill. The canopy of the window-top in this case can be cut off, the sill should be replaced with a shield in the tone of the countertop and used as a shelf.

Window-sills above the countertop

  • Windowsills above the kitchen cabinet
  • Windowsills above the kitchen cabinet

White U-shaped kitchen with sill-top

  • If the difference between the window sill and the curbstones is small, then the kitchen furniture is adjusted to the sill at the expense of the base and legs, less often due to the height of the pedestals and the increase in the height of the floor. Here are a few useful figures:
  • The standard height of the pedestal headset (without countertop and socle) is - 72 cm.
  • The plinth has two sizes - 10 cm and 15 cm.
  • The height of the kitchen sill in a city apartment can vary from 72 to 90 cm (excluding countertops).
  • The standard thickness of the kitchen countertop (it should be taken into account in calculating the final height of the kitchen) is 4 cm or 2.5 cm (less often).
  • Ideally, the height of the working surface should be 15 cm below the bent elbow of the host / hostess kitchen.
  • If the sill is lower than the kitchen furniture, then it is more difficult to remodel it into a table top. The most radical way is the following: the window sill is built to the height of the furniture, and the window is set to a smaller size. However, this is possible only in a private house, and in a city apartment such interference in the bearing wall and facade of the building is prohibited. However, if the window goes to the loggia, then it is legally possible to "pick it up" legally. The second way: the size of the window opening does not change, but the window design changes - it is supplemented by a horizontal impost (an additional profile of the frame). As a result, the lower part turns out to be deaf and closes the cabinet, while the doors on the sill open as usual. Outside, the deaf part of the window can be hidden behind a balcony balcony pot.
Window sill with a window with a horizontal impost

This sill-top could look even better if the window's impost was passing directly above the table

Window-sill-top with a window with an impost

Kitchen with sill-top

The third and easiest way: the kitchen is simply installed on top of the window sill (see photo below), and the niche formed behind it is used for storing household chemicals or houseplants. Unfortunately, this solution is not ideal: you can not open the window open, the niche will not be easy to clean, the insolation of the room will deteriorate, and from the standpoint of fire safety the idea is not too successful. However, these inconveniences are not so critical.

  • The option of arranging the sill-tabletop, when the window sill is below the curbstoneThe option of arranging a window sill-top on top of a low window sill
  • Kitchen with a countertop instead of a window sillThe option of arranging a window sill-top on top of a low window sill

Interior of the kitchen with a table top instead of a window sill

And finally, the fourth way: the windowsill and furniture are combined, but they are not adjusted to each other in height, but the kitchen countertop is adjusted for them. You can beat the difference between surfaces in different ways. For example, different levels of the kitchen can simply be faced with the same countertops. As a result, the interior will be at least not as harmonious, but in general it will look good.

Kitchen with a low sill-top

Kitchen with a low sill-top

A multi-level kitchen with a sill-top

Also, different levels of the kitchen can combine a single table top with invisible seams (in this case it must be made of wood, and preferably made of artificial stone of contrasting color).

A multi-level kitchen with a single worktop

A multi-level kitchen with a single worktop

Window-sill-top with sink

Window-sill-top with sink – это самый желанный, сложный и затратный в реализации проект переделки. Ведь помимо описанных в предыдущей главе проблем прибавляется еще и вопрос подвода к окну труб подачи воды и слива. Кроме того, мойка в подоконнике хоть скрашивает домашнюю рутину приятным освещением и видом на окрестности, на практике не всегда удобна. Во-первых, если оконные откосы не слишком широки, окно будет часто забрызгиваться. Во-вторых, смеситель мойки будет препятствовать открыванию окон.

  • Kitchen with sink at the window
  • Kitchen with sink at the window
  • Kitchen with sink at the window
  • Kitchen with sink at the window
  • Kitchen with sink at the window
  • Kitchen with sink at the window

How to move the sink to the window and bring water communications to it?

With the supply of pipes of hot and cold water, as a rule, problems do not arise, but with the supply of the drain pipe from the sink to the riser will have to be confused - install it at an inclination of 2-3 cm per meter of length. At the same time, all communications need to be hidden, for example, inside a kitchen set, in a plasterboard box or on a catwalk.

Now a little about matching the transfer of the sink. If you carry a car wash along the "native" wall, then the development of the project is not required. Transfer of a sink to the opposite or adjacent walls already requires the development of the project and its legalization in the housing authorities.

And here are other useful tips for arranging the sill-tabletop with a sink:

  • It is desirable that at least one window leaf is opened by 90 degrees, then you can easily clean the window completely. To do this, place the sink not in the center of the opening, but closer to the edge.
Washing under the window in a small kitchen

Washing under the window in a small kitchen

Kitchen with sink under the window

The exception is the tricuspid windows - in this case the conch is placed opposite the central blind flap.

Three-leaf window

  • To the windows as little as possible to get a splash of water, choose a deep sink, and mixer is better to choose with a medium or deep spout.
  • If possible, it is necessary to install a collapsible (with bayonet mount) instead of a conventional mixer. Such models are more expensive, but they allow you to open windows of the window-sill open-ended without problems.
  • Since there can not be a cabinet for storing dishes above the sink at the window, it should be provided on the side of the sink or under it. For the same reason, a sink should be chosen with a wing for drying utensils.

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Sill-counter as a dining area or a place for snacks

To change a window sill in a bar counter or a dining table is the easiest - just replace the countertop, add one or two supports or a table (if necessary) and select suitable chairs. As a result, the dining area is compact, well lit and very cozy.

  • Bar rack at the window
  • Bar rack at the window
  • Keep in mind that from the front edge of the window sill-bar to the radiator / wall should be a distance of at least 25 cm, otherwise they will rest on the legs of those seated.

Window sill-bar in a small kitchen

  • The shape of the window-sill may have an irregular shape as shown in the photo below.

Table on the basis of the windowsill

  • If the window sill is too low, the countertop of the bar rack can be set to the desired height using brackets or supports.
Bar rack on top of the windowsill

An example of a bar counter installed on top of a windowsill in the interior of a kitchen in Khrushchev

  • A table on the basis of a window sill may be part of a single kitchen line, lined with G, S or P-shaped.
  • Kitchen with built-in window sill-table
  • Kitchen with built-in window sill-table

U-shaped kitchen with a table-sill

Window-bar counter

Window-bar counter, встроенная в гарнитур

C-shaped kitchen with sill-top

C-shaped kitchen with sill-bar counter

  • How to make a dining table-sill with your own hands? Just set the flip wall table on the same level as on the photo below.
  • Window sill with a folding table in the kitchen in Khrushchev
  • Window sill with a folding table in the kitchen in Khrushchev
  • Window sill with a folding table in the kitchen in Khrushchev

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Sill-top with small storage system

As on the windowsill-tabletop, so under it you can store things, products and equipment.

  • Ideally, there should not be anything on the windowsill except for a couple of light and small objects. After all, his clutter will diminish the lighting of the kitchen and introduce a sense of disorder into the interior. However, when the kitchen is very small, there is nowhere to go - you have to use the window sill as a store of culinary gadgets.
  • Kitchen-Khrushchev with a built-in window sill
  • Kitchen-Khrushchev with a built-in window sill
  • If there is a radiator in the cabinet under the window sill, then it is undesirable to store the products in it, as they will deteriorate faster in the heat. But in the closet with the battery will feel good things utensils - appliances, molds, pans, etc.

Box for instruments under the windowsill

  • Under the sill top, you can equip a small storage system, for example, from open shelves or cabinets.

Shelf system under the windowsill

Storage system under the windowsill

Window sill-table with own hands

When the repair in the kitchen is already done, and the sill requires alteration, it's easiest to attach a folding table to it. The design will be compact and mobile - if necessary, it can be folded into a narrow shelf. You can buy a similar table in a furniture store (for example, in Ikea), and you can do it yourself with the help of our photo-master class.

Folding table at the window sill

Making the same table with your own hands and setting it on a level with the windowsill, you get a functional window sill-table

For work, you will need: a sheet of large plywood, jigsaw, screws, primer, paint, matte varnish or wax (preferably), brush, level, screwdriver, punch, wood hacks, and furniture card loops 2 pcs. and piano loops 1 pc.

Instruction: first cut the countertop of the desired size and shape (for example, it can be a rounded rectangle or a semicircle). Then the support and its base are cut out, if desired, decorative perforation can be cut in the leg. Then the ends of the blanks are ground, all the details are ground, and then painted, covered with varnish or wax. In the next step, the foot is connected to the base (on the piano loops), and the table top - with a narrow rectangle (to card loops). Finally, the support is installed on the wall, and then the table top is attached to it (three self-tapping screws).

Folding table for windowsill

Folding table for windowsill

Folding table for windowsill

Folding table for windowsill

Folding table for windowsill

Folding table for windowsill

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