5 steps of mounting the mixer in the kitchen with your own

So, you bought a mixer to replace the old one or to equip the sink with a new headset and decided to take on the installation yourself. On the one hand, it is very easy to connect and place a mixer on the sink with your own hands - anyone can do it. On the other hand, even having some experience, but not knowing the basic rules, you can do the work poorly or even damage the product at all, for example, knocking down the carving, bending the carts, etc. Another reason why you still have to go to the plumbing - is the lack of a set of plumbing tools. But this problem is completely solvable, because you can always ask something from friends.

We tried to explain as clearly as possible how to install the mixer in the kitchen with our own hands reliably and correctly.

List of necessary tools and spare parts

Before you start to install kitchen equipment yourself, you need to prepare and buy everything you need. You will need:

  1. Sealing tape FUM - it is better not to take linseed, because it swells from the water, and then it will be difficult to remove the piping;
  2. Horn key for 10 or 11;
  3. Tubular key - is needed to tighten the hard-to-reach nut in the process of mounting the mixer to the sink;

The tool for installation of the mixer by own hands

  1. Mounting kit - it should have rubber sealing rings, that is half-washers (2 pcs.), One horseshoe-shaped metal half-shell, a stud (1 or 2) and a nut. Such a set is attached to the mixer, but if you wish, you can buy a thicker and stronger seal ring, as not always manufacturers include quality gaskets;

Mixer and mounting kit

  1. Pliers, small key, screwdriver - sometimes they are also needed;
  2. Also useful rag, basin and a flashlight, so you can see everything;
  3. And finally, the main thing - 2 plumbing pins - are attached to the kit, but it is better to buy others, since the factory ones are often short and made of silumin;

Perhaps, on podvodkah it is necessary to focus attention. Keep in mind that:

Flexible connections for cold and hot water
  • Submarines need such a length that they are not wrung, but bent in the form of a semicircle, that is, they should not be too long or, conversely, short in the tightness. Most often the length is 86 cm;
  • If the factory supply is too short, it is better not to try to increase it, but buy a new one;
  • Also, do not buy silumin hoses, especially if you bought a siluminamine mixer - at least the liners must be reliable;
  • Installation of flexible sub-assemblies is easier than connecting rigid ones, but they are considered less reliable, so it is better to install them together with tap-offs;
  • In the set of leaks must be gaskets;
  • Replacing the old faucet in the kitchen most often involves replacing and old leaks, because they also wear out.

Step 1. Dismantling of the old mixer and preparation for installation

Before installing the faucet in the kitchen, you need to cut off the water (do not block the riser) and on the bottom of the sink, just in case, put a rag so that small parts do not fall into it, and large ones do not damage.

How to remove an old mixer with your own hands

Of course, replacing the faucet in the kitchen requires dismantling the old faucet. For this you need:

  • First, disconnect the old hoses from the pipes of cold and hot water with hands or a carabiner wrench. Do not forget to put a basin underneath them and drain the rest of the water, after which the threads of pipes must be cleaned clean.
  • Then with the help of the tubular key, it is necessary to unscrew the clamping nut on the hairpin (or two studs), which fastens the mixer to the sink (directly below it). When you unscrew this nut, the metal half-washer is removed.
  • Now you need to pull out the mixer together with the hoses from the sink hole. Well, that's all, you can proceed to the next step.

Step 2. Assembling the mixer and the leaks

The installation of the mixer in the kitchen begins with its assembly, that is, with the connection to flexible hoses or rigid carts.

Assembling the crane with your own hands
  • If you have a double-acting faucet as in the photo on the right, then, most likely, you first need to collect it. To do this, insert the spout (tap) into the body to the restricting ring and manually, without too much tightening, fasten them to each other.

Now take the FUM tape and wrap it around the end of the line.

  • Winding the tip of the tip is not necessary, since the hose already has a gasket.

Then insert the end of the first piping into the corresponding hole in the mixer as in the photo below and screw it first with your own hands, and then tighten it with the carabiner key for 10. In the same way, tighten the second hose.

How to install a kitchen faucet with your own hands - the stage of connecting the leaks

Sealing ring, hairpin and connections connected to the mixer
  • It is very important not to tighten strongly, otherwise the lining will be damaged! But it's not good to hang on too.

Finally, screw the pin-pin (or 2 studs) with the thread upwards into the hole that fits it. Our assembled mixer is almost ready for installation. It remains to pass both puffs into the O-ring, bring it to the base of the mixer body and fix it there as shown in the photo to the right.

Step 3. Install the mixer on the sink

And now it's time to put the mixer on the sink.

  • By the way, it is more convenient to install the mixer on the still unconfined sink, as it is not very convenient to work under the table top (in this case, the installation is done this way).

In the landing hole of the sink we put the ends of the hoses, put the mixer and ask someone to hold it, so that it would be convenient for you.

Then from below under the countertop or from the bottom of the removed sink we put on the padding the second rubber clamping washer. As a result, it turns out that the two rubber seals will protect the body both above and below the shell. Now we also mount the horseshoe metal washer (photo below).

Installation of the kitchen mixer with our own hands - we fix the pressure washers

From below put on the pin-nut and twist it with the help of:

  • Tubular key, in case you need to replace the mixer on an already installed sink. The photo below shows the attachment from below.

Replacing an old mixer

  • The locksmith key - in case you install the mixer on a new or removed sink. Of course, after this you need to install the washing itself on the countertop and only then proceed to connect the mixer to the pipes of cold and hot water.
  • Tighten the nut tightly, but not too much!

Step 4. Connecting to pipes

Finally, we connect the hoses to the water outlet pipes considering that:

  • The hot water outlet is from the right pipe;
  • The cold output is from the left pipe.

Connecting the mixer in the kitchen to the pipes of cold and hot water

  • Sometimes cold water is discharged through a pipe that is on top, and hot water through a pipe from below as in the photo below.

Connecting the mixer in the kitchen to the pipes of cold and hot water

  • It is advisable to install pipes with cranes on pipes if you use flexible hoses.

Step 5. Check the work

Well, that's all, it remains to check the correctness of the connection, letting hot and then cold water. If there are no leaks, but the wiring is bent smoothly in the shape of the letter U, then you have coped. If leaks have occurred, then, most likely, it means that the sealant has been damaged somewhere - it will have to be removed and replaced.

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