6 ways to clean burnt or old pans

Sometimes the dishes lose their beauty and shine as a result of prolonged use, and sometimes it happens that cleaning is necessary because of our carelessness - when the pan is burnt and the bottom is covered with such a fray that it is impossible to clean it off in the usual ways. Most often, before cleaning the burnt pan, we soak the bottom in a soapy solution, and then we try to wash it from the burning with the help of brushes and hard sponges. Often this simple procedure can be limited. But what if the burnt food can not be washed with simple soaking and even boiling? Let's figure it out.

  • Before cleaning the burnt pan, try to understand what material it is made of. After all, metals react differently to cleaning agents prepared at home. So, salt is harmful to stainless steel, and acid - for enamelware.

If the pot is burnt, then you can use the usual means to save your favorite dishes at home.

Below we will get acquainted with 6 verified means for cleaning pots.

1. Glue PVA + laundry soap (72%)

cleaning the burnt pan - BEFORE AND AFTER

Suitable for: all kinds of pots.

Recipe: To wash an old pan with the most difficult contaminants - multi-layered black carbon and grease - you can use this kind of effective Soviet recipe - add 4 liters of boiling water to one third of the soap scraped in laundry soap and 1 tbsp. l. glue PVA, and then the resulting mixture boil for 30 minutes. The adhering black raid will easily depart.

We also suggest watching a video on how to wash off a burnt pan with citric acid.

2. Cleaning the soda

Suitable for: cleaning enamelware and stainless steel.

Contraindicated: the aluminum pan may darken.

Recipe: baking soda can effectively clean the pan inside from burnt food and from the outside - from soot and fat. If the pollution is not too strong, then you can simply rub it with a hard sponge with soda. If the pollution is serious, then the dishes should be boiled in a deep tank in a solution of water with 1 glass of soda.

cleaning a burnt pan

Variations of the recipe: more effective food will be soda ash. In addition, for very strong contaminants, you can add 1-2 tbsp. spoons of vinegar 9% or ½ of laundry soap 72%.

3. Cleaning of table salt

cleaning a burnt pan солью

Suitable for: enamel and aluminum dishes.

Contraindicated: cleaning the pan from stainless steel - salt provokes a darkening of the metal, and then its corrosion.

Recipe: cinders in a saucepan pour a saturated saline solution and boil for just over an hour. If you need to get rid of the carbon and fat from outside the dishes, you need to boil it in a deep container.

4. Using vinegar

Suitable for: cleaning dishes made of stainless steel and aluminum.

Contraindicated: for enamelware.

casserole cleaning with vinegar

Recipe: Vinegar - this is an excellent home remedy for getting rid of burning. Before cleaning the pan, you need to fill it with vinegar 9% and stand for 2-3 hours. Then follows the standard washing procedure.

Variations: also, you can boil water in a pan with ½ cup of vinegar and half the laundry soap 72% 30-60 minutes. according to degree of dirt.

5. Citric acid

With its help, as with vinegar, you can effectively get rid of not only carbon deposits, but also from calcareous deposits.

Suitable for: cleaning dishes made of stainless steel and aluminum.

Contraindicated: for enamelware.

Lemon acid

Recipe: to clean the burnt pot, boil water in it (much is not needed, most importantly, to cover the water itself), add there 2 tbsp. spoon of citric acid and boil the resulting solution for 15 minutes. After boiling, the burnt bottom should be cleaned in the usual way.

6. Special means for removing fat - Shumanit, Amway, Chister

Suitable for: stainless steel, aluminum and enamel pans.

Recipe: for the removal of complex and chronic contamination most suitable tools such as "Bugs Shumanit", "Oven Cleaner" from Amway or "Chister". To wash the burnt pan, it is necessary to lubricate the liquid of the garbage inside it or the outer carbon and fat and leave it for 10 minutes, after which it should be wiped with a sponge.

Cleaning the pan with oven cleaner from Amway

  • Shumanit - the most effective, but also the most aggressive, the average price;
  • Chister - a little less effective cleaner and very aggressive, but is cheaper than the rest;
  • The Amway purifier is a little less effective and slightly more expensive than the Shumanite agent, but less aggressive and odorless.
Cleaning the pan with special toolsCleaning the pan with white

These tools are very good at coping with complex contaminants, but you need to work with them in gloves - from getting liquid on the skin, a burn can occur. In addition, Schumanite and Chister have a very strong smell, so it is better to clean the air in a ventilated room, and for the time of soaking place the dishes in a bag.

Variation: perfectly cleans pots and plain Whiteness. The average water pan will require approximately 1 tbsp. l. Whiteness, and then the resulting solution should be boiled for 30 minutes. After boiling, the debris should be cleaned in the usual way, and then boil again the dishes with clean water to completely remove the remnants and smell of whiteness.

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