8 questions and answers about the storage of honey

Honey - this is the product that can and should be stored for future use, because it can long remain tasty and useful. In this article we will give answers to 7 main questions about the storage of honey at home, and also we will show you how to decorate honey as a gift.

Question 1. How much honey can be stored?

Shelf life of honey according to GOST - 1 year (at temperature not higher than 20 degrees). But in fact, under the right conditions, honey can be stored for years, without losing its taste and useful properties.

Question 2. Crystallization - an indicator of poor quality? And what if the honey crystallized?

No, on the contrary, it says that you bought a real honey instead of a surrogate.

  • The process of crystallization is natural and inevitable, and it begins in 3-6 months from the moment the bank was opened.

Depending on various factors and special processing, crystals can form large, and can - small.

  • If you want to regain the former fluidity of thickened honey, you just need to warm it in hot water, until the crystals are melted. Keep in mind that you do not need to warm up the entire jar, but only the amount you need at the moment. After all, this heat treatment somewhat reduces the quality and usefulness of delicacies.

Decrystallization of honey

Question 3. How to store honey at home in a small amount?

If you buy a useful treat with small banks and eat it every day, then you should know the following rules for storing honey:

  • The best container - a container of glass (even better from dark glass) or from ceramics with a tight-fitting lid. Both the container and the lid must first be thoroughly washed and dried.

Honey storage in glass jars

  • The ideal temperature is slightly cooler than room temperature, namely +5 - +15 degrees. The maximum permissible temperature of storage of honey is + 20 degrees.
  • Suitable places - a dark kitchen cabinet, located away from the stove and oven. It is desirable that it does not open too often, does not have an internal light, and does not store salt and sharply smelling products. Also for storage of honey the compartment of the refrigerator intended for vegetables will approach.

The worst containers can be called tare from alloys of iron, zinc, lead and copper, because in them honey oxidizes, spoils and even becomes harmful.

  • Always close the lid tightly and do not leave the jar open for long. Bacteria can not easily multiply in honey, as it contains very little water, but because of the not tightly closed lid, honey can begin to absorb moisture from the air, and as a consequence to exfoliate and then ferment.

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Question 4. Is it possible to store honey in the refrigerator?

Yes, if you want, you can. Cold and even freeze honey will not hurt. However, low temperatures can accelerate the crystallization process, and besides, chilled honey is always a little more difficult to use.

  • However, in the storage compartment for vegetables, where the temperature rises to +10 degrees, honey will feel great and stay fresh almost forever. Moreover, some varieties of honey with a moisture content of more than 21% require storage only in the refrigerator.

Remember also that you can not store honey next to products with a strong odor (fish, garlic, onions, etc.). Even in a closed bank, it can absorb foreign odors.

Question 5. How to organize long-term storage of honey?

If you have large stocks of honey that you plan to store for a long time (from several months to several years), then you can simply freeze it.

  • If you decide to freeze the product, make sure that the chosen capacity has a storage space, as the honey during the freezing increases in volume.

Defrost the honey should be at room temperature, without opening the container.

Question 6. How to store honey in honeycombs?

How to store honey in honeycombs? In fact, just like ordinary honey - in the dark, cool and in tightly closed glass containers. Of course, pre-honeycombs need to be cut into pieces that could fit into your jars or containers.

Honey storage in honeycombs

Question 7. From what honey can deteriorate or change?

  • Because of sudden temperature changes, honey can change color, unevenly "boil" and lose some of its flavor. Therefore, if you decide to store honey in the refrigerator, then store it there until the end.
  • Honey should be protected from light, and especially from direct sunlight. If you leave a jar of honey in the light for 48 hours, then the antibacterial enzyme inhibin contained in it will collapse.
  • If the jar of honey is left open for a long time, the honey absorbs moisture from the air, stratifies and wanders.
  • Because of long storage, honey begins to darken, thicken and change slightly in taste. This process, as well as crystallization, is natural for honey and does not speak of its spoilage.

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Question 8. How can you decorate cans with honey?

Honey is a useful and always appropriate gift. Recently, beautifully packaged jars of honey give even guests at weddings. We have collected several ideas for decorating honey gifts and presents, which you can easily do with your own hands.

  1. Traditional decor

Very cute look of a jar of honey, covered with a scrap of cloth and bandaged with a rope or ribbon. Materials for such decor is better to use natural - cotton, linen, lace, and craft paper. You can tie jars with jute rope, string or satin ribbon.

  • Decor of a jar of honey
  • Decor of a jar of honey
  1. Bank + spoon-spindle

The honey gift will not only be tasty, but also practical if you add it with a spoon-spindle. To do this, you just need to tie it to the bank on a beautiful ribbon.

  • Honey with a spoon
  • Honey with a spoon
  1. Honey in cones with a cork lid

If you want to make mini-presents, then you will have to pick up small jars, for example, from a baby food. However, you can do more original and pour honey into the cones with cork lids, which are sold in stores for needlework.

Honey in cones

  1. Jar with a label or sticker

To make a honey gift personalized, it is enough to tie a beautiful label to the bank or stick a sticker and, of course, sign it. Labels and stickers can be printed on the computer, buy ready, and you can cut and decorate yourself.

Honey with a label

Bank with homemade sticker

  1. Bank in a bag or bag

A jar of honey can be wrapped in a beautiful bag, paper or tissue bag. So you not only decorate your present, but also protect it from sunlight.

  • Honey in a gift box
  • Honey in a gift box

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