A guide for the storage of 5 types of oils

All types of oils, from olive to coconut and cream, there are only 4 enemies:

  • Shine;
  • Heat;
  • Oxygen;
  • Sharply changes in temperature.

Under their influence, the oil oxidizes, becomes rancid, loses its flavor, aroma and useful properties. The best way to prevent this (and even extend the shelf life of the product) is proper storage. Today we will talk about home storage of the five most favorite types of oils:

  • olive oil;
  • sunflower;
  • linen;
  • coconut;
  • creamy.

How to store vegetable oils (olive, linseed, sunflower)

In the matter of storage of oils, there are three things that should be considered: Where store it, as store it and in what.

Temperature conditions

Until the autopsy: we'll start with the good news - most vegetable oils can be stored at room temperature, that is, at + 20-24 ° C, but no more. The minimum permissible temperature is 5 ° C. Well, the optimal mode is about 14 ° C. Such an ideal climate at home can only be provided by a wine cooler.

После вскрытия: а вот и не очень хорошая новость - к сожалению, большинство растительных масел (оливковое, подсолнечное, льняное) нужно успевать употреблять в течение 1 месяца после открытия бутылки. По прошествии месяца масло остается пригодным для употребления, но все-таки применять его в пищу нежелательно, так as в продукте образуются токсичные и даже канцерогенные вещества. Вкус масла через месяц после вскрытия упаковки становится горьковатым (особенно у оливкового и льняного масла), аромат – нейтральным.

  • Через месяц после вскрытия оливковое масло можно использовать as подсолнечное - для жарки.
  • Linseed oil after opening is preferably stored in the refrigerator on the middle / top shelf or in the compartment for fruits and vegetables.
Linseed oil

Flax seed oil after opening is stored in the refrigerator

  • Because of rapid rancidity, buying large cans of olive, linseed and unrefined sunflower oil is not very wise. It is better to buy a product less, but more often.

Where to store

So, all oils like dark, dry and cool (but not cold!) Places. Where are they found in the kitchen of the city apartment?

Оптимальное решение as для длительного, так и для ежедневного хранения масел – закрытый шкаф, желательно нижний (ведь чем он ниже, тем прохладнее) и не слишком близкий к плите. Хранить рядом с маслом специи и пряности не рекомендуется, так as оно имеет свойство впитывать запахи.

Olive oil in the closet

Olive oil in the closet

Unfortunately, the most convenient place for storing oil - the table top, is the most unfavorable because of the proximity to the plate, daylight and artificial light, temperature changes. But it's so convenient to always have a bottle at hand, what should I do? A compromise is possible: just pour the oil from a large bottle into a small one with a reserve of one or two weeks. The bottle should be made of dark glass and stand away from the plate.

Oil on the table top

Ideal place for long-term storage of oils - wine cellar or its modern substitute - wine cabinet-refrigerator with 14-degree temperature. Is it possible to store the oil in a conventional refrigerator? Yes, you can, but carefully.

  • First, the oil extracted from the refrigerator can not be left for a long time in the warmth, store it in a closet, then again in the refrigerator. Remember, a sharp change of climate is one of the enemies of any oil.
  • Во-вторых, хранить масло в холодильнике желательно в отделении для фруктов и овощей (там установлена температура около 8 градусов) либо на самой верхней полке (7 градусов тепла). Не забывайте, что слишком низкие температуры (ниже 5 градусов), которые свойственны для средней и нижней полки холодильника, для масел вредны. А вот дверца холодильника – не самый лучший вариант, так as климат на дверных полках хоть и оптимален для хранения масел, но слишком нестабилен.
Sediment in olive oil

By the way, there is one more nuance that concerns only olive oil: when stored in a refrigerator, white flakes form in it. To be afraid of this is not necessary, on the contrary, such a sediment only proves that the oil purchased is indeed olive. At room temperature, it will regain its normal consistency

How to store oil

Ideal dishes - from dark glass (for example, amber or cobalt) with a tight lid and, possibly, with a dispenser or a sprayer.

Olive oil

Also a ceramic vessel that can close tightly is suitable.

Ceramic bottle for olive oil

But metal containers (for example, those in which oil is often sold) are less suitable. As a rule, in such packages, medium-quality oil is sold.

Olive oil в жестяной банке

Наихудший выбор тары для хранения масла – пластиковые бутылки. Если вы купили свежее и ценное масло (оливковое, льняное, нерафинированное или сырое подсолнечное) в такой упаковке, скажем, на рынке, то его следует перелить в бутылку из темного стекла. В целом же, от покупки масла в пластиковой упаковке лучше отказаться, так as в процессе хранения в продукт могут перейти вредные для здоровья химические соединения из пластика. Единственное масло, которое может продаваться в пластиковых упаковках – это рафинированное подсолнечное и кокосовое.

  • If you bought oil in a transparent glass bottle, then it can be wrapped in foil.

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How to store coconut oil

Temperature conditions и места хранения

Coconut oil is one of the most unprankable oils: it can be stored for a long time, it is not too afraid of heat (more than 24 degrees) and even light. But there is one important nuance - the temperature of storage of coconut oil depends on its consistency.

Liquid coconut oil

Кокосовое масло жидкой консистенции – самое удобное в применении as для кулинарных, так и косметических целей

At room temperature it becomes liquid - and this is the most convenient option for eating oil for food and for carrying out cosmetic procedures. At temperatures below 20 degrees, coconut oil will acquire a gelatinous consistency, and in the refrigerator hardens.

Coconut oil in the fridge

It turns out that the product that you use often or every day is best kept just on the shelf in the closet and even on the countertop.

However, for long-term storage of coconut oil (especially unrefined), which you use only occasionally, the upper shelf of the refrigerator or the compartment for fruits and vegetables is more suitable.

  • In the refrigerator refined coconut oil can be stored for up to 1 year, and unrefined - up to six months.
  • Для более легкого использования при хранении в холодильнике кокосовое масло можно разлить в силиконовые формочки для льда as показано на фото ниже.

Coconut oil in an ice mold

But the bathroom is suitable for storing coconut oil the least because of the high humidity.

What to store

As for the containers for storing coconut oil, a dark glass jar with a tight lid is best suited, but also opaque plastic will also fit.

How to store butter

Temperature conditions и места хранения

The optimum temperature regime for storing butter daily use is from 0 to 6 degrees. It is such a climate can provide a refrigerator, here the oil can be stored for 15 days after opening.

  • To prevent the butter from being too hard and easily spread on the bread, it should be stored on the top shelf of the refrigerator, in the fruit and vegetable compartment or on the door shelf.

А вот для длительного хранения (до 1 года) нужно использовать морозильник. Но все же этот вариант не самый лучший, так as при длительном хранении на морозе сливочное масло становится менее вкусным и полезным.

Remember that you can not leave butter for long at room temperature. Due to the influence of heat and light, it will turn yellow, oxidize, lose its useful properties and taste.

However, if the refrigerator is not around, for example, in the field or in the country house, you can store the oil in one of the following ways:

Method 1. Wrap the oil in a cotton cloth moistened with a solution of water and vinegar. When the fabric dries, moisten it again in solution.

Method 2. Put a piece of oil in a jar and pour it with vinegar so that it covers the bar for a couple of centimeters.

Method 3. A bar of oil up to 200 g (or several bars) wrap in parchment, then place in a deep container and fill with a strong solution of salt. Store the container with oil in a dark place and change the brine daily.

What to store

Хранить сливочное масло можно as в масленке, так и в фабричной фольгированной упаковке. Также подойдут пергаментная бумага (на фото ниже) или фольга. Главное, чтобы упаковка или емкость защищала масло от света.

Butter in parchment paper

Do not store butter in plastic containers and plastic bags - in such a container the product will quickly rancid, yellow and spoil.

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