A homemade bar bar or mini-bar is under the power of

The exclusive and stylish kitchen interior almost always includes a bar counter. It can be located not only in the kitchen, but also serve as a separator between the kitchen and dining room, kitchen and living room, or it can become a home mini-bar. The very process of creating such a design is not too expensive, but it requires preliminary preparation and design.

If you can harmoniously enter the bar in the kitchen interior, then it will become its central element. However, it is worth remembering that the bar stool is not as convenient as traditional dining, but for family dinners there must still be a separate table. However, modern designs can solve this problem, and our article will help you answer the question: how to make a bar yourself? In the "studios", this design will be an excellent zoning element, separating the rest zone from the place of eating, and will also allow a friendly company of guests to be located.

Materials for bar counters

To make a bar at home, you must first select the materials. Do not forget that in most kitchens a mini bar is made, in this case, grandiose construction is not foreseen.

The bar stand with its own hands can be made of the following materials:

  • Plastic is a cheap and light material, with a variety of color solutions, convenient in processing, but not too durable;
  • Particleboard with laminated coating is more expensive and more difficult to work with, but more durable than plastic, it is produced in a wide range of colors, with surfaces imitating multicolored marble and noble wood;
  • Drywall allows you to create designs of any shape and style - from classic to loft; the material is easily painted in any color, suitable for the interior of the house;
  • Valuable breeds of wood - this design will look noble, solid and expensive, but it will require elementary carpentry skills.

Types of bar design

The following standard solutions can be used to create a bar at home:

  1. Stationary bar.
Traditional bar counter

It can also be done in mini format. The maximum height of the countertop in this case is no more than 1.2 meters from the floor. Here you can use a traditional bar stool - high, with a footrest, with backs and armrests.

  1. The combination of a rack with a dining table will be the best option for a small kitchen. The height of the working surface here is about 900 mm. As a supplement - a standard chair.
  2. Two-level construction, when a high bar counter is adjacent to a typical dining table. This is an excellent option for zoning the house - the low part remains in the kitchen, and the high one is taken out into the living room.

We make the table top - the whole process

The bar stand with its own hands for the kitchen is created in several stages. And the basic element here is the table top - it creates the necessary interior accents. Therefore, the plate used as it must be attractive, strong and resistant to wear. To make the tabletop yourself, you need a chipboard, veneer or other lumber. From it, and cut the right shape (electric jigsaw). In the cutting places, the edge is carefully cleaned and pasted with a special tape from the end.

Advice! The original color of the table top can be easily changed using a self-adhesive film.

If you do not want to make the tabletop yourself, then buy the finished product from chipboard or acrylic stone.

The basis of the "bar" - the main rules of erection

Manufacturing of a bar rack for a kitchen (standard or mini) requires the construction of an appropriate base. Here the following options are possible:

  1. Brick base - laid out of the brick on the cement mortar so that the shape of the rectangle is maintained. It is better to use red facing brick, which does not require additional decoration. Other types of material will need to be plastered. The "bar" can be located on an island type and will become the central element of the room. Similar designs are stable and massive, and as a table-top, they use products from thick wood or marble.
  2. You can make a skeleton basic construction. For this, a metal corner with a width of up to 50 mm or a wooden beam with a section of 40x40 mm is used. Elements of the structure are joined together (welded or twisted), then they are cleaned, painted and sheathed. To give the foundation strength, it is additionally fixed to a wall or a series of standing furniture. Since this type of construction is lightweight, massive countertops are not used here.

Below is a step-by-step photo-instruction for creating a bar counter with your own hands made of veneer on a frame made of wooden beams. You can use: chipboard (but this material is not the most reliable), plywood, fiberboard, MDF and drywall.

We will need:

  • Wooden bars or edging boards are 100-120 cm in length (in this case we use edging boards 5 cm thick, 15 cm wide, 105 cm long);
  • Sheets of plywood, veneer, sheets of fiberboard (in this case - oak veneer);
  • Nails wagon, as well as self-tapping screws 3.8 cm and 50 mm;
  • Joiner glue;
  • Moldings, decorative skirting boards or plywood trim, and 2 - 5 brackets if desired;
  • Stain, as well as wood varnish or two-component epoxy resin.
Bar counter by own hands - instruction Bar counter by own hands - instruction Bar counter by own hands - instruction Bar counter by own hands - instruction Bar counter by own hands - instruction

Bar counter by own hands - instruction

Bar counter by own hands - instruction Bar counter by own hands - instruction

Advice! To create a bar rack of any design, including the mini format, it is necessary according to the previously executed drawing. It is better to use a three-dimensional model, but a scheme on millimeter paper is also suitable. This approach will create a harmonious design, suitable for the dimensions of the room and the available interior. You can also immediately choose a chair and a suitable set of equipment for the rack.

But the bar stands made by themselves on the same principle, but in a different design.

Bar counter by yourself - step-by-step instruction Bar counter by yourself - step-by-step instruction Bar counter by yourself - step-by-step instruction Bar counter by yourself - step-by-step instruction Bar counter by yourself - step-by-step instruction

But other ideas for fans to make their own hands.

The ideas of the bar stand with their own hands

The ideas of the bar stand with their own hands

The ideas of the bar stand with their own hands

The ideas of the bar stand with their own hands

Lighting bar and suitable equipment

To make a bar table fit better in the interior of the kitchen, you need to think about its lighting. With the correct illumination, even a mini-bar will become a zone of rest and coziness.

It is best to illuminate the bar with halogen lamps, placing them in a special beam above the countertop. However, mini-ceiling or chandeliers suspended directly to the ceiling are suitable for this purpose.

The photo shows various ways to illuminate the bar.

Lighting bar

Lighting bar Lighting bar

Advice! When creating a lighting scheme for bar counters, you should also use dimmers that provide the ability to change the intensity of light. In this way, you can easily create a unique cuisine atmosphere reminiscent of a traditional bar.

To install the lighting equipment was not difficult, the rack should be mounted next to the existing junction boxes and ready-made sockets. If this is not possible, then it is recommended to use extension cords or conduct a new electrical circuit specifically for the bar counter.

And when the work on creating a bar counter for the kitchen will be completed, it should be supplemented with the necessary equipment and furniture - and this is not only a chair (high or standard), but also a dishwashing, special holders of glasses and glasses, decorative thematic paintings and, of course same, home collection of alcoholic beverages.

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