All about planning a straight (linear

Direct kitchen is the most universal and compact, but at the same time most uncomfortable from the point of view of ergonomics.

  • The fact is that with a linear layout, the culinary has to make many unnecessary movements along the plate, the refrigerator and the sink, which means waste time and energy in vain. And if for a short length of the headset (up to 2.5 m), the inconvenience is not too noticeable, then in a more spacious kitchen - very noticeable.

That is why a straight line of the kitchen is possible to break and arrange working points (a plate, a sink and a refrigerator) according to the principle of a triangle. And yet, in many cases, linear planning is the optimal solution:

  • For narrow or small kitchen area up to 7 square meters. m;
Линейная планировка small kitchen

In very small kitchens, a linear layout is the only possible option

  • For kitchen-studio, kitchen-living room or kitchen-hallway;
  • Kitchen-hallway
  • Kitchen-hallway
Direct kitchen-living room with breakfast bar

Kitchen-living room with a single-bed layout and a breakfast bar

  • For тех, кто редко готовит, для холостых or семей без детей;
  • In case the kitchen, although not small, but in priority the roominess of the dining room, rather than the work area. Also, single-row layout will help when, in addition to the dining room and the headset you need sitting area with sofa;
  • Large straight kitchen
  • Large straight kitchen
  • Large straight kitchen
  • When the kitchen has complex features: niches, ledges (see photo below), cropped corners, uncomfortably located windows / doors.
  • Kitchen with a complex layout and a direct suite
  • Kitchen with a complex layout and a direct suite
  • Kitchen with a complex layout and a direct suite

The single-row kitchen has its advantages:

  • Compactness, and with it the possibility of placing a large table in the kitchen, a sofa for rest, a table-island, bar counters;
  • Simplicity of designing;
  • Отсутствие углов, осложняющих и удорожающих проектирование гарнитура (нет необходимости продумывать их оснащение выдвижными системами or каруселями);
  • The ability to make the table top seamless and tidy.

In this article we will tell you how to plan a direct kitchen in the best way so that it turns out to be convenient and functional in spite of the rule of the "working triangle". And here you will find 70 photos of interiors of large and small kitchens with a linear layout for the selection of interesting design ideas.

14 ideas for planning a linear kitchen

1. Ideally, the sink and work surface should be between the stove and the fridge

Так вы сведете число лишних пробежек с продуктами на руках к минимуму, и кухня получится максимально удобной. Цепочка действий будет выглядеть так: вы достаете продукты из холодильника, ставите их на рабочую поверхность, затем моете и разделываете. Далее от рабочей поверхности перемещаетесь к плите. Приготовив блюдо, используете рабочую поверхность как раздаточный стол, затем кладете всю грязную посуду в мойку or ПММ.

Linear kitchen layout

Correct linear layout of the kitchen

Linear kitchen layout

One-room kitchen-living room

Интерьер однорядной kitchen-living room

  • If the kitchen set has a length of up to 2.5 m, then the placement of the sink in the middle will not be difficult and does not require the extension of communications;
  • If the kitchen is longer than 2.5 m, the pipes will have to be pulled from the sink to the riser. In this case, the drain pipe must be installed at an angle of a couple of centimeters per meter of length.

And one more nuance. If you place the refrigerator separately from the kitchen furniture, then it is advisable to place it as close as possible to the sink.

  • The minimum allowable distance from the sink to the refrigerator is 40 cm.

And what to do if the refrigerator can be placed only next to the stove? In this case, the main thing is to keep the gap between the equipment at least 20 cm. Otherwise, the refrigerator will be heated from the plate and will soon fail.

Direct kitchen in Khrushchev

Design of a direct kitchen in Khrushchev

For more details, see the material: How to locate the refrigerator in the kitchen

2. Depending on the size of the kitchen, the gap between the sink and the stove should be at least 40 cm and not more than 180 cm

In this case, keep in mind that if you place a working surface between the sink and the stove, its length must be at least 60 cm, or better - 90 cm (see photo below). A distance of more than 90 cm will make the kitchen less comfortable.

A small straight kitchen in Khrushchev

Design of a small, straight kitchen in Khrushchev

3. Combine the headset with the window sill

Often, even in tiny kitchens in Khrushchev, a linear layout can be transformed into a corner layout, if you attach a window sill to it. So you can increase the working surface and create additional storage space. Here is a selection of photos of direct kitchens with a built-in window sill.

Linear kitchen with attached window sill

Washing under the window in a small kitchen

Sill-top in a small kitchen in Khrushchev

Sill-counter in the kitchen in Khrushchev

Direct kitchen with attached window sill

Also, the window sill can be changed into a bar counter and even completely replaced by a dining table (for more details see the article: All about planning and arrangement of a window sill-table in the kitchen).

Direct kitchen with window sill-bar

Direct kitchen with window sill-bar

4. Line up a tall headset

Чтобы увеличить количество мест хранения, спроектируйте ваш гарнитур с дополнительным верхним ярусом (or даже двумя ярусами). Там вы сможете хранить вещи, которыми пользуетесь нечасто, и/or спрятать воздуховод.

Kitchen with extra bed

5. Fit the drawers in the socle

If the kitchen is small, even the base is to be put aside for storage, having built in it a pair of draw-out boxes. They are very convenient to store baking trays, rolling pins, baking molds, textiles and other small items.

  • Boxes in the kitchen sink
  • Boxes in the kitchen sink
  • Boxes in the kitchen sink
  • Boxes in the kitchen sink

6. It is desirable that the lower tier of the direct kitchen consist mainly of drawers, not cabinets with doors

Then you do not have to often bend over and sit down to get things out of the farthest corners - all the contents of the box will be in sight.

Drawers in the kitchen

7. Размещая в углу плиту or мойку, не забудьте защитить прилегающую к ней стену фартуком

It will look something like in this photo-example.

Apron in straight kitchen

8. Чтобы увеличить количество мест хранения, установите навесные шкафчики or полки над обеденным столом

And that the kitchen does not seem cluttered, decorate the interior mainly in light colors.

Narrow kitchen with a linear layout

9. The comfortable distance between the kitchen and the dining table is 120 cm

However, in very small kitchens, a distance of 100 cm is permissible.

Kitchen with a linear layout

Kitchen with a linear layout

10. Choose the technique of the reduced sizes

To fit everything you need in a small, straight kitchen and save precious centimeters, select a narrow home appliances, for example:

  • The dishwasher is 40-45 cm wide, instead of the standard 55-60 cm. This model is suitable for a family of up to three people;
  • A refrigerator 55 cm wide - it will save at least 5 cm of space, but practically does not lose in capacity, due to the increased height of the camera;
  • A refrigerator with a camera of a small volume, for example, 120 liters as on the photo below - will allow the oven to be built over it;

Built-in mini fridge in the interior of the kitchen

  • Плиту с 2-3 конфорками. For семьи из 5 человек плиты с тремя конфорками вполне хватает, а для маленьких семей, холостяков и пар подойдут и вовсе мини-плиты на 2 конфорки;
  • The oven is 45 cm wide and even with the built-in microwave oven function.

11. Если позволяет площадь, дополните прямую кухню островом or полуостровом

If you build a cooking surface in the peninsula / island, the "working triangle" will work and the kitchen will become very comfortable. With regard to the hood, then for a city apartment above the island / peninsula you can drop the hood recirculation type.

Direct kitchen with a peninsula with a stove

One-row kitchen layout with a peninsula with a stove

Впрочем, остров/полуостров даже без плиты/мойки способен сделать однорядную кухню удобнее и функциональнее: он может играть роль и разделочного стола, и bar counters, позволит создать дополнительные места хранения и разграничит собой пространство на зоны, например, на рабочую и столовую or на кухню и гостиную.

Direct kitchen with island

  • Between the suite and the island / peninsula it is necessary to maintain a distance of at least 1 meter, otherwise it will be inconvenient to navigate the kitchen and open the lower boxes / cabinets.
  • Если места на кухне (кухне-гостиной or kitchen-studio) не так много, острову стоит предпочесть более компактный полуостров, который одним торцом упирается в стену. Вокруг острова же необходимы широкие проходы со всех сторон.
Direct kitchen with a peninsula

Interior of a small, straight kitchen with a peninsula

12. Используйте мобильную тележку or столик

Если кухня слишком маленькая, чтобы вместить остров or полуостров, используйте мобильную тележку. Несмотря на свою компактность, она очень вместительна и может использоваться и как дополнительный переносной «шкафчик», и как рабочая поверхность (если это тележка-столик).

  • Mobile storage trolleyIkea Mobile Storage Trolley
  • Mobile storage trolleyIkea Mobile Storage Trolley

Mobile work table

Mobile work table

Mobile work table

13. Facades in the tone of the walls create the illusion of invisibility

Кухонная мебель будто сольется со стеной и визуально станет менее громоздкой. Другой способ «разгрузить» маленькую кухню – подобрать фасады гарнитура в белом цвете, возможно с глянцевой поверхностью or стеклянными вставками.

  • White straight kitchenWhite straight kitchen
  • White straight kitchenWhite straight kitchen
  • White straight kitchenWhite straight kitchen

14. In a large kitchen, a direct set can be supplemented with a block of cabinets-pencil cases

In addition to shelves for storage in such cases you can build a refrigerator, oven, microwave, washing machine.

Linear layout of a large kitchen

Block with small cabinets-pencil cases

Direct kitchen with small closets

White bar table
Kitchen interior 9 sq. M. m in light colors
Kitchen interior in light colors
Classical cuisine with golden accents
Kitchen 7 sq. M. m with a linear layout
Kitchen in country style
Linear kitchen layout в сталинке
Linear kitchen layout
A small refrigerator by the window
Dining area in a small kitchen
Unified kitchen living room in stalinka
Unified kitchen living room in stalinka
One-bedroom kitchen area of ​​13.7 square meters. m
Single-row kitchen
Folding bar
The floor is made of brown stone in the interior of the kitchen
Example of a successful lighting of the kitchen 9 sq. M. m
Transparent glass apron in the interior of the kitchen
Dining area in the kitchen-living room
Dark brown kitchen, varnished
Curtains with eyelets

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