All about sewing apron for kitchen - instruction

A real hostess should have at least one apron sewn by hand. And better a few: a woman - for yourself, a man's - for a husband, a child - for the culinary creativity of children or grandchildren. In addition, you can sew an apron to work in the garden, for cooking shish kebabs and barbecue at the cottage, and a sewn apron - an excellent and useful gift!

Beginner craftsmen choose for their first apron simple styles - for example, an apron trimmed with ribbon, and more skillful housewives can experiment with styles, decoration, a combination of colors, materials.

By the way, all experienced seamstresses say that the apron will help you master all the basics of the work. And if you do not know how to sew, but want to learn, it is better to start by sewing an apron with your own hands. After all, such an article consists of elementary, easily connected parts with each other - so we start sewing!

We choose the material

Do not forget that we sew a female apron for the kitchen and its main purpose is to protect the clothes from dirt and at the same time decorate the hostess, so the fabric must withstand frequent washing.

The best fabrics for the apron are Teflon, but they are not sold everywhere and are quite expensive. Teflon material does not let water pass and does not absorb stains - which means that washing such products will be incredibly easy.

As for color, it can be anything - it all depends on the personal preferences of the hostess. Although there are important nuances that should not be ignored:

  1. On a monochrome tissue, the spots will be more noticeable than on bright and colored. But, in any case, the apron must be washed very often.
  2. You can choose a material with personal preferences, or you can combine it with other kitchen textiles and with a common kitchen decoration. So, the hostess cuisine in the style of Provence, shibby chick or country is better to sew a piece of linen, dense cotton with ruches or in a rustic simple.

Фартук в стиле прованс, shibby chick, кантри

Фартук в стиле прованс, shibby chick, кантри

And the owner of modern kitchen in the loft style will approach a simple style apron with rough accessories and leather strap.

apron style kitchen apron

  1. The most unmarked is the black apron, but in its pure form it is better not to use it. But white contrasts or bright inserts will make even the most simple model stylish.

Aprons in dark colors

  1. The most versatile, traditional and very beautiful material for the apron is flax and cotton.

aprons made of flax

  1. Denim is a beautiful, not a marble and dense material.

Aprons of jeans

Aprons of jeans

Ideas for aprons

Possessing basic skills of sewing by own hands it is possible to sew beautiful aprons of any style. Among all the variety of models, there are two main types of female aprons for the kitchen - an apron and a full apron, that is, an apron with a breastplate and pockets.

ideas of aprons

By the way, many housewives prefer to sew themselves at least two aprons - one for each day, and the second - for solemn lunches or dinners. Such an apron will create a special mood - for the hostess, he is something akin to an evening dress - and therefore performed with incredible thoroughness.

women's aprons for the kitchen with their own hands

women's aprons for the kitchen with their own hands

straps and accessories for apron

Funny aprons for the kitchen can have a variety of prints. The easiest way to make such an apron is to sew or buy a plain apron from cotton, find a quality picture and order in the studio to print on it.

Prints on a woman's apron

Some models may seem quite ordinary in front, but behind - a real exclusivity.

rear apron

rear apron

Step-by-step instruction

To sew a female apron for the kitchen, you will need:

  • Quality fabric (plashevka, teflon, linen, cotton, jeans, mixed fabrics);
  • Pattern;
  • Threads of appropriate colors;
  • Centimeter, pins, chalk;
  • Scissors;
  • Sewing machine.

sewing apron, step by step instruction

How to sew an apron for the kitchen with your own hands? For you the instruction:

sewing apron, step by step instruction

details of apron

sewing apron, step by step instruction



sewing apron, step by step instruction


Apron Apron Apron Apron

Everything, the female apron for the kitchen is ready - you can start cooking in a beautiful and unique new clothes made with your own hands!

apron ready

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