Apron in the kitchen - how to decorate it

The term "kitchen apron" means a protective element of a small section of the wall, with a gap between the curtain lockers and the working area of ​​the countertop.

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The main purpose of this element is to protect the wall from various negative factors. To such factors it is necessary to carry: the raised humidity, hot steam and a soot, splashes of fat and other pollution.

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As a rule, the whole wall protects the apron in the kitchen, however, in some cases it is possible to use a special protective insert, which is located in the area of ​​the stove and kitchen sink.

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Optimal dimensions

Typically, the apron in the kitchen has a height ranging from thirty centimeters to half a meter. However, the height of the apron is set individually.

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In this case, for height, your growth is of great importance, as well as the model of the slab. So, if you have low growth, then in this case, the lockers need to be set to the required height, in this case, the height of the lockers is recommended to be set so that the lower part of the locker is at the level of the head, which means that the apron will also have small height.

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Another not unimportant aspect is the hood. It should have a height in the range of sixty to eighty centimeters, while the distance is taken into account from the surface of the plate to the very beginning of the drawing.

4 Important Tips

1. It is necessary to take into account the parameters of the apron, which must have several centimeters of stock, to run into the top of the countertop and under the locker.

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2. All the places of joints and joints of the table top and apron are recommended to be sealed with special waterproof sealant, and then install special plinths. This is necessary to ensure that water does not fall behind the back walls of lockers that are installed on the floor. It should be noted that the back wall of such lockers is made of a file of fiberboard, which is very afraid of water and moisture. Therefore, if water gets into the fiberboard, this will lead to swelling and deformation of the material, and in the future this will lead to the formation of fungal mold.

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3. Install the apron is not recommended from porous materials, which include ceramic tiles. The fact is that this material has pores, where moisture and fat can collect well, the surface of this material is rather difficult to clean and clean. At the same time, the content of harmful bacteria in the pores is possible, which will reproduce very quickly as a result of which mold can form.


4. The most optimal option, when the apron has a smooth and smooth surface with no connection points and joints. Therefore, all problem areas must be sealed with a special waterproof sealant.

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How to make a kitchen apron - 3 design secret

It is necessary to clearly determine what effect the apron will have in the interior of modern cuisine. Also, it is necessary to select the color base of the apron correctly, while making a small addition in the form of a colored wall panel with the image.

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Do not forget about the color scheme. The best option for the color decoration of the apron is white and all its shades.

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Such a color can be well combined with various finishing materials, as well as with a different kitchen set. However, it is unacceptable for the interior to have a solid color, it will look sad and eventually will simply bother with such a color palette.

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Virtually any apron must be supplemented with various decorative elements. In this case, you can include curtains, or wallpaper with a pattern or color. At the same time, the apron is not permissible, that it would be dirty or stained with fat, as all this will undoubtedly become stand out and have an untidy look.

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What to make an apron in the kitchen - popular materials

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Apron made of ceramic tiles

Apron made of ceramics is the best solution when decorating a working area in the kitchen. In itself, ceramics or its derivatives, and this porcelain is considered a reliable and durable finishing material.

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At the same time, the cost of ceramics is much higher than for wall panels made of MDF, as well as MDF.

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Photo tiles

This is an additional type of ceramics, as well as modern material for decorating the working area of ​​the kitchen. This material has its positive aspects, but at the same time there are very significant drawbacks.

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  • stylish and compact design
  • has a resistance to wet conditions
  • It is possible to produce wet cleaning on its surface
  • has a long service life

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  • very high cost, it has a price exceeding several times ceramic tiles
  • photo tiles with a seal that has been applied by sublimation after a few years can become dull and faded, or completely lose its original appearance
  • photo tiles with photo printing made on an individual order after some time can have microcracks
  • requires special and careful care when cleaning

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Apron of glass

An interesting variant of making an apron is a glass of glass. This material has similar technical characteristics to conventional tiles. At the same time, a salted can easily be cleaned up to the same, it does not fear fatty discharge and high humidity.

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Mirror apron

Material of this type is not the most acceptable option when installing a kitchen apron, however such material is able to hide obvious defects and miscalculations on the surface of the walls of the room.

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However, this material has its advantages and disadvantages.

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  • creates the illusion of a spatial increase in a room that has a modest area
  • gives the room more brightness and light tone
  • It gives the room a unique stylish design

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  • an apron made of such material is very easily and quickly soiled, therefore its surface will need to be cleaned and cleaned every day from dirt
  • effect of specularity, can create irritation

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Mosaic apron

The apron which is decorated in a mosaic style is considered the most beautiful and worthy option. At the same time, its bright and contrasting coloring gives the room a unique look, as well as a sense of lightness and comfort.

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Aprons made of plastic

Quite an interesting option for installing an apron from this material. In addition, this material is not of high cost, while it can be installed independently.

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Plastic apron can have two main options. The first type is a special panel consisting of an array of MDF, chipboard, as well as fiberboard. At the same time, they have decorative coloring imitating other materials that are used in the manufacture of the apron. The second type is a panel based on polycarbonate.

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Apron made of MDF and plastic

Plastic panels from the MDF array are also considered a worthy option when installing a kitchen apron.

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In this case, this material has a high resistance to high humidity and resistance to various mechanical influences.

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However, its strength is rather weak relative to other materials used in the manufacture of the apron.

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Apron made of chipboard and plastic

The material of this type has similar characteristics as in MDF and fiberboard. A plastic chipboard panel does not require frequent cleaning, but it is inadmissible to get water on the edges.

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Wall panel made of polycarbonate

This material is quite suitable for the installation of a kitchen apron, but it has several disadvantages and advantages.

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  • has a relatively low cost
  • You can install and replace panels yourself, without resorting to the services of specialists
  • as a rule, the apron of polycarbonate has a colorless and transparent appearance, so under it is allowed the presence of bright wallpaper with a picture or a special film that has photo printing
  • does not require long and constant care
  • has a high resistance to water and high humidity

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  • After a time, the panel becomes dull and faded
  • if it gets behind the back of the mud panel or fatty streaks, it will negatively affect the appearance

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Apron made of artificial stone

This is one of the most optimal options for making a kitchen apron just from this material, mainly using a stone made of acrylic. In addition, in addition, it has a table top, which is very convenient and effective.

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At the same time, such an apron is quite easy to maintain and clean, it is not necessary to thoroughly clean its surface every day. Such an apron can simply be lightly wiped with a damp cloth or a soft sponge, and the surface will again sparkle and shine with purity.

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Apron made of metal

As a rule, in the manufacturing process, a thin sheet stainless steel is used for the kitchen apron. It has a smooth surface and no seams and docking points, so it does not fear increased moisture, grease stains and dirt. All this is easily rubbed off and washed off.

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Kitchen apron made of unusual materials

In this case, you can use special wallpaper or use a special decorative plaster. But, all these materials must be protected from the negative effects of moisture, water, grease and dirt.

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Therefore, for their protection, it is recommended to use a special tempered glass or polycarbonate panel.

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Thus, making the right choice of apron in the interior of modern cuisine is not easy, so this article will help you solve this not an easy task. In addition, the article can be clearly seen on the photo of the kitchen with the decoration of modern materials, which will certainly affect your choice.

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