Aprons for the kitchen

Apron for kitchen - the second thing after furniture in importance, and the first - in functionality. It is from him in the future will depend on the convenience of the working area in the kitchen and its appearance. The kitchen apron is designed to protect the most polluted part of the walls, which is in close proximity to water and a plate.

apron-for-kitchen-made of glass15

There are a lot of materials from which such kitchen aprons are created, but ceramic tiles have been leading for many years.

Ceramic tile

Due to its excellent performance, the ceramic tile is easy to clean, it is not afraid of high temperatures and is resistant to mechanical influences. The ceramic apron has one more undisputed advantage over competitor materials: it has such a rich choice of colors and textures that it is easy allows you to create the illusion of any desired material.

Apron for kitchen from ceramics can perfectly simulate wood, leather, metal or stone. And no one even guesses that before him is the usual for every ceramic tile.


Tile is often found in the interior, because its unpretentiousness in the care and strength is already proved, and no one will doubt its durability.

Advice! Consider when choosing a tile you need and its texture. Too fanciful and complex texture will be more difficult to be cleaned, and cleanliness to the kitchen is a guarantee of health.

There are no special requirements for tile. You can safely choose any color you like, combining the texture and playing with shades.


Pros of tile

  • Most of the collections on the market have stable characteristics to the temperature difference, are not afraid of mechanical damage and do not lose the brightness of the color. In contrast to other materials, on the kitchen apron of tile will never appear microcracks.
  • The tile practically does not need special care, it is enough to clean it regularly with the help of soft soap solutions or special cosmetics. Ceramic tiles are not afraid of any pollution, due to the fact that a dense layer of glaze does not miss either ordinary liquid or corrosive substances, and helps to clean without the slightest effort.

Disadvantages of tile

  • There are seams of porous material between the tiles. This significantly reduces the hygienic properties of ceramics. (How to fix read the bottom

Advice! In order to increase the hygienic properties of the ceramic, a smooth grouting of the seams between the ceramic tiles is carried out. Then it is additionally covered with a protective varnish.


The optimal ratio of cost, practicality and quality is plastic. In the production of plastic aprons, panels made of PVC (PVC) are used.

The main advantages of which are:

  • resistance to pollution and durability;
  • strength;
  • ease of installation;
  • aesthetic appearance.


Advantages and disadvantages

  • This apron is resistant to hot steam and moisture.
  • Indisputable advantage is relative cheapness in comparison with other analogues, for example, from stone or tile.
  • However, it should be borne in mind that when cleaning the work surface, it is necessary to avoid the use of abrasive materials, as this can lead to scratches and significantly spoil the overall favorable impression of the kitchen.
  • It is also necessary to protect the panels from the effects of open fire, as this will lead to their irreversible deformation.

Cleaning and maintenance

  • When choosing an apron, you should stop on a single sheet of plastic without seams, because the accumulated dirt and grease in the seams are difficult to remove during cleaning and worsen the appearance.
  • Maintenance and cleaning of the plastic apron does not require special detergents, since a normal soap solution and a damp sponge are perfectly suitable, and ease of maintenance can save considerable time during cleaning.

Material Safety

  • When selecting panels, you should pay attention to the environmental safety of raw materials, because when manufacturing a quality apron, the same polyvinyl chloride should be used, which is used in the manufacture of utensils intended for food storage.
  • If this requirement is met, you can not worry about the health and well-being of your household.

Plasticовый кухонный фартук обладает рядом бесспорных преимуществ перед аналогами из других материалов, однако при принятии окончательного решения вам в любом случае придется руководствоваться только своим вкусом, предпочтениями и финансовыми возможностями.

Glass Apron

Glass Apron ворвался в интерьер и заняли лидирующие позиции. С его помощью помещение для приготовления и принятия пищи может превратиться в дизайнерский шедевр, даже если профессионал и рядом не стоял, а все элементы декора придумывались и обсуждались на семейном совете далеких от архитектурных новинок людей.

apron-for-kitchen-made of glass02

Someone can turn a finger at his temple and with disdain say that glass - a material brittle and glass aprons is impractical and short-lived design. But this is far from the case.

Today's technologies allow glass to be given such properties that it will easily give odds to the mosaic or ceramic coating. Moreover, the originality of the design, which distinguishes the kitchen apron from glass from any other, will make green about the envy and aahat all the guests, because you can choose almost any picture or image.

apron-for-kitchen-made of glass03

The main thing is that they meet certain quality requirements. You want to look at nature every day, choose flower arrangements and landscapes; if you need a working mood - geometric patterns; and if you want something delicious - then necessarily fruit or sweets.

Aprons for the kitchen, types of aprons, description (real photo)  apron-for-kitchen-made of glass05 apron-for-kitchen-made of glass06 apron-for-kitchen-made of glass08 apron-for-kitchen-made of glass10 apron-for-kitchen-made of glass12 apron-for-kitchen-made of glass13 apron-for-kitchen-made of glass14 apron-for-kitchen-made of glass18 apron-for-kitchen-made of glass20 apron-for-kitchen-made of glass21 apron-for-kitchen-made of glass24 apron-for-kitchen-made of glass25 apron-for-kitchen-made of glass26 apron-for-kitchen-of-glass27 apron-for-kitchen-of-glass30 apron-for-kitchen-of-glass32 apron-for-kitchen-of-glass35 apron-for-kitchen-of-glass36 apron-for-kitchen-from-glass37 apron-for-kitchen-made of glass41 apron-for-kitchen-made of glass48 apron-for-kitchen-of-glass50 apron-for-kitchen-made of glass57 apron-for-kitchen-made of glass58 apron-for-kitchen-made of glass64

Advantages of glass apron

  • Skinali-made from a durable six-millimeter sheet glass, which has passed special hardening.
  • This apron does not require a long installation, the whole process takes only a few hours.
  • He also does not need specific care: just once a week, wipe it with a sponge soaked in soapy water.
  • Durability and practicality of the skins optimally combined with its price.
  • Photo printing applied to the tempered glass does not fade with time, all colors continue to remain bright and saturated.
  • A drawing can create any style or organically fit into an existing one.

One only drawback

  • It requires more frequent care, because the contamination on the glass is more visible.


Anyone who wants to install a kitchen apron of a more modern appearance, chooses a photo-tile. Kitchen photo-tile is decorated with a favorite landscape or archival family photo. So it is possible to emphasize the individuality and self-sufficiency of the interior, which, by and large, no longer requires other pretentious details.

Care for photo-tiles is no different from caring for simple ceramic tiles.

apron-from-photo-tile01 apron-from-photo-tiles02 apron-from-photo-tiles03 apron-from-photo-tiles04 apron-from-photo-tiles05 apron-from-photo-tiles06

Important! It must be remembered that the photocell must not be cleaned with substances with abrasive elements. Otherwise, microcracks or scratches may appear.

Advantages and disadvantages

  • The merit, undoubtedly, can be attributed the originality of the result. A qualitative photo-plate is resistant to the influence of moisture, as well as to mechanical and chemical influences.
  • One of the disadvantages of this tile is its price. There is such a tile is not enough. The cheapest is the tile, made by the method of "sublimation". Such a tile is quite bright, but quickly burns out. Therefore, for a brightly lit kitchen, it will not be the best option. In any case, it will not last long.
  • The disadvantage of the photocell is the possibility of peeling and cracking the printed layer.

Mirror Tiles

In the presence of a small kitchen space, often the choice falls on the mirror tile. This simple trick allows you to visually create the illusion of a larger space, it seems to expand.

But also to care for such an interior is much more difficult: any imprint, any drop of water or fat is easily applied and they must be constantly washed.

Aprons for the kitchen, types of aprons, description (real photo) Aprons for the kitchen, types of aprons, description (real photo)

Advantages and disadvantages

  • Due to the reflection property, the mirror tile expands the boundaries of the room, making it more spacious and light.
  • It is very difficult to care for such a tile. The tile is very brandishing and any drop of water or fat is easily applied. Therefore, it must be constantly laundered.
  • There is another drawback with mirrored tiles. Anyone who prefers to install rails and hang different jars and bottles on them must abandon such a tile, since all this doubled kitchen utensils will significantly increase the space. And the effect of visual volume can not be achieved simply.

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