Bar counter in the kitchen - what accessories are needed

A bar table, if it is in the kitchen, is operated according to statistics even more often than a dining table. Buying a bar counter in advance, think out what hardware you will need, whether you need a hinged bar system, central and side shelves, or will it be enough to hang a small locker?

Pros and cons of equipping the bar

Accessories for the bar in the kitchen have their pros and cons.


  • This is an excellent solution if there is not enough storage space for things;
  • The central and side shelves are very comfortable and functional in use.


  • the need to regularly wipe from the dust bottles, glasses, appliances;
  • a large number of accessories overload the space, especially carefully with the filling of the rack you need to be holders small kitchens.

Kinds and types of a complete set of a bar rack

Accessories and fittings are different in the manner of attachment, form, materials and purpose.

By the method of fastening it is possible to distinguish:

  1. Central shelves for the bar, which are attached to the pipe in the center;

Central shelves for kitchen counter

  1. Side or swivel shelves, which are attached to the pipe to the retractable handle;

Side-turning shelves for kitchen counter

Outrigger bar in the kitchen - side shelf

  1. Suspended systems, which are not attached to the bar and pipe, but to the ceiling.
Suspended bar systems for storing glasses, glasses and bottles

In shape, the central and side shelves are conical or round.

By purpose and functions, bar accessories are divided into:

  1. Holders for glasses;
  2. Bottle holders;
  3. Universal - for storing things, dishes, food and serving;
  4. Hangers for appliances, mugs, napkins, etc.

Accessories and accessories are often made of metal or a combination of metal and glass. But the color can be the following metal variations: gold, bronze, copper, chrome and glossy chrome.

The color of accessories and furniture fittings must match the color of the fittings of the kitchen set. More information about the combination of colors in the interior of the kitchen can be found here.

Accessories and accessories for a bar rack in gold color and glossy chrome

What kind of furniture fittings are needed to create a multi-level structure from shelves?

First of all, a pipe is needed, which performs the function of the foot and the base for the shelves. It is made of brass or nickel and is most often 50 mm in diameter. The pipe (or rod) is fixed to the rod holder to the floor, by the side fastening to the wall and / or to the ceiling by ceiling mounting. To the countertop, the bar counter is also fixed with a special flange.

Accessories and accessories for the kitchen counter

How to choose the right equipment

Let's see what will really be needed, and what is better to refuse, so as not to clutter up space.

To choose accessories for a bar rack, it is necessary proceeding from its purpose. In what capacity is it most often used: as a home bar for parties and celebrations, like a table for breakfast and snacks, an additional surface for cooking, working at a computer or simply as an accessory that separates the kitchen-living room?

If the bar counter for you, first of all, a place of rest with friends, then complete it with a multi-level composition from: a glass holder, a central bottle shelf, a side shelf for serving and storage. If the kitchen and the rack itself are large, and you want to create the atmosphere of a real bar, then install a hinged system.

complete set for creating a home bar

Use more than three shelves is only permissible if your bar counter is a bar, and not a breakfast table.

If you often cook at a bar table or want to use it to store kitchen utensils, you will find it useful: triple coat hangers with hooks, which can be hung with side dishes, a side shelf for serving, a universal central shelf for storing things (preferably with high ledges) Wish the holder of glasses / bottles. But, if there are children in the house, then it is better to give up this idea, of course.

Accessories for a bar in the kitchen

In other cases, it will be enough to bring to the wall railing with hooks for appliances, baskets for storing things, plants. And you can tell just a small locker or shelf for storing glasses, drinks, dishes and other items that you often need at breakfast or while working at the computer. From the central and suspended shelves, if they are not urgently needed and your kitchen is not executed in loft style, it is better to refuse.

Shelves for a bar rack

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