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Window decoration with beige curtains is a popular win-win option, a suitable solution for most interior solutions. They are more effective than white curtains protect the room from bright sunlight, but do not absorb it completely, like curtains of dark shades. They are suitable for most interiors, since they do not emphasize themselves. Consider, for example, a photo of beige curtains, the positive and negative aspects of their use in the interior.


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Pros of beige curtains

Passing through beige curtains, the light becomes warmer, and its heat depends on the amount of yellow pigment in the fabric of the curtains. This property of the beige allows to warm and make more comfortable even initially cold and uncomfortable room.


Beige curtain color only slightly muffles the brightness of colors used in the interior, and this is its difference and advantage over the rest of the neutral colors of curtains. White curtains, on the contrary, will make the colors of the environment brighter and more saturated. Gray curtains will add coolness and gloom to the palette of colors. Beige curtains will balance the colors of the palette, smoothing them.


Blinds of beige tones do not attract the eye. They do not play a big role in the perception of the interior, but they decorate the room and perform their protective functions. Visually, such a coloring of curtains does not increase the volume of the room, but does not reduce it either.


Disadvantages of beige curtains

Possible lack of use in the decoration of beige curtains is the lack of extravagance of such a design solution. Its high prevalence can make beige curtains too "ordinary" and not provoking interest.


Another disadvantage of beige curtains is the weak protection of the premises from bright sunlight.


Beige curtains in the interior

1. In white entourage. Use in a room with white walls curtains of the same color simply merges the whole environment into a single white mass. Bright or dark curtains will work well in this case, but only if there is no purpose to leave the interior light. If you use light beige curtains, you will achieve the necessary compromise - a large amount of transmitted light and soft contrast introduced between the zones of walls and windows. Read: Curtains for a dining room in an apartment - 50 photos of ideas of a harmonious combination of curtains in an interior


2. In the interior of caramel shades. Beige curtains complement the atmosphere, made in warm neutral colors: caramel, sand, cream, cream. The window zone occupies a considerable area in the interior of the room, and its decoration with bright colors will deprive the room of warmth and peace inherent in caramel interiors. Bright colors in such an environment are made by small inclusions, with the help of small objects.


3. In the setting of pastel tones. Interiors in very light, whitish tones are filled with tenderness and calmness, and beige curtains perfectly fit into such entourage. Beige will add lightness and coziness to the pastel interior.


4. In the interiors of rich colors. Curtains in beige tones do not come in bright contrasts with bright walls, like white curtains, and they will not add darkness to the room, like curtains of dark tones. For such a situation, beige curtains - an almost ideal solution, which can compete with only light brown and soft gray curtains.

beige curtains-on-the-window-in-bedroom

Beige curtains - a perfect background for bright furniture of juicy colors, located near the window. Beige drapery gives the brightness of furniture paints with softness and warmth.


An excellent addition to beige curtains will be colored curtains. One of the most popular combinations of colors is beige-blue and beige-green drapery. The beige is also well combined with peach and lavender shades, and in case of use in a neutral interior - with gray and brown colors.


Photo beige curtains in the interior





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