Beige kitchen - the rules of the perfect combination in the

What mistress does not dream about an attractive and at the same time, comfortable kitchen. However, design is not the only advantage of a kitchen set.

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Only the color scheme will fill your room with comfort, the kitchen in beige color is a feeling of warmth and comfort.

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Every morning we start from the kitchen, when we come to brew our favorite tea or sit by the window and feel the aroma of fresh brewed coffee, it's a charge of warmth, and a good mood for the whole day.

Beige kitchen

The design should be executed with subtlety, in the evening coming from work you should relax and get a discharge and pacification.

A well-begun week is the key to the success of each person. Often designers choose the location of the kitchen with dining areas. They give you a taste of the cooking process. Everything should be concisely combined, the process of preparing and communicating the family with the atmosphere of rest.

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Pros of beige color and features in the interior of the kitchen

We emphasize the practicality of beige: elegantly suited to the classical style. You need to recreate the interior, the use of a large number of shades should be present, this is the practicality of beige color.

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At this time, beige colors in the interiors of the kitchen are very popular, despite the fact that it is a faded color. Shades of a light scale will increase your room, now the kitchen with low ceilings is not a stumbling block for the designer.

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Light brown colors for the kitchen

Customize the combination of the headset and color, the task is not simple, everything needs to be stylishly selected.

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Every person has his own preferences, desires, as each style has certain materials that suit them.

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Classical kitchen furniture

Simplicity, symmetry, strict classics, refinement, the use of expensive materials and decor elements. The most important thing is to prevent the combination of plastic with the classical style.

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The combination of carving and stucco decoration is very beautiful. Many experts resort to the dissemination of ideas, wood and other materials,

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Kitchen retro style beige filling.

All the old things sometimes want to return, it feels like fashion wants to turn back time. The retro styles are different: they can be bright at the same time restrained. But everyone was asking himself, what design was in the past?

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Starting from plates, jars where your spices and household appliances are stored, all this will bring you closer to the previous topic of kitchen interiors. A large number of colors of shades will not be superfluous, do not be afraid to conduct different experiments.

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Beige furniture

The modern manners are torn to simple design decisions, environmental friendliness, and economy.

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The rapid pace of advancement, keeps a trace in people, trying to get a functional kitchen, while spending less money.

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Materials from natural filling are very popular, but they are always in demand, modifications from MDF. The role of the bar counter, performs several functions, in large apartments is allocated as an island, and in a small room takes the role of a table where it is with great pleasure that a family can meet for communication.

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Beige colors in a futuristic kitchen

Entering the room, it seems that the headset resembles a spaceship. Not so shocking color, tone, saturation, as functionality. For all figures, the responsibility is assumed by geometry.

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Imperceptibly moving from straight lines to clear lines. Creating a sense of sublimity and similarity with space technologies. The decor does not use carvings, stucco moldings and stained glass. Only because of the glossy facade I want to come to this room.

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Economy furniture in light brown color

There are variations of a combination of beige tones in the style of a kitchen of economy class. Production creates an exciting design, modeling in a light brown color, perfectly combined in large rooms and in compact apartments.

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The style is simple, it has the property of containment, tranquility and maximum coziness without an element of decoration.

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One solution is a matt and glossy facade. Modular components of the concept are located in the necessary projection and order. Everything is carefully selected for the volume of the room.

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Fifty colors of light brown tones

A distinctive feature, consists in shades and can be in large quantities. Dark, light tone, contains rainbow and yellowish shades, sometimes grayish.


Thanks to this, a large number of flowers become.

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Choosing a light brown kitchen

In order to create a cosiness in the kitchen, designers resort to bedding colors, choosing combinations of light brown, and optimal to this color, milk, sand and cream.

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A suitable combination of light brown tones: photography and tables.

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Formation of light brown color of the kitchen

The headset is not a complete design. Whatever the stylish or decorative kitchen, from one kind, bewitching furniture, it needs to be placed correctly in the room.

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If it's hard for you to decide on the color, you are confused by something in the shade, the option of combining a beige shade will come to the aid of solving the problem.

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He always gives a feeling as if he and only he should be present in your kitchen.

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Light shade of the ceiling, this is the interior of the classics and will easily create an atmosphere where you can easily relax.

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In some cases, you need the effect of a supplemented ceiling of gloss that will lift the ceiling in a visual projection and increase the room of the kitchen.

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Everyone wants a black coating, but it can worsen the look of your kitchen. Designers prefer light colors.

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They are less obvious water defects and scratches. Often on black tiles you can see dust, scratches or drops of water.

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Curtains and curtains.

Textiles should be chosen for the color of the headset or walls. Very nice look short curtains of different styles from rustic to Roman.

Roman curtains-2


For Beige beauties, you need certain accessories to refresh your design decision. It will look nice utensils, on the kitchen theme: under the old style of plates and pans.

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The most important advantage of beige color is the unity with nature, everything causes association, wicker basket, any little things will complement your creative interior.

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Aesthetically look multilevel lighting showing the interior from a different angle, but also simplifies the delicious cooking mistress for evening dinner.

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You can think over the lighting in such a way that evening dinner can sometimes turn into an intimate evening for two.

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Want to have an interior not only effective, but also economical, use the LED lighting direction.

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