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Black curtains in the interior of different materials - a new trend in the design of some modern styles. This find was already appreciated by lovers of extravagant furnishings and elegant graphic decoration of rooms in the form of a correct black and white contrast. Once, drapes of black color hung on windows only working on shifts to sleep in the afternoon. Today in fashion lace black tablecloths and satin underwear, jacquard wallpaper with overflow matte and glossy textures, as well as black leather sofas and elegant additions to them.


  • Why choose black curtains?
  • Styles of interiors where black curtains are appropriate
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Why choose black curtains?

For those who prefer a mystical or mysterious atmosphere in their home, black curtains are often a good choice. Dark drapes or tulle - a special highlight in a well-planned interior, complementing the semantic accents of the same color:

  • black grand piano;
  • lacquered case furniture;
  • shriveled and beautiful;
  • laminate or parquet;
  • exquisite sculptures and accessories.


Accustomed to the standard standards of ordinary people, this decision in the interior may seem shocking, gloomy and even frightening. However, everything depends on the balance of other components:

  • texture and density of materials;
  • proportions of black with other shades (companions);
  • the general color scale;
  • Stylistics and solutions for lighting design;
  • location of windows (south or north side), etc.


When this color is only a competent background for an exquisite range, it does not produce a gloomy impression. For example, a photo of black curtains in the interior:


Styles of interiors where black curtains are appropriate

Black color, as the main, a rare visitor in a modern interior, sometimes it is a forced measure. For example, there are different phobias, photophobia, eye allergy to sunlight and other "special" cases. Someone, carried away by the subcultures of the EMO or ready, do not mind to turn your room into an extravagant refuge of like-minded people. Read: Modern curtains - the best selection of 2017 with a photo and description


Black-and-red curtains or textiles of suitable colors can not always be found in the nearest salon or the department of interior and furniture fabrics. But who is looking for, as you know, will find what you need - in a specialized catalog, for your stylistics of interiors.


- Gothic. Historical style, which found a modern rethinking in the homes of lovers of mysticism and fantasy. Characteristic for style black and white "chess" floor for marble, bends, high ceilings and narrow windows with wrought iron bars can be supplemented with a transparent black tulle. It can also be a more dense version - picked up from above draperies, descending downwards with remote control.


- Minimalism in black and white colors - this is almost a classic, used to design expensive apartments and hotels. There should be nothing superfluous, everything is laconic and functional, it even seems that something is missing. White walls and ceilings, dark floor, velvet sofa and curtains as the basis for a design solution. This is acceptable in the Scandinavian and Japanese variations of minimalism - a photo of black curtains.


- Ethnic, in all its manifestations, often uses this color as the main accent. Graceful terracotta figurines and masks, a zebra blanket on the couch, black and white curtains with imitation of batik - the basis of an extravagant African interior.


- Glamor - the definition of this decorative style in the interior is still contested. But he is often present in the boudoirs of modern "Madame Pompadour" with elements of baroque and postmodernism. Black curtains of luxurious fabric with gold garters - a special chic. This is well-tempered with red or pink additions on a white background.

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- Art Deco - a style for lovers of masterpieces of modern art, embodied in the interior in the form of installations and wall panels. Any black curtains can become a perfect addition to graphic sketches or fragments of abstraction on the walls. Read: Beautiful curtains - the best photo of the novelties from the collection of 2017


- Vanguard - everything here is "impossible is possible", especially if made with taste. Black floor and walls, furniture and textiles, but they can not overload the residential interior, literate lighting is mandatory.


Designer Tips

  • It is not necessary to cover the entire window with a dark curtain, it is enough to obscure the part where the excess of sun rays falls, because of which different surfaces can fade.
  • Nobody cancels the black thick curtains for darkening rooms. They are used to sleep in the afternoon after night parties or shift work. Beautiful drapery of black curtains will effectively complement the home theater or teen room.
  • Dense dark fabric, as a forced measure - too curious neighbors in the house opposite a telescope or camera. You can also use horizontal blinds.
  • Transparent organza or curtain tent minimizes black color and adds elegance to the design. Some fabrics look so exquisitely that in their complement the interior of the bedroom or living room looks simply luxurious.
  • The general feeling largely depends on the type of curtains - Roman, Japanese, French, Austrian. They differ in the arrangement of draperies (their absence), length, shape, total amount of material.
  • If this is a bedroom in which only rest at night after difficult everyday life, then black can be a lot. Dense curtains, the ceiling "starry sky", self-leveling floors, elegant accessories and silk underwear with a 3D pattern. At the same time, it is recommended to use light walls and thought-out artificial lighting, for example, with an LED ribbon at the ceiling.
  • It is important to consider that black looks advantageous in the addition of golden and silvery, green and turquoise, blue and gray, lilac and violet shades. Many mirrors, glossy surfaces and contrast with white minimize the "darkness" of the design of black curtains.


Photo of curtains of black color in the interior







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