Burgundy color in the interior of the kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most important premises in the house, where we all spend enough time. Therefore, the space should be cozy, functional and attractive. A significant role is played by the color scheme of this room.

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Along with the white, gray and black classics, the Bordeaux shade is often used to arrange the kitchen area in various variations.

Advantages and disadvantages

Bordeaux is a shade of red, but it is not so flashy and bright. It looks expensive, expressive and original, so it can emphasize any interior. His usually choose for themselves people are confident and slightly domineering. The color is very strong from the energy point of view.

Bordeaux color in the interior of the kitchen: features of use and combination

The color is elegant and festive, and at the same time quite calm, soothing. This combination is very successful for the kitchen.

Bordeaux color in the interior of the kitchen: features of use and combination

From a practical point of view, in this shade, we too can find advantages. It is not so visible various pollution, as in light colors, which increases the functionality of the kitchen space.

It is known that colors have a certain influence on the psyche. Bordeaux in this respect is attracted by what calms and pacifies. In his environment, you can just have a quiet time with your loved ones, discussing current problems with them.

Bordeaux color in the interior of the kitchen: features of use and combination

It is worth mentioning the drawbacks of color. It is rather dark, so it can visually make the room smaller, so you should not use it for small kitchens as the main color.

But the claret details will be appropriate in this case. Also note that much depends on the combination of colors. If you combine Bordeaux with other dark colors, your room can become very grim and uncomfortable.

Shades of burgundy color

The claret color is multifaceted. Being a shade of red, and he in turn has different shades, each with its own characteristics.

Conditionally these shades are divided into four groups:

  • Directly burgundy is a classic color, a mixture of red and brown.
  • Ripe cherry. The most dark and rich tone of the whole Bordeaux palette.
  • Pomegranate. Very bright and full. Good to use together with contrasting colors. It looks nice with white.
  • Deep carmine. Cooler than other shades. Along with the red and brown, a note of blue is felt in it.

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Color combination

Most importantly, if you choose a burgundy, it's a good idea to combine it with other tones. It can be combined with both classic monochrome and other contrasting tones. Consider the most popular combinations.

Burgundy and white

White color is characterized by the ability to emphasize the characteristics of those shades that are next to it. With white Bordeaux will look even deeper, many-sided and full.

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White will do in the event that you want to visually expand the space, make the room more light and airy, connect several colors among themselves.

A good option is a burgundy kitchen set and white walls as a background. This is an ideal choice for a classic style.

It is interesting to look like imitation marble countertops, for example, white with streaks of Bordeaux color. Often the contrast of white and burgundy is used to create a room in the spirit of high-tech.

Perhaps, the bicolour white-burgundy kitchen looks a bit boring, but it's not at all like that. Playing with bright details, you can change the concept of the room, making it either playful-funny, or modestly-solemn.

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Advice! Interior can be diluted with bright textiles, indoor plants, fruits, which will make it more fresh and alive.

Burgundy and black

Care must be taken with the combination of black and burgundy. If you combine these two colors as the main ones, you can make your kitchen gloomy and unfriendly, besides it will look much less spacious than it actually is.

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In this case, you can go the other way. As the basic shades, take a burgundy with white, and black details should be accents. The result will be very elegant and surprisingly luxurious.

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Without a light color in the kit, black and burgundy together is better not to use for any room.

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Bordeaux and gray

Gray and burgundy - a combination of exquisite, aristocratic. If you want to take these two colors as the main ones, let the gray be very light, almost white. And other bright details in this case do not interfere.

Dark gray color should be used on the same principle as black - dilute the gray details of a combination of bordeaux and some of the light colors.

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Burgundy and beige

The combination of burgundy and beige will look very gentle and warm. You can safely use these two colors as the main ones, and if you want, add some more details of some bright colors.

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If to speak about other color combinations, it is necessary to allocate soft and light shades of green, for example, the color of green tea or muffled olive. This combination looks calm and very original.

As the third color, take some light as much as possible. As for the tones of blue, caution is important here. They can, how to make the interior brighter, and choke off all the beauty of Bordeaux with its cold.

The combination of bordeaux with orange and coral is quite bold, and if used incorrectly it can look absolutely tasteless. But, having beaten it successfully, you will get a stunning effect.

The successful solution in this case is the following: combine white or beige with burgundy as basic, and use orange for several interior details - vases for flowers, dishware, nice kitchen towels and so on.

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Advice! Not the best pair for a Bordeaux - pure red, pink, violet and other shades, close to a red scale. They will merge with burgundy, taking away its uniqueness and making it dull and unpleasant.

There are general rules that should be used in the interior design of the kitchen, if you choose a burgundy color for it. They will be as follows:

  • Bordeaux is important to dilute with gentle and light colors. You can use cream, milk, caramel. The right combination will give an opportunity to create an incredible comfort in your home.
  • The surface of kitchen facades can be both matte and glossy. In the first case, the interior will be more strict, in the second - more luxurious and solemn.
  • Remember the curtains. This is an important element of the decor. Their shade should be in harmony with the color of the furniture. A good option - a light kitchen with accents in a shade of Bordeaux and curtains in the same color.
  • Bordeaux interiors look particularly good with diffused lighting, which softens the brightness of the flowers and does not bother the eyes.
  • Do not combine burgundy cuisine with tones that can cause irritation - with yellow, pink, bright green. In this case, they will take all the attention and will distract from the deep luxury of the bordeaux.

What style is most suitable for a kitchen in burgundy color?

In the color of bordeaux, you can decorate classic cuisine. In this case, fit furniture sets from MDF or wood, which will look very successful. Perhaps this is not the most typical solution for the classics, but it will make your kitchen very original.

Bordeaux color in the interior of the kitchen: features of use and combination

Those who love country style, it may seem that burgundy - not the most successful decision. But this is not so. If you pick up furniture in this shade with the aging effect, and complement it with the right accessories and decorative elements, everything will be in harmony.

For this style, the details are in the form of fabric covers, tablecloths with a cute print, aprons and small compositions of dried flowers.

Such styles as hi-tech and minimalism can also benefit by using burgundy in them. In this case, you can replace the matte textures with shiny, add steel and chrome, as well as the most modern and functional household appliances.

Bordeaux color in the interior of the kitchen: features of use and combinationBordeaux color in the interior of the kitchen: features of use and combinationimage (93)

In fact, you can experiment with bordeaux in any stylistic decision. It is important only to sustain a single concept thanks to the details.

Bordeaux color leaves unlimited possibilities for experiments. Competently using it and successfully combining it with other tones, you will achieve a tremendous effect, and your kitchen will cease to be just a kitchen.

It will become an example of style, a luxurious and at the same time cozy room, a stay in which can immediately affect positively the mood and emotions.

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