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To determine how you can make a ceiling in the kitchen, to begin with, it is better to study what the modern market offers and choose what is best for your kitchen. Today you can choose the most diverse materials for finishing the ceiling in the kitchen. This wood, plasterboard, PVC, plastic and so on. For a start, you can go to the photo of the ceiling in the kitchen and decide what you want. It is necessary to highlight the resistance to moisture, temperature surges, and so that the pollution is easily washed.


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  • Can drywall be better?
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  • 50 photos of beautiful ceilings in the kitchen

Plaster the ceiling and do not bother

One of the most common types of finishes in the kitchen is plaster. She is not afraid of moisture drops, and damage is not so easy to cover. If you do not know what to choose the ceiling in the kitchen, just plaster everything, align and forget.

The ceiling in the kitchen

Among other advantages can be emphasized:

  • plaster is not afraid of the influence of temperature, it is not the country nor frost, nor intense heat;
  • easy to be washed. You can wash many times and do not worry about the safety of the coating;
  • inexpensive option for repair.


Repair of the ceiling in the kitchen with help has its drawbacks:

  • plaster absorbs fat, so the ceiling has to be washed often;
  • this material also absorbs odors;
  • does not save the neighbors from the flood. On the surface there will still be stains or plaster will begin to peel off.


To plastered the ceiling did not look very poorly, it is best to plaster everything with decorative plaster, and not the usual one. Decorative plaster will last longer than usual, and looks much more impressive.


Can drywall be better?

The plasterboard finish gives an opportunity to embody even the most daring design of the ceiling in the kitchen. Also, the surface does not need to be leveled before installation. This significantly reduces the cost of repairs. Of course, the ceiling of plasterboard in the kitchen will be appropriate when there is a good hood in the kitchen. If you dream of a kitchen in classical styles, then a two-level ceiling in the kitchen can be used to emphasize the aristocratic nature of the room. Read: Cabinet for the kitchen - how to make the right choice? (125 photos of cabinets in the kitchen)


The downside of this finish is that the ceiling is not easy to wash, and if the hood is still missing, then the ceiling quickly loses its appearance.


Krasim the ceiling

If you have already chosen plaster or plaster, then after finishing works such a surface will need to be painted. The simplest option is the use of water emulsion. It is easy to clean, and after a while you can refresh with a new layer. But if you want to protect the ceiling somehow from flooding and temperature drop, then it's better to use silicone or acrylic paints.


Modern plastic

Kitchen ceiling from PVC panels to the will is a common option. Plastic has a number of advantages that distinguish it from others:

  • low cost of material;
  • do not need to level the surface before installation;
  • ease of maintenance;
  • flooding is not terrible.


Moreover, if damaged, such panels are easy to replace, because the damaged area is replaced, not all of the material.


To the disadvantages of plastic can be attributed its flammability. In case of fire, plastic releases toxic gas. Also the material is not resistant to impact. At the slightest influence of mechanical force, the panel breaks down or is strongly deformed.


Everything will be in metal

If you like the idea with plastic panels, but because of the fire hazardous material and susceptibility to damage, you want that, no matter what, then you can choose the metal panels. Metal ceilings in the kitchen are popular due to their strength and variety of choice. Also worth noting the following advantages:

  • long lines of operation;
  • relative not high cost of material;
  • not subject to fire and flooding.


This choice for the ceiling in the kitchen is practical to the will. The ceiling will last for a long time, easy to care for, temperature fluctuations are not afraid of it. However, this is a very environmentally friendly material. Yes, if you want something like this, for example, a two-level ceiling in the kitchen, and yes even reliable, then boldly stop the choice on the metal panels. Read: How to choose a faucet in the kitchen? Overview of modern faucets for the kitchen with photos and video.


Stretch ceiling

For some reason, when choosing ceilings, many people refuse from such an option as stretch ceilings in the kitchen. Maybe in vain. Stretch ceiling is a few profiles, between which stretched either a fabric base, or a film. And now the price for such flows is more than available. Especially the Internet is so full of photos of stretch ceilings in the kitchen. Fabric for the ceiling is more durable, it is not afraid of temperature fluctuations. Also the fabric at the "Flood" passes water, but partially. The film is afraid of sharp objects and is broken at the slightest contact with them. But at the same time, the film does not completely bake water. Film tension ceiling is easily removed, and then back to fix (mix with false ceilings in the kitchen).


Pros in front of other options:

  • simplicity in installation;
  • simple care;
  • resistance to humidity.


Stretch ceiling также имеют свои минусы, среди них:

  • impossibility to perform the installation yourself;
  • the material is "afraid" of sharp objects;
  • sensitivity to temperature fluctuations.


Stretch ceiling без проблем удовлетворят даже самую интересный дизайн потолка на кухне, чему способствует их разнообразие, а также легкость используемых материалов.

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Each of the above options has its pros and cons. If you can not decide which ceiling to choose in the kitchen, then in this case correctly assess the possibilities of the family budget and the effect that you want to get. If you are tired of constant floods, and live as a person you want then the ideal option will be stretch ceilings. If you want at least somehow to update the interior and the ceilings are even, then the decorative plaster is yours. If the ceilings are not even, then the drywall will help you. If you want this current beautiful and eternal - then metal or plastic panels will be the right choice. Read: Glass kitchens: facades, apron, tables - 80 photos of the best design ideas for kitchen design

50 photos of beautiful ceilings in the kitchen


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The ceiling in the kitchen






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The ceiling in the kitchen










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The ceiling in the kitchen







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