Choose a gas oven - a cheat sheet for a buyer of 7 steps

The gas oven is heated from the burners, and the electric oven is heated by infrared heating elements.

Which is better - gas or electric?

First, let's find out in which cases it is better to choose a gas oven, and in which - an electric oven.

In what way does the gas oven win?

  • The economy of use is the main advantage, because the gas is much cheaper than electricity.
  • The gas oven itself is slightly cheaper than an electric oven.
  • Simple and familiar to all management with the most necessary set of functions.
  • The taste of the dishes cooked under the gas grill is more approximate to the dishes cooked on the coals.
  • If your kitchen is weak wiring, then the gas oven is the best and sometimes the only correct option.
  • The design of the gas cabinet is simple, and therefore - and its maintenance is easier, and it breaks less often.

And yet, there are reasons why electric ovens are in demand today more than gas.

In what way does the gas oven lose?

  • In cheap models of gas ovens there is no convection function, which means that the food in them will be baked unevenly, and re-fry from below. An electric oven distributes heat evenly.
  • Today, most ovens are equipped with an electric ignition and gas-control function, so the probability of gas leakage is minimal. And yet, it is impossible to completely exclude such a risk.
  • If the gas cabinet can be heated to a maximum of 230 ° C, the electric cabinet can be heated up to 300 ° C, which is important if you often cook, for example, pizza.
  • The gas oven slowly warms up to the desired temperature.
  • Electric ovens have many more functions and programs. For example, some electric ovens can heat or defrost products in microwave mode and even cook in steamer mode.

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Step-by-step cheat sheet for the buyer

Step 1. Determine which built-in closet you need - dependent or independent?

A built-in gas oven, like an electric oven, can be dependent and independent. On the functional they do not differ, what is the difference and what is better in practice?

  • Dependent models - when the oven is built right under the hob, they are connected by wires and have a common control panel. This option is beneficial in the event that you plan to build an oven under the hob, then you will not overpay for the possibility of independent connection. But it is necessary to compile such a set taking into account the compatibility of the equipment and one manufacturer, which means that the choice will be limited and complicated.

Dependent gas oven

Important: in fact, there is a very small selection of gas dependent cabinets and compatible gas hobs on the market, and it is completely impossible to make a kit from an electric panel and a gas oven.

Tip: if you have children, choose a dependent oven with the function of locking and protecting from children.

  • Independent models - these gas cabinets are more demanding, since they can be built in any place and at any height, for example, at the breast level as in the photo below, which is much more convenient, and for children it is safer.

Independent oven in the interior of the kitchen

Independent ovens are more difficult to install, they are somewhat more expensive, but their choice is more, which is important, because the range of gas cabinets is not so great in comparison with electric ones.

Step 2. Select the size and volume

The height and depth of almost all built-in gas ovens are approximately the same, only their width can vary: 45 cm, 60 cm, 90 cm. The volume of full-size cameras varies from 56 to 74 liters, the volume of compact furnaces ranges from 27 to 45 liters.

Which gas oven is suitable for your family needs to be decided based on the number of its members, their needs, cooking frequency and kitchen size:

  • 45 cm - narrow ovens is the best option for small kitchen and a small family of 2-3 people, but it is impossible to cook large dishes in them;
  • 60 cm - the standard width for large and medium kitchens. Such ovens are versatile, capacious and suitable for a large family of 5-6 people;
  • 90 cm - suitable for a very large family, a spacious kitchen or for those who love to cook. The photo below shows an oven of this width.

Gas oven 90 cm wide

Step 3. Select the oven by design and color

The kitchen looks much better when the built-in gas oven has a front panel that fits the color and style to your headset. However, the choice of colors for standard ovens is not much. The main colors are silver, black and white.

  • Silver - the most universal color of the facade, will fit into any interior;

Gas oven with silver front panel

  • White, cream and beige - the oven with this facade perfectly fits in interior of light color scale;

White gas oven in retro style

  • Black - the front panel of this color can support the interior of a contrasting color scheme or complement the kitchen in dark colors.

Black gas oven with silver front panel

Step 4. Do you need convection?

Convection function in a gas oven

We recommend not to abandon models with this function. A gas oven with convection has a fan located in the back of the cabinet, which circulates warm air throughout the oven. Thus, the dishes are baked evenly, which is very important for a gas oven with a single heating element. In addition, the convection function will allow you to cook on two baking trays simultaneously.

Step 5. Which grill is better - gas or electric?

Modern gas ovens often have the function of grilling. Despite the fact that the oven works on gas, the grill in it can be electric. What is the difference and which grill is better - gas or electric?

  • The gas grill is more approximate to the frying conditions on the coals. But you need to adapt to it, turn the food in time and select the right temperature.

Gas oven with gas grill

  • Electric grill - it is more convenient to use, as it spreads the heat more evenly, and you can set it to an exact temperature, but the dishes cooked with it will taste to some extent the dishes that are fried with gas burners.

Step 6. Pay attention to the kilns with self-cleaning function

In some modern gas models, there is a very useful function in practice - catalytic self-cleaning. In such ovens, the fan blades and walls of the inner chamber contain a catalyst in the coating, softening and destroying food residues. After the function stops working, a loose coating will remain on the surfaces, which will be wiped off without any problems by a damp sponge. However, the efficiency of catalytic purification is maintained only for 5-7 years, and then falls sharply. However, if necessary, the internal surfaces are removable and replaceable.

Step 7. Make sure that the models you like have useful additions and there are no unnecessary

An oven on gas can have mandatory and additional functions.

Required options:

  • internal lighting - it should evenly and well illuminate the food so that you can once again not open the camera and release heat from it;

Lighting in a gas oven

  • gas control - thanks to it, the gas supply automatically stops, if the flame for some reason fades;
  • electric ignition - in modern models it is most often automatic when the spark is ignited by turning the handle. But there are also models with manual ignition, when you need to press the spark release button and turn the knob to ignite the burners. Keep in mind that the electric ignition button must be held for a few seconds before the gas is ignited - which is not very convenient, but is justified from the point of view of safety.

Additional and desirable functions:

  • telescopic guides - not an obligatory, but desirable addition. These guides are end inserts in the shelves of the camera (photo below), which will allow you to check the readiness of food by pulling the tray with your hands without potholes;

Gas oven with telescopic rails

  • protection from children - from accidental switching on and changing the cooking mode;
  • additional glass - their number can vary from 1 to 4. The more glass in the doors, the better the thermal insulation of the device, and consequently, the dish will be prepared more quickly, and unwanted heating of equipment and furniture will not occur;
  • there are modern models where gas burners are located non-linearly, and "horseshoe" or round-shaped.

Postscript about the producers

If we talk about the manufacturer, then traditionally the best gas ovens are produced by Italian companies, while the electric palm is given to the Germans.

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