Choose wallpaper for the kitchen

Create the right atmosphere, warmth and comfort will help properly selected wallpaper for the kitchen. Entering the store, the eyes just run away from the variety of colors and shades. Vinyl, paper, fabric, non-woven, washing, liquid wallpaper.

Choose wallpaper for the kitchen: 50+ photo examples

Wallpaper for velvet, under the bamboo, silk wallpaper, wallpaper under the stone variety is simply amazing. And that would not get lost in all this diversity below, I'll tell you some tips on choosing wallpaper for the kitchen.

Some tips on how to choose wallpaper for the kitchen

  • Just go around the wallpaper of paper. Specialists call them "Corrugated" and "Duplex". Their price is usually small, not more than 50 rubles. per roll. But do not chase the price, such wallpaper will very soon lose all its qualities and will require replacement.
  • Just do not look in the direction of textiles wallpaper. Such wallpaper very well absorb the smell of cooking poison, burnt and smoke.
  • Do not buy acrylic wallpaper, protruding patterns on them are not very strong. And if your guests or you will be leaning against them, then such wallpaper will quickly deteriorate and will also require replacement.
  • Often, women choose wallpaper by color, but in order to keep the walls in the kitchen as long as possible clean and beautiful, you need to pay attention to the material. Since the kitchen is designed for cooking, drops of dirt and grease can appear almost anywhere. Therefore, it is important that the wallpaper in the kitchen is easily and quickly cleaned. On the packaging of such a roll, there should be an icon of three waves and a brush (I'll discuss this in more detail below).
  • In an apartment of any layout, the kitchens usually have good natural lighting. Proceeding from this, it follows, to choose wallpaper that are resistant to burning out, otherwise under the influence of sunlight they will quickly come to an unsightly appearance and turn yellow. At the same time, sections of wallpaper that will not be exposed to rays will remain in their original state, this will immediately catch your eye.
  • Since in the process of cooking food in the kitchen temperature and humidity rises, the wallpaper should be resistant to these factors.
  • Another important requirement is the stability of the wallpaper to different smells.
  • Over time, any wallpaper will lose its original color, so it's good if the wallpaper can be repainted.

Species diversity

Paper with impregnation. Such wallpaper impregnated with a water-repellent mixture. And their price is small only 50-90 rubles. per roll. Paper wallpaper with impregnation is not to be afraid of wet cleaning, they can be safely wiped with a damp cloth. But the life of such wallpapers is not great, only 2-3 years. After they start to burn out and lose their qualities.

Paper wallpaper with a minimum layer of vinyl. On such wallpaper is usually applied a kitchen pattern, kettles, fruits, vegetables, tiles. They are absolutely smooth and thin. If you do not have even walls on the kitchen, then this option will not work for you. That's how under such wallpaper any uneven edge or ledge will be noticeable. Such wallpapers are relatively inexpensive, from 120 rubles and more.

Kitchen wallpapers. The very name speaks for itself. Specialized wallpaper that is designed for the kitchen. These wallpapers are made of special moisture-resistant vinyl. Such wallpaper usually shows thematic drawings, teapots, spoons, forks. There are such wallpapers from 200 to 500 rubles. per roll. But they are not perfect either. In the first thematic drawings of not every kitchen will do. And secondly, vinyl can be easily scratched by a cat or a small child.

Vinyl wallpapers. If you do not like thematic drawings, choose a conventional vinyl cover. The main thing is to pay attention to the density of the vinyl coating. You can check it by pressing on the wallpaper cover with your fingers. If the coating is burned like a sponge, then these wallpapers are not sufficiently dense.

"Compact Vinyl" - this is the most high-quality wallpaper, it will not work with your finger. They do not scratch, and can last very long. They can be washed, rubbed without fear of damage. Such wallpapers are from 400 rubles. per roll.

Vinyl wallpaper for painting. Such wallpaper can be painted several times, an average of five seven. They can paint over the dirt, or change the shade that has already become boring. But there is one not enough for these wallpapers. The wallpaper is sold in large rolls - 25 m long and 1.06 m wide.

This is not very convenient, because after the pasting of the kitchen with such wallpaper there are a lot of extra flaps. Also vinyl wallpapers are of two kinds. Paper-vinyl wallpaper and non-woven fleece-non-woven (non-woven fabric).

In the second case, the glue is applied directly to the wall and not to the wallpaper. After that dry sheets are adjusted and carefully smoothed. Such wallpaper does not crumple, do not tear on this wall look very neat.

Choose a color

Now after selecting the material, you can choose the color. For small spaces, light shades with a fine pattern will work. Bright saturated colors will look good in a large spacious kitchen.

Choose wallpaper for the kitchen: 50+ photo examplesChoose wallpaper for the kitchen: 50+ photo examplesChoose wallpaper for the kitchen: 50+ photo examples

Very often, the color of the wallpaper is chosen in accordance with the color of the kitchen set. If the windows of your kitchen look to the north, choose warm shades. For example, orange, yellow, pink. And if the sun always shines on the kitchen, then it's worth giving preference to cold tones-blue, green, marble.

Choose wallpaper for the kitchen: 50+ photo examples Choose wallpaper for the kitchen: 50+ photo examples

Universal shades for the kitchen are pastel, green, pale blue, beige shades. Do not buy a wallpaper of dark colors, as they depress the appetite and generally adversely affect the mood.

wallpaper-on-kitchen17Choose wallpaper for the kitchen: 50+ photo exampleswallpaper-on-the-kitchen53

"Passport" wallpaper - label

In order to know the information about the wallpaper, it is enough to look into their "passport" - the label. From there you can learn how to properly apply wallpaper, whether they are resistant to moisture and light.

Just going to the store to buy wallpaper for the kitchen, pay attention to marking the lot of all rolls, it should be one. Otherwise you can buy rolls of the same color but in different shades. Be careful.

Advice! Do not discard the label immediately after purchase. After all, sometimes it happens that you suddenly do not have enough rolls for pasting the kitchen. Then it's better instead of taking a piece of an old roll, take this label. Then you just buy the right roll.

Label from wallpaper

Wallpaper is marked with the following letter designation: B - paper BB - foamed vinyl PV - flat vinyl RV - relief vinyl TKS - textile wallpaper STR - structural wallpaper for painting STL - glass pane A - acrylic

Choose those types of wallpaper that are easy to clean, resistant to moisture, durable and can be used for painting. After all, good quality wallpaper will help create a cosiness in your kitchen for many years.

Kitchen Wallpapers real photos

wallpaper-on-kitchen01 wallpaper-on-kitchen02 wallpaper-on-kitchen04 wallpaper-on-kitchen05 wallpaper-on-kitchen09 wallpaper-on-kitchen11 wallpaper-on-kitchen15 wallpaper-on-kitchen16 wallpaper-on-kitchen19 wallpaper-on-kitchen20 wallpaper-on-kitchen21 wallpaper-to-the-kitchen22 wallpaper-on-the kitchen29 wallpaper-on-kuni32 wallpaper-on-kuni34 wallpaper-on-kuni36 wallpaper-on-kitchen40 wallpaper-on-kitchen41 wallpaper-on-kitchen43 wallpaper-on-the-kitchen45 wallpaper-on-the-kitchen46 wallpaper-on-the-kitchen52

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