Clean the hood from fat - quickly

When was the last time you looked under the dome of the hood and checked her filter? If it was a few months ago, or you've never done it, then let me warn you: its appearance will be very awesome. The purpose of the extract filter is to collect odors, fumes and fat, so if it does its job correctly, it will all be stained with accumulated and frozen layer of dirt.

Over time, the filter can become so polluted that it will lose its effectiveness, so it is important to periodically clean the hood. Fortunately, cleaning the filters from fat is not so difficult!

How often should I wash my kitchen assistant? Try not to forget to take care of it at least once a quarter. However, if you often cook, then cleaning the filters from the fat should be done once a month.

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Cleaning the cooker hood begins with preparation, that is, its shutdown and disassembly. Before this, it is necessary to read the instructions to the device.

Before you clean the hood in the apartment, it must be turned off. Then the preparatory work is carried out in the following sequence:

  1. Remove the hood cover located above the hob. To do this, the latches are snapped and the lid is pulled out from the grooves.
  2. The filter is removed.
  3. The pipe going from the hood to the vent is removed - it also needs to be cleaned from the fat.
  4. The air filter is removed.
  5. The hood is also checked for contamination.

Each stage of work is accompanied by washing of the necessary details. Fat filters and pipe can be washed in the bathroom, after soaking in a solution of degreasing cleaning agent.

Advice! As for the air filter, not all of them are to be cleaned - the relevant information should be looked at in the instructions for the hood.

And do not forget that the surface of the hood also needs to be cleaned of fat. There is nothing special: a standard detergent and a kitchen sponge are used. The product is diluted in water (in a proportion of 1: 4), in which the sponge is soaked, after which all necessary surfaces are wiped with a sponge. At the end of cleaning, the surface is wiped dry - so that there are no stains. But with the cleaning of the filter you can experiment! There are several ways to clean it.

Choose the method and start cleaning

Cleaning the hood causes difficulties in choosing the tools used. What will be needed to effectively wash the fat? Consider the most popular:

  1. We use the usual dishwashing fat-dissolving agent. To do this, the filter is soaked, rubbed with a sponge or brush, after which it is distributed with boiling water. Please note that the effect will only be if the contamination is fresh.
  2. You can also clean the filter with a soda solution. Perhaps this is the simplest, most effective and safest tool.

How to clean the extract filter from fat

  • Take the largest pot you have available and boil water in it;
  • Now you need soda: 1 cup is enough for a large pot, half a glass for a medium pot;
  • Then slowly and gradually with a tablespoon begin to pour out the soda;
  • When all the soda is dissolved, place the filter grid in the pan and boil it until half an hour, until the contaminants "get off". If the capacity is not large, then the procedure is carried out alternately on both sides, turning the filter over. Well, that's all, it remains only to wash the pot itself!
How to clean the extract filter from fat содой
  1. To clean the filters of fat, the recipe with lump soap is also suitable.

Cleaning the hood

Advice! It is better to use the old kind brown 72% soap "native to the USSR".

So, take 0.5 piece of laundry soap, grater and 2.5 liters of hot water. Three finely soapy bar - so that it can easily be dissolved in hot water. In the resulting product, wet the sponge and wipe all the surface of the hood and the filter itself. For old contaminations, a metal scraper is required.

  1. A hood in the apartment can also be cleaned with a vinegar-based remedy.

Cleaning the hood уксусом

Note that the working solution is prepared on the basis of caustic acetic acid, which is unsafe. Therefore, use rubber gloves to protect it. Cleaning is carried out as follows: a rag soaked in acid and wiping it with all soiled places, abundantly wetting the surface. The vinegar is kept for up to 7 minutes (with strong soiling up to 12 minutes). For old dirt it is advisable to use undiluted acid, and for recently appeared spots a solution with water in the proportion of 1: 2 is suitable.

  1. You can also use lemon juice.
How to clean the extract with lemon

For this, 1-2 fetuses are taken, peeled and cut in half. Pulp the surface of the hood with a flesh. The surface covered with lemon juice should stand for about 5-10 minutes, after which everything is wiped off with a damp soft cloth. In case of severe contamination, the entire procedure will need to be repeated 2-3 times.

  1. There is also a radical way how to clean the hood in the kitchen, but experts do not recommend using it often (maximum 1-2 times for the entire life of the hood). But if the filter has not been cleaned for a long time, the fat is frozen and the filter holes are punched, then this method will help you out. This will require tools for cleaning the drainpipes and a container (sink) made of stainless steel.

Radical way to clean the hood

The preparation is prepared according to the instructions, poured into a closed sink, we put on gloves and put the filter in the tool. Immediately the reaction will begin, after which the net is washed several times under running water. Do not forget that this method uses an alkali, which can be quite aggressive to metal elements.

We hope that these methods will help you. Remember, not so important is the thoughtfulness of interior design and the availability of the latest technology, how much cleanliness and order of the kitchen. Let your home be always well-groomed, beautiful and cozy!

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