Color solution for kitchen countertops (real photo)

The choice of color combination of the kitchen countertop and the headset is one of the finishing touches in the repair of the kitchen. Despite the seeming simplicity, in practice the choice can turn into long hours of comparisons and reflections due to the huge assortment of building materials and furniture, which today exists in Russia.

Color solution for kitchen countertops (real photo)

In order to facilitate the process of your repair, we collected all information about the widest range of colors, the ways of its combination, advantages and disadvantages.

General principles of color choice

Before choosing a color, pay special attention to the material from which the table top is made. It is not worth saving: the cheapest price segment is represented by table-tops of chipboards of different density with plastic coating.

Such furniture will cause more problems than good - it is not resistant to fire or moisture, besides it is quite harmful from an ecological point of view. In addition, the lifetime of such countertops often does not exceed a couple of years.

Sense to overpay also is not present: a natural stone in manufacturing of a table-top more likely for luxury, than for practicality. Therefore, the best choice is furniture from the middle segment (with tiled or stainless steel).

Tile facing, in addition, offers a large selection of color solutions that can satisfy the most demanding consumer.

To ensure that the process of selecting the color of the table top does not cause unnecessary difficulties, follow the following rules:

  1. It is better to determine in advance the color scheme of the future kitchen, it will greatly facilitate the process of combining furniture and countertops.
  2. Of great importance is the texture: it must match or blend well with the facade of the kitchen set and apron.
  3. Do not be afraid of bold decisions, but remember: the kitchen - one of the most "visited" premises in the apartment, so the excessive brightness can very soon get bored.

With the basis of the selection of colors have been determined, let's move on to the concrete tones and the possibilities of using them in the kitchen.

Kitchen with a black top

Black countertop is an indicator of the delicious taste of the hosts of the kitchen. Most often it is used in classical interiors, as it implies a claim for luxury or elegance.

In this case, it is best to combine a black table-top with light shades of a kitchen set: beige, white, light brown and other similar tones perfectly complement it.

For those who prefer brighter colors, a black worktop can also come in handy - the best "neighbor" will be a red headset.

image (5)

The undoubted advantage of such a table top in its universality - black can be combined with almost any color. Natural stones in black design and have no equal in terms of aesthetics and style.

However, choosing this option, you need to be prepared for the difficulties: on the black color, any shortcomings in the form of dust and stains are very noticeable, so this table top requires special care.

In addition, you will need to observe the maximum accuracy: on such a surface it is impossible to hide scratches and other damage.

image (1) image (4) image (5) image (6) image (7) image (8)image (2)

White table top

The recognized leader in the kitchens of Russia is the white countertops. Of course, the reason for this is their perfect compatibility with any kitchen furniture and general interior design, as well as a huge assortment of white countertops with a variety of textures and additions (who said that the countertop should be monophonic?).

White table top может соседствовать с гарнитуром любых тонов: с черным, бежевым, коричневым и другими спокойными тонами она создаст классический стиль, с ярким красным, синим или желтым – современный.

Some combine a white table-top with a white suite, but this option will not look stylish if the furniture does not have an interesting or unusual texture. The drawbacks of such a tabletop can also include the difficulties described above in the care.

image (2) image (3) image (4) image (5) image (7) image (8) image (9) image (10)

Advice! There is a high probability of changing the shade of white over time, so before buying, you need to think about whether such a tabletop costs money and effort.


Беж имеет множество оттенков, каждый из которых поспособствует созданию той или иной атмосферы на кухне. Beige столешница в сочетании с темными натуральными оттенками гарнитура создаст особую теплую атмосферу на кухне. Вообще, кухня в подобных тонах идеальна для размеренных и спокойных людей, ценящих стиль и комфорт.

Among the designers, the most popular was the combination of beige countertops and a brown kitchen set, both colors can have a variety of shades, which creates an exceptionally wide selection of colors that are closest to your idea of ​​an ideal interior.

It looks good also a combination of beige and restrained red shade, which will be both unusual and stylish. Depending on what tone (warm, cold) is present in the shade of beige, you can combine it with absolutely any color.

image (1) image (2) image (3) image (4) image (5) image (6) image (7) image (8) image

Kitchen with brown top

The possibilities for using the brown countertop in the kitchen almost coincide with the above described uses of the black countertop. The most successful combination is a beige or white set and a brown table top.

As mentioned above, brown, like beige, has a huge variety of shades, on which the overall perception of the interior of the kitchen depends. The undoubted advantages of such a countertop in its "non-capriciousness": unlike black or white, brown does not require such careful care and caution, and the probability of color change with time in this case is minimal.

image (1) image (2)

Wenge table top

Recently, the color of wenge has become especially popular and love among designers, and there are several reasons for this: first, this color, which is one of the shades of brown, creates a feeling of comfort, warmth and naturalness of the interior; secondly, the color of wenge can be combined with almost any other.

Not all shades of brown can boast of such versatility. Deep and rich natural wenge color looks best in classic kitchens, however it will be a good addition for both high-tech and minimalist styles.

Beige, shades of red, yellow, olive, dark blue - all these are excellent companions for wenge. Coupled with the lack of the need for careful care, this combination makes the wenge one of the best options for the kitchen.

image image

Green color

If the above-mentioned colors belonged to the category of well-combined, the green table top can not boast such a property: even the quietest shades of green in combination with other bright colors will destroy any hint of harmony in the interior.

If you decide to stop your choice on the green table top, it's better if the headset is the same or very similar shade.

Another option is a combination of olive, emerald or other similar to natural green with beige or brown cuisine.

Some fans of vivid experiments also combine rich green with black or white. This is most likely one of the only successful combinations for the green countertop.

image (14)


Red чаще всего присутствует на кухне как цвет гарнитура, а не столешницы. Если же вы решили остановиться именно на красной столешнице, лучше сделать так, чтобы это был акцент, который сопровождается белым или бежевым гарнитуром и фартуком.

To maintain it, you can add small details - like, for example, red curtains. Sometimes the red countertop is also combined with the kitchen set of dark shades, but in this case the room risks being too heavy and heaped up, which is not good for the kitchen.

image (13)

Advice! Red и зеленый лучше использовать в качестве дополнительных деталей интерьера, тогда как столешница является одним из основополагающих элементов кухни, для которого данные оттенки подходят не самым лучшим образом.


Pink, unlike red or green, has a large number of noble shades, in connection with which it is easier to combine with other colors. Widely distributed neighborhood of pink and gray, which will perfectly complement each other in the kitchen.

In addition, gentle pink will create a perfect combination with cream beige - however, such a kitchen is more suitable for girls and girls. It is popular to use a table top made of pink marble, which will become a good companion for a beige-brown headset.

image (6)


Gray столешница – один из самых универсальных вариантов. The average between black and white shade can be successfully combined with almost all tones: red, pink, blue, olive, blue - this list can be continued indefinitely.

If you are firmly determined with the set, but can not find a suitable countertop, pay attention to gray - the richness of shades and unpretentiousness in care make up the undeniable advantages of this color before the "competitors".

image (2) image (5) image (8)


Yellow столешница относится к ряду притязательных, удачно сочетать которые не так-то просто. The most common options are yellow-white and yellow-black, and the rules here are similar in many respects to those mentioned when considering red.

If you want your kitchen to be a bright spot, you can dare to combine yellow with red, green or blue, but with very great care in selecting shades.

Many designers believe that light yellow shades are ideal not for the tabletop, but for wallpaper in the kitchen: it is known that yellow is best for everyone's appetite, so the kitchen is irreplaceable.

Having considered the various options for decorating the table top, let's sum up: the best ones for this role are light (white, beige, gray) and dark (brown, black) shades.

But bright pink, red, yellow and green require great care: incorrectly selected shades can negate any, even the most interesting idea of ​​the designer.

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