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The process of arrangement of kitchens is responsible for each owner. The thoughtful design of the corner kitchen allows you to create a comfortable and functional room, to your own taste and according to your individual needs. This option, perhaps, is the best for those who are engaged in the process of cooking. After all, everything will be at hand here, which is necessary in the "working" process. There are a lot of ways to design. We offer you to get acquainted with the basic ideas and nuances, as well as see photos of corner kitchens!


Convenient and practical design of the kitchen 6 squares

In small apartments small corner kitchens need to be designed so that they are harmonious and, of course, practical. Furniture should be arranged on the principle of a triangle. But tile, refrigerator, sink - to be literally a step apart (that is, the maximum distance between them is one and a half meters). Be sure to review the options on the photo of corner kitchens. But also it is worth considering that furniture will have to be ordered according to individual parameters. The fact is that, as a rule, the standard sizes of kitchen sets are suitable for premises with an area of ​​8 squares. As a rule, the refrigerator is installed at the entrance, near it there is a small locker and a sink. Then set the table for cooking, the stove. This method - the most optimal, especially for the kitchens in the house Khrushchev.

How to plan a kitchen in which 9 square meters?

It is the angular variant here that is the most optimal. Making room in the room, thus, space can be used in the most rational way. Yes, of course, in small headsets too many objects can not be accommodated. But if you make the right planning and arrange the furniture correctly, the room will be quite harmonious.


It is optimal to install the sink in the corner part, and this is not only economical for the room, but also very convenient in the cooking process. On both sides of the sink, install cupboards, stove, and other appliances needed for kitchens.


Rational use of space in the kitchen area of ​​12 squares


Yes, in fact, if you use imagination, and also invest a considerable amount of money in the kitchen, you can see all the newest and trendy items and accessories, as well as any novelties of corner kitchens:

  • Built-in cooking panels
  • Dishwasher of the standard type
  • Cooling device of a huge size
  • Washing machine
  • Excellent extract of the modern model


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Kitchens can be located with any variations. For example, among the most popular are the angular type, two-row, Y-shaped, U-shaped type of installation. And if you use embedded technology, you will have a lot of free space, which can also be used with advantage. For example, to equip there a dining area where you will meet with all members of your family.


Classic corner kitchen options

Typically, the headset is made from a variety of modules. They are already independently set by each customer in their kitchens, based on their own preferences and needs. At the same time, projects are designed in such a way that the entire space is used as efficiently as possible. Acquiring corner kitchens to order, in them you can place utensils, products, equipment and other attributes.


The classics include many items. This applies to the bar, natural materials and colors.

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Kitchen design in Art Nouveau style

The peculiarity of such kitchens is that they have wave lines, which pass between the elements. For example, this applies to metal objects passing in the surface of the lockers with gloss.

Creating kitchens in Art Nouveau style, you do not need to use pretentiousness and chic. It should be simple. The rule in decor - a combination of style with the color performance of sets with finishing materials on the walls, ceiling.


And as for the furniture, the corner options will look great everywhere, in the room of any area, since such options are quite economically occupied by the free space.

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Provence is the dream of many French women

Speaking of the interiors of our time, corner kitchens are relevant for many years.


The main characterizing features of the style include the following:

  • Calm colors
  • Presence of ornaments with flowers
  • Furniture in the kitchen "antique"
  • Ceramic ware, light colors


It is important to understand that here furniture should be massive, thorough. This is the reason for using natural materials. As for the countertops, they are made of natural stone.


The Scandinavian style is the best choice for modern housing

This is due to the fact that in typical apartments there is not too much space, and the ceilings are not as high as they could be ... and so, on what it's worth to focus on, we propose to find out further:


  • Space, freedom. It is very important that it is spacious. The ideal option - the unification of the kitchen with the living room, this method allows you to ideally increase the space visually.
  • Shine. Shades for furniture is better to choose is light, the same applies to lighting. The kitchen should be light. This will help you multi-level lighting.
  • Use of natural materials. Speaking of headsets, they should be made from natural, minimum processed wood.
  • Practical reasons. Such kitchens should be roomy, practical, and also they should have many lockers and shelves.

Recreation Hiiteka in the kitchen

It is characterized by metal / glass in the interior, a lot of light, as well as technical innovation innovations. Corner kitchen with a bar counter / without it - a harmonious design, even if a tiny room. If you choose artificial materials, they should be strong, high-quality and wear-resistant to various impacts.


Furniture is worth choosing a one-color, the same applies to materials on the ceiling, floor, walls. Decorative elements absolutely do not need to use such as:

  • Unnecessary Textiles
  • Different napkins and tablecloths
  • Statuettes


Use of white furniture

Ready-made angular kitchens of white flowers will fit in a chic-chic, Scandinavia, Provence, Hiitek. Each of them will look great in white. And if you do not use ordinary lockers, and choose hinged shelves, the room will become visually larger and more spacious.


Wonderful fit in the interior of cabinets, in which the glass doors. Especially elegant, they will look, if inside there will be dishes that have original forms, and a chic service. Of course, white color allows you to visually increase the space of the kitchen space, in this will help - built-in types of equipment and lockers. Thanks to this thoughtful arrangement, additional squares can appear in the kitchen to install a large and roomy dining room table or bar counter.


Yellow corner kitchen option

This color fits perfectly into any modern kitchen, the main task is not to oversaturate the interior with yellow. And so, decorating the modernist style, the kitchen of a lemon color, in combination with a silvery sink, will perfectly look like the sofas of yellow color with tables of natural wood. In addition to yellow it is recommended to use also in combination blue, gray, black, light green, white, brown.

yellow-version-corner kitchen

Kitchens can also be in different shades, for example, the top is bright and the bottom is light.

yellow-version-corner kitchen-2

Red is a bold decision!

If you apply a literally red with neutral shades, the kitchen design will be very effective. But, it is important to understand that red can visually reduce space. So, in small rooms with him, do not overdo it too much. Also, do not make the kitchen completely monophonic, in the same color. For example, there should be only red walls, or only the surface of furniture. Remember that red is the color of energy and passion, improves appetite, mood.


But in case of excessive use it can negatively affect the human nervous system. In summer, in the hottest days of the day, the color does not add heat to the room that goes to the sunny side, it's better to refrain from using this color.


Green color - will refresh the mood!

Quite a favorable color, which perfectly influences the nervous human system. He is able to satiate with peace, tranquility. It alleviates conditions as a result of stress, relieves irritation and anxious feelings.


From the richness of the green depends and his choice in the interior. That is, the more saturated it is, the more suitable it will be for HiTech. But for the classics are acceptable cold, dark colors and shades.


You can also dilute the green, using white, black, beige, brown. To not oversaturate the interior, and not to make the action of positive color - negative, do not use too much green.

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The blue kitchen is light and airy!

This color is ideal for different styles, such as sea, empire, and maybe Provence. This color affects the general condition in a positive way, helps reduce nervous tension, relieves headaches. In the heat of the blue will give a "cool feeling". Well, if you also choose the lighting here very correctly, in the winter evenings the kitchen will be comfortable, warm and cozy.


At the same time, if the windows face the north side, you should not choose this color. The fact is that the kitchen will be so gloomy and chilly.

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Using a bar in the kitchen saves space!

Angular kitchen with a bar counter allows you to differentiate the rest area from the cooking zone. In small kitchens, the stand, replacing the table-top for cooking food and even a table for eating meals harmoniously looks!


The rack can continue the headset, or it will stand alone. There are also cabinets for kitchens, with retractable types of countertops, as well as folding options for tables that are attached to the walls. It is also important to consider that when choosing a bar, you will also need to purchase special versions of bar stools.


What is worth applying, decorating kitchen-living room design

In this case, the best option for furniture is the corner set. Elements should be chosen practical and aesthetic. For example, washing here, located near the window, is not the best option. It is necessary to have a bar. With her help, the rest area will be laconically separated from the "cooking" zone.

Furniture is important to choose

In this matter, even small nuances are important, especially for arranging small kitchens, in order to save square meters.


If you have an apartment like Khrushchev, order furniture according to your own parameters. So you will make designs that perfectly fit in the interior.


For today furniture from what only do not make! For this, chipboard, fiberboard, wood, plastic and other materials are used. Each customer can choose for themselves a set, based on any budget amount: from economy-options, to exclusives.

Furniture is important

Experiment and create! Create individual interiors. Be inspired by the photos of corner kitchens offered on our website and their design in the kitchen design.

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