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Do you like a simple light kitchen, with a beautiful candelabrum, linen curtains and a tablecloth with frills, flowers in vases, exquisite pieces and vintage furniture? Then welcome to the kitchen in the style of Shebbie chic!

Rachel Ashwell

The style of Shebbi chic was coined in the early 90s by the British Rachel Asheville, who was keen on restoring old furniture she found on the flea markets of England. Over time, the hobby turned into a lifelong affair, and the style of its authorship gained popularity and grew the whole trend of interior design. Now Rachel is the author of 8 books on the Shebbi style, maintains her blog and creates collections of accessories and furniture for the branded network and online store. Below we will necessarily give you a link to it!

Repair in the kitchen Chebby Chic

So, you decided on the style and decided to start repairs. Excellent! But first we will tell you in which cases the repair can not be done, because Shebbi chic is exactly the style when a slight dilapidated finish gets its own special charm.

Do not do repairs if in your kitchen:

  • slightly cracked plaster on the ceiling and paint on the walls;
  • shabby old parquet;
  • in places the cracked tile on the floor or in the apron of the headset;
  • wallpaper of gentle pastel or restrained tones, wallpaper in a flower or with a classic floral pattern.

shibby chic decoration repair

In this case, you can change only skirting boards and trim, and if desired, decorate the ceiling with stucco, which is not too difficult and expensive.

If you decide that repairs need to be done or you need to do it partially, then the following recommendations are for you.


  • The whitewashed ceiling on the Shebbi kitchen is not a way to save, but a real designer move!
  • More practical and easier option: stretch ceiling. This ceiling has many advantages: it is perfectly flat, durable, is not afraid of leaks and when installing it you can build a few, not one lamp. Choose matte or satin surfaces, but in no case glossy;
  • Ceiling можно украсить лепниной и даже позолотить.

ceiling cheek chic

Walls: wallpaper, painting or panels?


  • Wallpaper на кухне must be necessarily washable and dense;
  • Single-color pastel shades - white, beige, light gray, blue, pink - will do. Patterns: small or large flower, vegetable pattern.

Shebi Chic wallpaper


  • Choose matt and semi-matt paints of high wear resistance especially for kitchens and wet rooms;
  • Paint color: white, beige, light gray, blue, pink. The most advantageous are white and beige paint colors, because they visually expand the space and in case you want to change the style of the kitchen in the future, these colors will fit into any interior;
  • Painted walls can be decorated with stucco moldings and moldings or make decoupage of walls by oneself.

Painting стен шебби шик


  • Suitable as plastic, imitating tiles or wood, and veneered and more expensive all-wood panels;
  • The color of the panels should be light, most often in the design of the kitchen in the style of Shebbie chic white panels are used. If you want to use wood-panel or wooden panels, then such colors and types of wood as bleached oak, birch and beech are suitable. Especially good look wooden panels, painted with a simple white stain or paint.

chick chick panels


Floor на кухне в стиле Шебби шик должен быть не главным элементом декора, а фоном для интерьера. Поэтому главное, чтобы он был износостойким, а цвет подойдет любой светлый или натуральный коричневый, как холодных серых, так и теплых тонов.


  • For the kitchen only a moisture resistant laminate with increased water-repellent capacity is suitable;
  • Modern laminate is made by imitating any kind of wood, we recommend laminate for oak, light oak, birch or beech.

Laminate шебби шик

Porcelain tiles or tiles

  • This is an excellent type of floor covering for the kitchen, but requires the installation of a "warm floor" system;
  • Floor на кухне лучше делать из матовой, а не глазурованной или полированной плитки/керамогранита, чтобы было удобно и безопасно ходить, особенно если в доме есть дети;
  • Look for a tile with a level of 3-4 for durability and 4-5 for hardness;
  • Tiles and porcelain stoneware can be of different size and type, you can play with options for their masonry, for example, a classic staggered chessboard will be very appropriate in the kitchen in the style of Shebbi. Choose a tile light monophonic, imitating natural materials wood, stone, marble or with a floral pattern.

ceramics šebbi šik


  • Linoleum - это относительно недорогое и привычное для России покрытие пола и его также можно использовать на кухне. Сегодня линолеум может быть очень качественным и его бывает сложно отличить от ламината. Ищите именно такой, чтобы он был максимально похож на натуральное дерево. Либо чтобы рисунок на нем был красивый и качественный;
  • If you decide to choose linoleum, then pay attention to the commercial and semi-commercial types, because they are more wear-resistant.

linoleum shebbie chic

Kitchen set and dining room

As we have already said, the main feature of Shebbie's style of chic was and remains "shabby" and vintage furniture. But modern Shebbie chic has undergone some changes. Now it is not necessary to buy a kitchen cupboard, tables and chairs with a touch of time - supposedly cracked paint and a tarnished tree, you can choose and brand new furniture in classic, rustic or country styles.

Now, the products suitable for the interior in the style of Shebbi can be found both in highly specialized shops and in ordinary furniture stores of domestic and foreign manufacturers.

The most unbeatable color of the headset is white, or restrained tones - beige and gray, lovers of bright colors will enjoy a set of pink or blue.

  • White kitchen set Shebbie chicWhite kitchen set Shebbie chic
  • Gray kitchen set cheby chicGray Sheffield Chic Kitchen Set
  • blue kitchen set cheby chicBlue Sheffield Chic Kitchen Set


Apronи гарнитуров могут быть из любых натуральных материалов или материалов, достойно их имитирующих. Самый простой и популярный вариант - белая глянцевая или матовая керамическая плитка, имитирующая кирпичную кладку.

Apron шебби шик

Dining tables

Shebbie chic tables

  • It is best to choose wood and decorated with carvings. Recently, it has become fashionable to use a table of untreated coarse wood;
  • Noblaboton wood table chebby chicTable from untreated wood Shebbi chic
  • Tablecloths cheby chicTablecloths Shebbie chic
  • If you already have a table, but it does not fit into the style of Shebbi chic, then simply cover it with a cloth or a path made of linen, cotton or lace.


The scepter of Shebbi is chic
  • Even the simplest wooden chairs will do;

wooden chairs

  • Figured chairs made of wood and even plastic of white, blue, pink colors - instantly transform your kitchen;

Фигурные Chairs Шебби шик

  • Elegant leather upholstery or textile chairs contrast effectively with coarse or "worn" furniture items;

chairs with upholstery Shebbie chic

  • Chairs, будто бы принесенные из сада – плетеные или кованые тоже органично впишутся в интерьер, а для того чтобы было удобно сидеть положите на них декоративные подушки или накиньте овчинные шкуры;

Chairs из других материалов Шебби шик

  • For your future cuisine in the style of Chebby Chic fit not only chairs, but also benches;

Shebbie Shick Benches

  • For holidays, you can decorate chairs with covers or tie ribbons, sachets or fresh flowers to their backs.

Chairs с украшенными спинками Шебби шик


Lighting кухни в стиле Шебби - это светильники и свечки в изящных подсвечниках.


  • The best lighting option for this style is chandelier chandeliers. Depending on the budget, you can choose candelabra from glass, crystal or plastic;
  • Wooden carob chandeliers with textile umbrellas can now be made to order, painted in any color and even artificially aged;
  • Fixtures-drums and lampshades, umbrellas, upholstered in textiles, also fit well into the modern Shebbi-kitchen. Such a luminaire must be of high quality and evenly hanging;
  • Lamps in the form of a lantern made of glass and metal of any color. It will seem that it burns real candles;
  • Metal vintage lamps, like the old barn, look very stylish and set off the soft and "feminine" style of Shebbie chic.
  • Shebbie chic lights
  • Shebbie chic lights
  • Shebbie chic lights

Candles and candlesticks:

  • Candles are faithful companions of a cozy and warm atmosphere. For your kitchen, any candles will work! Today, in a trend, put them in large metal candlesticks, candelabra or in candlesticks-lanterns. In the role of candlesticks, the most usual old bottles of wine and olive oil can perform. And let them light up only in the evening or on holidays, because even not lit candles look magical;
  • Probably, Rachel Asheville, creating the author's style, did not use lanterns-garlands in the interiors. But now, fans of this direction decorate them with kitchens, dining rooms, living rooms, bedrooms and loggias, regardless of whether it's a holiday today or not. Hang and you garland with hearts or asterisks on the window or above the table and you will see how your kitchen will change, and children will definitely appreciate this design move;
Candles Shebbie Schick


  • Curtains нужно выбирать from natural and mixed materials. For a budget variant, artificial cloth is also suitable, but it only mimics flax or cotton;
  • The length depends on the size of the kitchen and the location of the window. Short or medium-length curtains - a win-win option for small kitchens. Long curtains in the floor - for dining rooms or large kitchens;
Curtains Шебби шик

curtains of different lengths Shebbi chic

  • Цвета: белый, цвет некрашеного льна, бежевый, светло-розовый, светло-голубой, серый. Curtains могут быть однотонными или с вышитыми цветочками, растительными узорами, с красивыми принтами и кружевом;

Shebbie chic curtains

  • Lambrequins will not be superfluous, let them be with ruches and flounces;
Shebbie chic curtains
  • Cornices can be any, even a fishing line or wire stretched over nailed nails with hooks-clothespins is appropriate. Tips for cornices can be chosen forged, with crystals, simple wooden, in the form of flowers and birds.

Decor items

Shebbie chic style implies maximum attention to detail! It is interesting and delicately shaped things that, if inherited from you, or made by yourself, will make your kitchen unique.


Be sure to put live and artificial flowers. Artificial hydrangeas, lavender, lilies of the valley, heather, roses, peonies on the table will transform your kitchen. It is very beautiful especially in winter to put dried flowers and branches in glass vases and old bottles. Live plants will suit absolutely any: from geranium to ficus. Arrange them in beautiful pots and pots, purchase an iron or enameled watering can and then your Shebbi kitchen will be perfect!

Shebbie chic flowers

Sheepskin coat:

Scandinavian fans of Shebby style are very fond of fluffy and delicate sheepskins. They can be put on the floor like a rug, but you can throw it on a chair. In Russia, such skins will look very organic. It is not necessary to buy a natural skin, a sheepskin made of artificial fur will come in handy. In addition, it is more practical option for the kitchen.

Sheepskin Sheep Skin

Pictures, baskets, watches

  • Летом соберите гербарий на даче, красиво уложите высушенные цветы и листья на бумагу и вставьте в рамки. Floorучатся прекрасные картины, которые будут круглый год напоминать вам о летних прогулках на природе;
  • Decorate the kitchen with a reproduction of Claude Monet or Gustav Klimt, beautiful black and white or yellowed photos, a poster of your favorite film of the 50s and 80s, old maps within or just beautiful still lifes and landscapes;

paintings on the walls of Shebbi chic

  • In addition to paintings and plates, the walls can decorate wreaths from a variety of materials that are not difficult to make by themselves;

wreaths of Shebbie chic

  • In England, in the homeland of the style of Shebbi, the hostesses collected porcelain plates and decorated them with the walls of their kitchens. Hang and you a few on the wall, and put the remaining plates on the hanging shelves - the classic Chebby Kitchen is ready!

dish decor Shebbie chic

  • Wicker baskets and baskets should be a lot! This is convenient for storage of things, and, at the same time, makes your kitchen cozier;

Shebbie chic baskets

  • Metal baskets will bring even more "vintage" to your kitchen interior;

Metal baskets of Shebbi chic

  • The watches in England are given special importance, they must decorate your Shebbi kitchen and remind you of the five O'clock!

Shebbie chic watches

Tableware and kitchen utensils:

  • Services of thin-walled porcelain or ordinary ceramics, elegant painted or rustic simple - this is not only dishes, but also an important element of decor;

cookware Shebbi chic

  • Vases, watering cans, milkmaids let flaunt on open shelves or in a cabinet-display;
  • Napkins and tablecloths can be in a cage, in a flower, with embroidered family monograms, with lace or ruffles.
Crockery Shebbie Schick

Where can I buy?

Well, we described the main elements of the style of Shebbie chic. It remains only to find them in your city or search in online stores.

Here are the useful links:

Shops with delivery in Russia

Stores without delivery to Russia, but you can order using service: Online store of the same Rachel Asheville

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