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Of course, the curtain is an important element for decorating any window. You can study curtain catalogs for curtains and see if the choice is huge. Due to a wide variety of curtains for curtains, you can afford any options for styling the room. Assistants in this matter are fabrics that give special beauty and comfort.


First, we'll figure out what curtains can be, what they are, when they are used, and when it is worth giving preference to drapes.

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  • What is the curtain and its difference from the curtains
  • Choose curtains
  • Important points
  • Curtain Mounts
  • Differences between curtains, curtains and drapes
  • Functional curtains
  • 115 photo of fashionable curtains for modern design

What is the curtain and its difference from the curtains

The curtain is a curtain made, as a rule, from light materials. It can be tulle, often used veil and organza. With the help of curtains, we have the opportunity to implement all our ideas for decorating the room in the style we need.

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The role of curtains - make the final touch in creating comfort, coziness and individuality of the home. The whole basic decorative set for the window is called a curtain.


Variants can be different. It can be either just one curtain, or heavy heavy curtains. It is common for people to use them together, but to a greater extent it depends on the chosen design of the room or on the circumstances.

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It should be borne in mind that curtains can look different in the interior. It depends on the weather, and on the lighting, and on the time of the day, and even on the time of the year. In order for these changes not to affect negatively the mood and design, many prefer to purchase different curtains for every change of the season.


Choose curtains

Since the fabrics for creating curtains are chosen light and airy, they help to create coziness, but at the same time cover the window.

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On the curtains are used various designs of patterns and drawings. But the main thing here is ease, so most often used a color scheme of pastel tones.

Curtains for Curtains

In addition to creating a cosiness and beauty in the room, the curtain also performs useful functions. First, it protects the passers-by from the street, especially in the evening and at night. Secondly, it dissipates direct sunlight and lets them through the window into the room.

Curtains for Curtains

Important points

Practical qualities of curtains are an important point, I want to draw your attention to. Be sure to consider how the fabric behaves during washing and after, what care requires, whether it burns in the sun, whether light or air passes. Only after all these points are specified, you can safely purchase curtains. Do not forget that in addition to buying curtains, you can sew yourself.


So, we decided how to choose curtains for curtains correctly.


Curtain Mounts

Each kind of curtain requires a corresponding variety of eaves and fasteners. This is important to consider.


Classification of fasteners:

  • Eyelets;
  • Loops;
  • Cushions;
  • Decorative clips;
  • Strings;
  • Braid.


Especially popular is the fastening of curtains on the braid. This is one of the few anchorages that can be used on virtually any kind of cornices.

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Gardin can be varied as you like. They can lie on the floor or slightly be raised, you can hang them with waves or in tightness. There are wall curtains for curtains, curtains for curtains ceiling. The options depend on your imagination.

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Use curtains can be in any room and in any room. In case there are stretch ceilings in the room, a variant of curtains for curtains under the suspended ceiling is possible.


In the living rooms and bedrooms, the advantage is given to the curtains, long, on the floor. In kitchens, as a rule, choose arched models or narrow curtains, divided into parts. These options are chosen in order to have convenient access to the window sill.

Curtains for Curtains

To date, there is a huge range of fabrics and types of fasteners, which allow you to create an individual design rooms.


Differences between curtains, curtains and drapes

For the most comfortable room in the house, the bedroom, more dense curtains are used. It is here that the curtains will play the main role. They will protect the room from excessive bright sunlight during daytime sleep and in the mornings. It is the dense drapes that do not let light through completely. Also they will perfectly save people from unnecessary attention from passers-by in the dark, when it is necessary to turn on the lighting in the rooms.


Curtains, just like curtains, differ in color, structure, fabric density and quality.


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When choosing curtains, it is also important to consider how the fabric behaves during washing and after, how quickly it dries, what care it takes, whether it burns in the sun, whether light or air passes.


Since the curtains are very dense and heavy, they are erased and changed less often. That is why it is necessary to take into account all the nuances during operation, so as not to create unnecessary work.

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Functional curtains

Let's look at the main functions of the curtains:

1) Protection - protection from bright sunlight, from the looks of passers-by;

2) Zonation - demarcation of space in the room into zones;

3) Decor - for a dense cloth, you can hide communications, structures, or other structures by the window;

4) Composition - creating a color solution;

5) Style - the creation of a certain stylistic decision.

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In order to protect the room from extraneous views and sunlight, you must choose a curtain so that it can completely close the window opening. That is, it must have a sufficient length and width.


The curtain will look very impressive if left wrinkles. You can play with the height of curtains, clutches curtains, strings. Typically, depending on the style of the room, first the curtains are decorated in the necessary style and then no longer touch.


When thinking over the design of the room, curtains are acquired at the very last moment. This is done in order to give the room the final touch. Blinds play a big role here, so it's important that it fits the design, creates a cozy and not be lost in the background of the room.

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115 photo of fashionable curtains for modern design








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Curtain curtains


Curtain curtains

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Curtains for Curtains




Curtains for Curtains

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