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Despite the purpose of the room, in any space should be comfortable and cozy. Especially when it comes to the children's bedroom, it is necessary to adhere to many rules and exceptions. Here, any little things and nuances are important. After all, according to psychologists, the design of the children's room in many ways is important for the overall development of the baby, considering and personal growth.


The question of choosing curtains in the children's room does not bypass either. It is about them that we'll talk in this article, discussing which of them should be chosen based on the sex of the child, or if the room has to be divided into two.


  • Individual preferences of each
  • The density of the material is an important nuance
  • Curtains in the children's room for the boy
  • Curtains in a children's room for a girl
  • Design curtains for children's room
  • Photos of the best curtains in the interior of the children's room

Individual preferences of each

When choosing curtains, or fabrics to sew, it is important to take into account the preference of each baby, what he is interested in and what he is addicted to. After all, no one except him personally can not know what color scale is still to choose. There are situations when adults do not consider it necessary even to consult with children about the choice of the design of the children's room, and decorate it exclusively with pink or blue tones, according to the boy / girl. In fact, this approach is completely wrong, because every kid has his own character, customs and preferences.


You can also start from the child's temperament. For example, if the kid is energetic and fidget, choose curtains in pastel colors that will relax and soothe. If on the contrary, the child belongs to the category of calm, it is recommended to choose bright ones. And aggressive tones, in order to increase the level of its activity. You can view all possible variants of photo curtains for a children's room in the proposed photos posted on our website. Read: Fashion curtains - exclusive novelties of 2017


The density of the material is an important nuance

When choosing curtains, you should consider what kind of fabric is used for them. Materials in the nursery recommended to choose natural, even despite their high ability to quickly become dirty.

Pink curtains in a nursery.

Among other things, the density of the tissue should be special. Through it must penetrate the daylight. At the same time, the sun's rays should not shine brightly, that in the morning the child could sleep sweetly and calmly.

Colorful interior of playroom. 3d render. Photo behind the window was made by me.

Curtains in the children's room for the boy

And so, you have a boy and you are thinking about suitable curtains for the design of his bedroom, and even so that the design was in accordance with the tastes of your baby?


The best option will be curtains, the design of which absolutely corresponds to what your son is fond of. For example, they can be with cars, pirates, space subjects, technology, with soldiers or cowboys / Indians, in sports topics, etc.

curtains_to_the_year_for girls_005-650õ972

It should be remembered that the child's room should be such that it corresponds to its taste qualities, and even more so if it is a boy. If he is too young, and he himself is not yet able to express needs, and preferences, choose single-color light fabrics.


Curtains in a children's room for a girl

If you have a little beauty, the curtains in her room should be matched according to the girl's preferences and mood.


Before decorating the interior, you need to make sure of the mores of your baby. For children of very small age it is necessary to choose shades of pink, orange. They can be printed on such prints as: snowflakes, flowers, small animals, or multgeroev, fairies and others.


Accordingly, the bedroom can easily be turned into a real kingdom of a small princess, where your daughter will be in uttermost comfort and coziness. Read: Ceiling curtains - 110 photos of ideas for a modern interior


Design curtains for children's room

If you have two children, the curtains should be more neutral. Do not orient them on a boy or girl. For example, you can hang soft fabrics with geometry, or some appliqués, stars, and other patterns that are most suitable for any interiors.

Ÿ ÿ ÿ ÿ ÿ ÿ ÿ ÿ ÿ ÿ ÿ

A nice version of curtains in different colors, which will be sewn from shreds of different sizes, randomly sewn together. Also, single-tonnages can be painted with your own hands using special paints. In addition, this option will definitely appeal to your children. To do this very easily, using oil types of paints with the addition of a nitro solvent.

children's room

The main thing is to remember that in every age category of the child it is important to revise the interior of his room, because the customs with the preferences of the kids change with their development and growth.


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Colorful interior of playroom. 3d render.


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