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To the design of windows, as a rule, people proceed after the completion of repair or transform them for the purpose of refreshing the interior. So, to make the right choice? It is important to know a lot of nuances. First you need to decide whether your curtains, curtains act as decor or they will protect the room from sunlight.

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To do this, it is necessary to take into account the position of the room in accordance with the sides of the light, the height above the ground (urban apartments need more decoration than houses outside the city) and the main purpose of the premises. Here you can see some options for decorating windows with curtains.

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Then you need to decide whether the design of windows will attract the main attention or it will become a part of the interior. Together with these you can decide on the choice of cornices. If the repair work is completed or you decide to change only one material, you will have to choose a shade for the eaves or another way of fixing.

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A few tips that will help you when decorating windows with curtains:

  • If there is a bright pattern on the walls, then curtains of monophonic and discreet color will suit;
  • Wallpaper with a matte effect is combined with curtains made of silk and synthetics and, conversely, if the wallpaper with embossed matte curtains;
  • Vertical stripes on the curtains will visually increase the height of the walls;
  • Horizontal print increases the area;
  • Cornice under the ceiling makes more height;
  • Labreken curtains are not suitable for rooms with low ceilings.

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  • Curtains with labrets
  • Curtains in Roman style
  • Curtains made of bamboo
  • Curtains pleated
  • Australian Curtains
  • Curtains on the eyelets
  • Sliding curtains
  • Curtains with bright design
  • Photos of the best ideas for designing curtains in modern styles

Curtains with labrets

Labreken is a part of a small section of curtains hiding at the top. It happens either solid or not, in the form of a figure or simply wave-like to fall. Previously, they often used to hide the blots in the repair. But to date they perform a decorative function. Read: Blue curtains - excellent ideas of a harmonious combination in the interior (90 photos)


Modern design of curtains with a bright print and labrekanami look great together with monophonic walls.

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Curtains in Roman style

This is a rectangular-shaped fabric that is equal to a window, which is assembled in the form of folds by a string or chain. Due to its strict design, simplicity in lifting and functionality - these curtains will suit almost any design and in any room.


Interior design curtains is made of transparent fabric, with or without ornament. Protecting from sunlight, they will become an excellent element of decor. Here you can see the photo design of curtains.


Curtains made of bamboo

To create them use the material extracted in nature, usually take thin trunks and fasten together. They are well tolerated by moisture, sun and other climate changes.


Curtains made of bamboo применяют как одни, так и с другим материалом. Их в частности вешают на кухне, веранде или мансарде – помещениях где много солнца. Посмотрите на некоторые варианты оформления штор.

Curtains made of bamboo

Curtains pleated

They are made of corrugated cloth, according to the principle of blinds. The material can be of different softness, with or without a pattern.


Popular are thick or transparent curtains without any print. They are suitable for complex windows. Possessing many advantages, curtains pleated are often used in homes and offices.


Australian Curtains

Главным отличием является драпировка с закругленным краем внизу. Так же они имеют второе название как фестонные из – за своих сборок. Для небольших окон будет достаточно двух сборок, а для комнат с большим количеством оконных проемов используют несколько фестонов. Australian Curtains украшают кисточками или еще чем то, но современный стиль не приемлет таких украшений, поэтому можете обратить внимание на правильные варианты фото оформления окон шторами.

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Curtains on the eyelets

Eyelets - a ring of steel or plastic, located at the top of the curtain. They are considered the most reliable for fastening to a baguette. Such a design of window openings is able to fit almost any kind of material. Fastening allows you to easily move the curtains horizontally, because of the emerging vertical folds, the room becomes larger up.


Sliding curtains

This method is very popular due to its practicality and versatility. They go to any room, decorated in a diverse style. Two parts attached to the cornice are used both separately and with curtains.

horizontal-sliding curtains

Options for decorating the window with curtains are both monophonic, and with the application of the print. Also, various accessories are used to secure them.


Curtains with bright design

They can completely change the whole view of the room. A room with discreet tones on the walls is perfect for such bright curtains and they will be an excellent accent to attract attention.

Curtains with bright design

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A bright print does not have to be only on curtains, it also will fit transparent curtains.

Curtains with bright design

We wish that our recommendations went only to the advantage when decorating your curtains.

Curtains with bright design

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bamboo curtains


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Design of curtains

Design of curtains









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Design of curtains

Design of curtains

Design of curtains



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Øòîðû ñ ëàìáðåêåíîì

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