Curtains accordion for the bathroom - an overview of all

It often happens that people during a shower can not behave uninhibited, being in fear of pouring the floor in the bathroom. Given the miniature dimensions of the bathrooms, which are in many apartments, without a curtain on the side of the bathtub, simply can not do to protect the room from flying sprays. Here, then curtains harmonica will be the most ideal option among practical and affordable. In comparison with other similar species, accordions are cheap enough, and practical. At the same time, despite their cheapness, they are completely sealed, which allows you to reliably protect the bathroom space from water.


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Variety of curtains for baths

Different versions of curtains for bathrooms make of glass, plastic. As for plastic curtains, they are produced in a wide variety of colors. Also they are decorated with patterns. For families with young children / elderly people, plastic is the safest option for the material. In addition, it weighs a little, and therefore, and install such curtains quite easily. The only difficulty is encountered in the installation process - this is a large number of parts, which during installation is very important to properly assemble and install. After all, if you incorrectly assemble / install complexity, you can not immediately, but directly during the operation of the shutters. If you carefully approach this issue, and also thanks to the high degree of practicality of the material, plastic screens are installed in bathrooms / showers, choosing absolutely any configuration.

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As for glass screens, they are more expensive, because the panels are made of glass together with a metal profile. To make them, the glass is hardened in a special way. As a result, it turns transparent, matte, and it is also dyed. When choosing glass curtains, it should be remembered that they should be handled very carefully. To install such an element, you must install them on the hinges attached to the walls. The most successful models consist of sections with a width of fifteen to twenty centimeters. Read: How to sew curtains with your own hands - step by step instruction for beginners with photo and description


So what to choose?

Choosing between accordion curtains and glass products, consider how they look externally, their cost. Also important are their weight, as well as features during installation, and in the process of use.


Plastic models are lighter. Nevertheless, during the operation on their surfaces there are stains, plastic may become cloudy. To clean it, it is recommended to purchase special. means for care of products from plastic.


Screens from the glass mutnet are not capable of, and divorce will not be formed on them, and there are no special means for cleaning them. Nevertheless, they are very difficult, because of what they are very difficult to establish. But they have very large dimensions too! Accordingly, in the folded position, they take up a lot of space. That's why the owners of small typical apartments choose in their bathrooms it is the vertical curtains made of plastic.

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Secrets of Installation

Before installing the curtain, you should check the vertical wall to which you want to attach the profile. If the vertical surfaces have irregularities, the guide profiles need to be adjusted by the building level, together with the fixing screws. During the installation work, this nuance is very important, because when the main elements are rejected, the whole structure will be incorrectly installed.


If you pay close attention to the reviews of those who have already installed such structures, then it is also important to install horizontal guides during installation. To fix them, you should use self-tapping screws.


After installing the frame, you should check the reliability of the structures. Then the flaps are assembled. To seal joints, at all joints there should be a sealant, and necessarily waterproof. Among the variety of species, the best reviews are distinguished by silicone. He is able to securely fix the structure, as well as prevent the appearance of mold, or fungus. Read: Curtains curtains - 115 photos in the interior


It should also be noted that choosing an inexpensive version of a practical curtain-accordion for the shower, you should carefully select the material from which it is produced. The most secure is a plastic screen. They are offered in a wide variety of colors, sizes. This is due to the choice of such curtains perfectly in any bathroom interior. Correctly installing the screen, your bathroom will be provided with reliable protection in terms of sanitation of the room from a large amount of moisture.


Photo of the best ideas curtains accordion for the bathroom







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